Dishes from Kangaroo Meat


They say that if you want to see kangaroos then go to Australia. But it is not only that. Also, if you want to taste dishes made from kangaroo meat then go to Australia because many Sydney caterers prepares them best.

It is true that Australia is the home of the kangaroos as well as the finest kangaroo meat. As a matter of fact, you can always find good kangaroo meat in almost all supermarkets. Moreover, several restaurants in Sydney like Deep Blue Bistro serve kangaroo dishes. So, how do Australians prepare kangaroo meat?

Soup. In Australia, the Kangaroo Tail Soup is very popular. The same is comparable to oxtail soup. It can always be possible for you to find a pack of kangaroo tail at the supermarkets that are appropriately chopped into small sections. The kangaroo tail needs to be marinated for about 48 hours before setting it on fire. It is recommended to use a large bowl made of china or else glass for the marinade.


Grilled. Kangaroo meat can taste really good when grilled. Aside from the fact that it is fat-free, grilling the meat can extract the real flavor of the lean meat. You can always add up some chili sauce and serve it along with vegetable salads.

Meatballs. Inside of using chicken or pork, kangaroo meat can be substituted to make large meatballs. It can serve as a nice appetizer to any meal. In addition, smaller meatballs can be added to your pasta dish for a more exciting appeal.

Steak. Everyone loves steaks in Sydney and in all parts of the world. Serve parties in Sydney with steaks made from kangaroo meat. Visit I’m Angus Steakhouse, King Street Brewhouse, Manly Grill or the Rocks Café.

Corned. Just like our classic corned beef, corned kangaroo beef can be ideal for breakfast.

Burgers. In addition, kangaroo meat can be used to make burger patties. Kids will definitely love this!


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