Easter Feast

Lent is fast approaching and of course it is the season to be quiet, contemplative and some would do abstain from eating poultry meat or even fast as their way of sacrifice. But let your tummies rejoice for you are going to have a feast when Christ has risen on Easter! Prepare a private Easter lunch for family members and close friends on Easter Sunday with one of the best food caterers in Australia.


How delightful it is to gather all your loved ones after hearing the mass on Easter and eat together surrounded by mouthwatering foods prepared by no other than your trusted Australian food caterer? Nourish up your body after you have fasted during the lent season with all the healthy and delicious dishes your food caterer have prepared. It’s only but proper to feast and celebrate to commemorate the coming to life of the Lord after He has died.

Here is a suggested food menu coming from one of the most trusted and famous food caterers in Aussie. If you have a maximum of 30 guests, then you are good to go with this menu:

2 types of vegetable salad
• Curried chicken
• Sweet and sour pork
• Boneless yearling beef with mustard
• Boneless legs of pork with apple sauce
• Fried rice or plain rice or both
• Bread rolls
• Butter squares

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