Coffee & Tea 40th Birthday Celeb

If you want a ‘relaxed’ 40th birthday celebration, you can just invite a few very close friends and host a coffee and tea party. With this kind of birthday party, you will not have to worry so much about the venue, decorations and a lot more. Your house is more than enough to be the venue of a coffee and tea party. And besides, you will only have a small group of people for your party so you do not have to get or rent another place for your birthday.

coffee and tea party

Since you will have this party, what could be more appropriate to pair with coffee and tea than all kinds of finger foods like scones, cookies, mini sandwiches, and etc, right? There is one food caterer that specializes on different types of birthdays- the They have a special menu that includes a broad selection of finger foods and these are: (1) Pastry Finger Food Platters, (2) Asian Finger Food Platters, (3) Vegetarian Platters, and (4) Flavours of the World.

You can actually choose from among those finger food menus or you can combine the finger food dishes that you want even if they come from different finger food sub-menus. In addition, you should not also forget to include desserts. What could be perfect pairs for coffee and tea? You can have their tasty lamington fingers, muffins, scones with jam and fresh cream, banana caramel petite cake, triple chocolate petite cake, carrot petite cake, vanilla cream biscuits, and of course their chocoholics delight which include different chocolaty delights.

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