Christmas Party Planning Tips

Are you getting ready to throw a fabulous party and starting to feel the pressure? If so, then remember you’re not alone. Lots of people turn into a ball of nerves before an event. The number one rule is that organising a party takes a lot of planning! My Caterer have put together some important factors to consider so that you can plan it right:

Step 1: Decide on what kind of party it’s going to be

Initiall, think about what is achievable with the time scale and the resources you have. Will it be informal or formal? Inside or outside? Large or small? A seated dinner or a reception? What do you need to achieve from the event?

Step 2: What’s your budget

The budget needs to be very precise so that you know what you can and can’t have. In some Christmas parties there is a few revenue opportunities (ticket sales, sponsorship and donations, etc.). For all everyone will be expenses from the delivious catering to the entertainment and staffin. If you keep good records and plan ahead you will be guaranteed to be halfway there – always be ready for the unexpected!

Step 3 – The guest list

Who would you like to invite, not just who you want to invite! If its a corporate event make sure you remember all the relevant departments and don’t miss anyone out!

Step 4 – The location

Think carefully about where you want the party to be since it will need to be easily accessible. Look if there is any nearby public transport or parking facilities since this makes a difference to your guests.

Step 5 – Venue considerations
Will there be enough space for your guests and are there any noise restrictions? Will disabled access be required? Do you need a stage/dance floor or special equipment and if so is there enough room? Also, think about the accommodation where will your guests stay?

Step 6 – Catering

Having a great selection of food and drink at your event is crucial. Think carefully about what style of food you want to serve; will it be buffet, bowl food, sit down, food stalls or canapés? What beverages will be available too – if you’re having a reception will you be having cocktails and canapés or some fizz, wine and soft drinks? How do you want things served, and who do you want to serve them? Who clears up afterwards?! If you’re considerign having a caterer then checkout My Caterer to receive 3 competitive Christmas catering quotes so that you can choose whats best for you.

Step 7 – Theme

Themes won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but for most they can be really good fun! Remember to think outside the box– we’ve catered for all sorts over the years from Winter Wonderland to a recent 1920’s themed Murder Mystery and even a outrageous Electric Eighties party. Full room décor really compliment a theme and bring a party to life!

Step 8 – Music and Entertainment

Great entertainment is paramount in an event. A lot of entertainers and bands have footage nowadays so you can check them out to see if you like them first. You could even have a comedian come in to lighten up the mood!

Step 9 – What’s the plan

Make sure you have an itinerary without one you’re destined for failure. You will need a detailed itinerary and all the necessary contacts numbers at your finger tips.

Step 10 – Inspired Invitations

The invitation is your guests first impression of what the party will be like. Make sure you include the dress code, the date, what time the party starts and finishes and if there wil be any food and drink available, the address, who to RSVP to and if you are having a cash bar make note of it on the invite as not everyone will think about bringing their money. Your theme can be reflected on your invitations.

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