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image of a corporate lunchPutting on breakfast or lunch for staff might not be something you do every day, but on certain occasions it can give both your staff and your business a boost. So what are the options, from sandwiches to something chef-prepared, and how can you do it cost effectively? Breakfast menus When there’s work to be done, a catered breakfast might be just what it takes to get staff going early. Here are three common options, ranging from inexpensive to lavish. (All plates, bowls, cutlery, delivery, set-up and clean-up are included in the price.)

Menu 1 – Continental (around $15 per head)

  • Cereals
  • Yoghurt
  • Fruit salad
  • Orange juice
  • Baby muffins
  • Toast
  • Tea and coffee

Menu 2 – Manager’s munch (around $18 a head)

  • Premium cereals
  • Croissant platter with sweet and savoury fillings
  • Bacon frittata
  • Bacon and egg rolls
  • Fresh-baked fruit or savoury muffins
  • Apple, orange and tomato juice
  • Plunger-style fresh tea and coffee

Menu 3 – Executive selection (around $25 a head)

  • Smoked salmon
  • Warmed bagels
  • Breakfast pies (spinach and cheese, chicken and mushroom)
  • Fruit danishes
  • Scrambled eggs, smoky bacon, sauteed mushrooms
  • French toast
  • Assorted fruit yoghurts
  • Fresh juices
  • Mobile barista making tea and coffee to order


Whether it’s during a conference break or a crucial board meeting, a catered lunch delivers convenience, value and an expression of gratitude for hard-working staff. Like breakfast, it can be as simple or lavish as your budget permits.

Menu 1 – On the run (around $15 a head)

  • Cut sandwiches with a range of fillings
  • Cold meat platter
  • Warm frankfurter sausages
  • Soft drinks and juices
  • Fruit plate
  • Sweet biscuits
  • Tea and coffee

Menu 2 – Conference break (around $20 per head)

  • Savoury polenta muffins
  • Nori and sushi with wasabi and soy sauce
  • Antipasto platter
  • Leafy green salads
  • Gourmet rolls with a range of fillings
  • Mini donuts and sweet slices
  • Fruit kebabs
  • Juices and soft drinks (beer and wine – extra)
  • Tea and coffee

Menu 3 – Boardroom buffet (around $30 per head)

  • Terrine of chicken and pistachio wrapped in bacon
  • Moroccan spiced lamb cutlets
  • Sweet potato, ricotta cheese, wild rocket and garlic crouton salad
  • Organic salad with tomato, cucumber, feta cheese and olives
  • Seasonal fruit platter
  • Chilled orange juice, soft drinks, beer and wine
  • Freshly brewed coffee and aromatic tea selection

Cost effectiveness

To keep costs down, ask your caterer for economy options, which might include:

  • Pasta dishes instead of hand-made pies
  • Self-service instead of hiring waiters
  • Pick-up instead of delivery
  • Supplying your own beer and wine
  • Package deals – discounts may apply for numerous functions

Just a phone call away

Whether you need to cater to the board of directors, your staff or new clients, a quality caterer can design a corporate catering menu to meet your needs. Call a corporate lunch caterer today and discover how to create a comfortable networking environment for your business.

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