Cool Summers at Sydney’s Top Gelato’s Shops

Summer is the season when the sun gets to shine brightly and the entire place becomes fiercely warm. When the weather is too hot, you will always feel very uncomfortable especially in the absence of air conditioners. So what does one do? Simple. Of course you must do something that will keep the balmy feeling at bay.

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Whatever is the season in Sydney, it is always a place to go. Yes, even if the temperature is quite high you shall not miss its splendor and magnificence. Summer travelers in Sydney will find relief the moment they step inside one of the following gelato shops. They will not only be relieved from the hotness of the weather but their taste buds will take delight with their exquisite gelatos.

• Cremeria de Luca

Formerly known as Gelateria De Luca which closed in 2009, the once-again-famous gelato station has been revived by its owners and is now known to be Cremeria de Luca. The rebirth of the ice cream and gelato boutique makes it even more promising and one of the most sought-after gelato stores to go to. Get to taste their unique flavors such as lime ginger coconut, chilli chocolate and rose petal.

• Cow and the Moon Gelato Bar

From morning to late night delights, Cow and the Moon Gelato Bar can keep you seated and satisfied. From their excellently made coffee in the morning to all sorts of sweets they serve until the evening, they can definitely keep your taste buds happy and keep you from feeling warm.

• Bar Italia

Enjoy the traditional Italian desserts like panna cotta, zabaglione and tiramisu. And oh, don’t forget to order and get to taste each of their gelato flavors like coffee, lime and chocolate, among others. You will never regret you did!

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• Pompei’s

Pompei is not only known for their scrumptious pizza, their gelatos are a sure win too. After you have ordered all their richly flavored pizza, your dessert should be no other than gelato.
As you take delight in lowering the heat by eating gelatos, enjoy the sugar rush as well. Happy gelato feast in Sydney!

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