Dine Out: Spit Roasts in Sydney

Sydney Australia is not just the home of the sweetest desserts and the yummiest fish and chips but ultimately hosts the best restaurants that offer the tastiest spit roasts. Where do you find the best restaurants that serve this favorite dish? Are there catering services firm in Sydney that incorporates the dish in their menu? Read on and get hold of the information.


These days, a lot of us would claim that we should minimize our meat consumption and settle for healthier food selection instead. However, there are just times where we would want to give ourselves a treat and have sumptuous spit roasts for lunch or dinner. Also, it cannot be denied that spit roasts will be perfect during occasions of family rejoicing and gatherings. We all know that without this dish, a gathering will not be as great, right? The same would be ideal for feasts, birthdays or a simply get-together with some friends at the backyard.

Among the most famous restaurants in Sydney when it comes to spit roasts is the Four in Hand. They offer for the best of its kind spit roast that is said to be roasted to perfection. You may opt for whole roasted pigs if you want at $800. You may order a piece at $22 when you visit the resto on Sundays. Isn’t this a perfect eat out for the family day?

01 - Spit roasted lamb

Another spot worth checking is the Bistrode. Again, this is a great place for Sunday treat. Have two courses served at $50. Of course, it comes with spit roast already. Other restaurants serving spit roasts that you must not miss as well include the Local Taphouse, Bar Martino and Rock Pool Bar and Grill. These restos serve chicken and pig roasts that you won’t surely get enough of it!

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