Crush Wine and Food Festival

Much is being talked about the most awaited Crush Wine and Food Festival in one of South Australia’s wine regions, the Adelaide Hills. Regular Crush Wine and Food fest goers still have that enthusiasm alive and strong even if they participate on this event every year, but more so for the tourists and vacationers who will have their first experience of the festival on the 19th of January.


The Crush Wine and Food festival is more than just wines and foods combined. It’s also a celebration of music, fashion and arts which many look forward to. This year, the organizers have a number of events to be enjoyed; some are formal wherein guests are given the chance to be exquisitely dressed in their cocktails and suits, while others are too informal like some picnic of some sort. The good thing is, almost all of the events are free. Here’s a sneak peek of some of the events you may wish to go to:

• Longview Vineyard (Cellar Door Event). This is where music, art, wine and food meet. Graced with four Australian street artists, the event will be as colorful as you can imagine since they will be doing live murals for everyone to see. Guests can take delight in Hill country BBQ paired with Longview’s famous wine while enjoying the DJs music.

• Tomich Wines (Ticketed Event). Enjoy a relaxing picnic at the Tomich Vineyard with Adelaide bands playing and rounds of tasty tapas and pizzas by Mount Barkers Giovanni Ristorante.

crush and wine festival

• Anderson Hill (Cellar Door Event). People of the 50s will surely be everywhere for this Rock ‘n Roll party at Anderson Hill overlooking the beautiful vineyard with prizes awaiting the best dressed in 1950s costume and serves of pizza and wines.

• The Stirling Hotel (Ticketed Event). Take pleasure in sipping wines from Mike Press and The Lane Vineyard and munching pizza under the shade of verdant trees with soothing acoustic music playing.

• ArtWine (Cellar Door Event). Delight your eyes with the art exhibit of Jen Prior, your ears with The Paybacks’ music and your taste buds with a broad selection of Mediterranean foods by Vileroy Restaurant and European style wines.

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