Drinks at the Rooftop in Sydney


You must have been very busy every week that you need some time to unwind, perhaps over the weekend. If you are looking for some place to chill over some bottle of beer or a glass of wine and a shot of brandy or tequila while witnessing the sun set or wait until the next sun rise, then there are some amazing spots in Sydney to enjoy all these.

Here are some of the amazing rooftop bars you might want to check out this weekend.

Ivy Pool. Aside from the stunning skies to watch out for, you may also enjoy a drink or two while staring at some sexy guys and gals swimming. The Ivy Pool is the best spot to go if you want some cocktails and get wet right after.

Darlo Bar. If you are into some smoking session with the guys over some cold shots, then the Darlo Bar is the best destination to go. Although there is a cloud of smoke from the cigarettes, you will get to enjoy the pretty decorations and the garden party feel while in this rooftop bar.

Corridor. A cozy place to spend to go for a drink is the Corridor. A home-like rooftop bar in the neighborhood that serves one of the best tasting craft beers. Enjoy the view of the luxury real estate in the surrounding areas while taking a sip of your favorite cocktail and local wine.

Zeta Bar. Are you a cocktail fanatic? Then, then the Zeta Bar is definitely for you. This is where all best cocktails are served along with the awesome view of the QVB.

rooftop 2

Still no time to chill out in these rooftop bars? Then, perhaps you can have your own rooftop drinking spree. Invite friends to come along, and don’t forget to call your favorite Northern Beaches Spit Roast Catering to add more excitement to the party.


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