Delectable Light Lunch Meals for Seminars

Seminars definitely need the service of food caterer to provide the attendees with great foods as they are tasked to tirelessly listen during lectures and participate if there are workshops that go with it. Needless to say, seminars can really be so draining- mentally and physically. Participants will easily get hungry and so with this, there must be food on stand-by to keep them going.


While seminars begin early in the morning until the afternoon, the main meal served most commonly is lunch. Despite the hungry attendees, foods during lunch must be light to avoid making them sleepier.

Here’s a list of foods you may wish to be served by your Aussie caterer for a light lunch:

Finger sandwiches with different fillings like:
– tuna, lettuce and mayonnaise
– ham and cheese
– egg and lettuce

• Salads
– chicken and avocado salad
– fresh green salad

• Pasta
– vegetable lasagna
– peppered shrimp alfredo

• Desert
– miniature pavlova
– fresh fruits in season

• Coolers
-fruit punch
– soda

You may also add one chicken and one beef dish and rice to the menu because for always, there are attendees who are not used to eating a small amount during lunch such as spit roast from Eastern Sydney Spit Roast Catering.

In addition, it is a must that in seminars, you always ask your food caterer to have an overflowing coffee so that the participants will be alive, alert and awake all throughout the talk.

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