Edible Gift Ideas This Christmas


Next to our natal day, Christmas is a time of the year where we can expect to receive the most number of gifts. Friends, family members, office colleagues, neighbors and even strangers would usually give gifts. On the contrary, we might also have a hard time in thinking about what kind of gift to give to others.
Now, if you are wondering about some special yet cheaper gift ideas then consider having edible and homemade goodies. You can choose from the following:

Cookies. Cookies are very easy to make. Come up with lots of them, put them inside a little jar, tie a ribbon and scribble a personal note and you are done! A very special edible yet less costly gift!

cookie gifts

Bitter Chocolate Truffles. Even your 5 year old daughter can make some chocolate truffles. Come out with some powdered biscuits, add up some milk and rolled them into small edible balls. Topped them with powdered sugar or desiccated coconut and you have a fine gift item.

Cupcakes. Cupcakes are sweet and can be easily decorated. The popular reindeer cupcakes are a sure hit this holiday to kids.

Snow topped holly cakes. A rectangular chocolate cake can be sliced into several parcels. Topped them with snow like icing and add up fresh cherries to form a poinsettia. Give them to your friend or office mates!

Pickled Pears. Pears are a favorite during the holiday. But fresh pears cannot be stored for long. On the other hand, the pickled ones can be stored for a longer time making it perfect for Christmas.

pickled pears

• Fresh Fruits. Aside from pastries, who says that you cannot give a basket of fresh fruits as a Christmas gift? That give will always be appreciated.

At the end of the day, it must be remembered that whatever you may choose as a gift, the most important thing is your sincerity in giving it.

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