Cocktails in Sydney: Where is the Best One?


A lot of people in Sydney wouldn’t want to end the week without drinking at least a bottle of beer, a glass of wine or cocktails. While others love hold cocktail parties in Sydney in their own homes, others prefer to sneak out late at night and party until early morning in cocktail bars.

Today, cocktails are no longer called as simply drinks. They are more like a gourmet meal now. And bartenders have new title – the alcohol chefs. Let’s take a look at the most popular cocktails in Sydney that serve the best concoctions. You might want to discover to make them as well and apply your own tricks to be served on your future cocktail parties in Sydney.

Manta’s Espresso Ice-Cream Martini. Do you know that even the famous rock star Bon Jovi loved this? Because he liked it too much, he left $600 as tip, Bon Jovi revealed on his interview in a radio station. The secret to this delish cocktail? A shot of Belvedere vodka, a shot of espresso, a shot of Kahlua with a single scoop of coffee-flavored homemade ice cream. Shake it over with ice, double strain and pour it over a martini glass with little coffee beans to complete the presentation.

Miss Marley’s La Bomba. For this cocktail, the name says it all – you’ll experience the real taste explosion with this Tromba tequila-based cocktail concocted with lime juice, passion fruit syrup and fresh passion fruit with Grand Marnier and double strained. Get this smooth drink that you would surely enjoy and will keep you coming back for more.

The Corner House’s Hell Yeah.• This cocktail is a certified bestseller at The Corner House. Its concoction is quite interesting as it comes from a mix of French gin called the Green Chartreuse, Holland gin Genever, fresh lime, ginger beer, raspberry juice, sour cherry and ice. You may not be able to imagine how these ingredients taste like when they are mixed, but it’s actually one of the best cocktails Sydney has ever had.

Thinking about doing your own cocktails? How about trying these mixtures on your own? If you have a cocktail party coming up, you definitely have to serve these. Sydney caterers can help you.


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