Clients Love Fabulous Finger Food

Hi Adam,                                                                      See

I just wanted to take this opportunity to give you some feedback about the function and staff today, which was an overall success.Firstly thank you for fitting our function in at such short notice, much appreciated.  I wasn’t sure how the whole walking around the call centre would go however it went surprisingly well without too much impact.

A credit to your staff for working well with the environment and improvising, they definitely lived up to the company name of ‘Fabulous’. They all arrived just before 10.30 which was great and set up was no hassle.
Caroline was fantastic and friendly infact the others Michael, Hardy and Anis(sorry don’t know spelling) were all personable, professional and productive.  They were warm and cooperative along with fun and flexible to work with.  Well done and cheers to them.  Staff here also commented on how friendly and polite they were.The quality of the food was great and all enjoyed, probably could have had a bit more, oh well next time we’ll do 8 pieces or something.  That’s right the quality of food and service was that good that I will definitely be recommending Fabulous Finger Food in future here.   A couple of people asked for business card for which Caroline gave me.

You can be proud that your company has serviced yet another successful function. Also payment request is sitting with Sydney office as we speak and should be in progress so hopefully you should receive shortly.  Please let me know if it hasn’t after a couple weeks and I will chase up.Thanks again.





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