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Winter Wonderland Party

Wednesday, June 25th, 2014

winter wonderland party

Since it is winter season in the beautiful country of Australia, perhaps it will be very timely to host a winter wonderland party if you happen to be in the mood to host one. It does not have to be in a highly-sophisticated place, you can have your home as the venue of the gathering. Invite your family members, friends and neighbors to come and join the party.

For the party decorations, have a snowman built outside your house with a wooden board saying ‘Welcome Guests’. A ‘warm’ welcome (even just through an inanimate object) will certainly be appreciated by the par attendees. For a dramatic effect, have a line of lighted paper lanterns leading into the main house. Right before they can reach the doorstep, the guests will already feel the warmth despite the freezing season.

Because it is winter and you are hosting a winter wonderland party, prepare coat hanger for the heavy fur and leather jackets of your guests. To glam up the interior, you can fill the ceiling with string light balls.

As for your table centerpieces, you can definitely ask the help of your food caterer. Usually the party caterersare the ones responsible for providing the main buffet table and the tables and chairs for the guests. The color of the table cloth should reflect your color motif. For the main centerpiece, have long, plain crystal holder filled with pine cones and leafless twigs. For added sophistication and warmth to the cold weather, have lighted candles around the crystal of pinecones and twigs.

And the last but not the least, make sure that you tell your hired food caterer to serve foods that are especially appropriate for a winter season. No ice cream, please. The best Australian caterers are at These food catering service providers also do caterings on all Australian suburbs including Sydney, Adelaide, Perth and many more.

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Cute Baby Shower Party Ideas

Monday, June 23rd, 2014

baby shower party
Baby shower parties are adorable even if the main celebrant is still inside the tummy of his or her mother. Usually, baby showers are organized by the family members and the close friends of the soon-to-be mother.

For first time baby shower facilitators, here are a few party ideas and tips to successfully throw a baby shower event:

This is the most important: Do not hold the baby shower party a week or two before the due date of the mom because it will be too heavy to even walk around the venue and there are cases that the mom might give birth a week before her expected date of delivery. The safest time would be three to four weeks prior to estimated date of confinement.

Put up a candy buffet table. Baby shower parties just like any children’s celebrations are supposed to be cute and colorful. Besides, the kids in the family will be the ones who will benefit the candy buffet table—or maybe adults as well.

Make an agreement with one of the best food caterers from The party caterers in Australia are not picky of venues. They serve in north, east, west or southern suburbs in Sydney. Have a sit-down talk with the food caterer about the dishes that will be served during the party. Make sure that they are appropriate for the kind of party and for the time when it will be held-morning, noon, afternoon or evening. These things are ought to be considered.

Make the baby shower party venue lively through all things cute and sweet. Baby showers usually use pastel colors- light blue, baby pink, lavender, light green, etc. It should also depend upon the gender of the baby.

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How To’s for an Amazing Brunch Gathering

Friday, June 20th, 2014

Try hosting a party where you will not be serving dinner. Just for a change. How about a brunch party? Sounds good, doesn’t it?

brunch party catering

These days, it is not really a burden for you if you decide to throw a party- whatever kind of party that is because you have lots of event planners out there who will do everything for you to make the occasion beautiful and memorable. All you have to do is to say yes or no if you agree or disagree on your planner’s proposals.

The food caterer is one of those who will make your life way easier every time you will have a party- a huge one or even just a simple get-together. Food catering service providers these days do not only cater to huge parties like weddings, 50th birthdays, debuts and etc. The food caterers will even serve even just small group gatherings like tea party or sports game watch get-together of 5-10 people.

brunch party catering 2

For your brunch gathering, if you want it to be simple then you do not need a planner anymore. Maybe you can have some DIY simple decorations to glam up the place for the brunch party.

How about a Breakfast at Tiffany’s theme? You can actually ask the food caterer you hired to provide you clothed tables and chairs. For your centerpieces, a small pot of blooming flowers will do plus a cutout of the Breakfast at Tiffany’s star anchored to wooden sticks and planted on the small flower pot.

Food caterers at can cater in all places in Australia like the western Sydney suburbs: Cabramatta, Doonside, Granville, Katoomba, Lakemba, Liverpool, St. Mary’s, Wentworthville, Westmead, and Windsor.

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Football-Inspired Party

Thursday, June 19th, 2014

football-themed party

Since FIFA World Cup is the craze right now, perhaps you can have a football-inspired party to go with the trend. This is a good party theme especially if you yourself love football. Whether it is your birthday or not, you can host a party as long as you have the means. Send out invitations to your family members and friends through email a week or 2 before the scheduled date of your football-themed party.

Makes sure to not forget the following:

Decide on the place of the party. If you are on a tight budget, you can always stick to your home and make it as the venue. Decorations will always do their job of transforming your home to a party place.

Schedule an appointment with your well-trusted food caterer to plan out the dishes that will be served during the gathering- how many dishes and what are the best food combinations if it will fall on lunch or dinner. If you have no party caterer yet, you can check out The food caterers featured in the website are the best food catering service providers in Aussie. They actually do food caterings in northern Sydney suburbs like Asquith, Epping, Hornsby Shire, Hunters Hill, Parramatta, and Ryde as well as in other Sydney suburbs.

football-themed party catering

The soda and other alcohol-free drinks will be taken care of your food caterer so you have to stock on some alcoholic beverages like wine, tequila and probably you can hire a bartender to professionally mix the drinks for your drinks.

The venue shall be reflective of the theme- football balls everywhere.

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Coffee and Tea Party

Wednesday, June 18th, 2014

Is boredom making you feel sick and lonely to death? Get up and send some invites to whoever you feel like inviting for a coffee and tea party. Just add ‘coffee’ to the usual ‘tea’ party because maybe some of your friends are coffee lovers and they are not so much into tea. Just for the sake of variety and politeness as a host.

tea party

Now, how do you go about your coffee and tea party? Ready your pen and paper for the following friendly tips:

• Plan out your coffee and tea party before you send your invitations to your friends. Remember your invites shall contain the date, time and venue of the party so you have to be sure first about these things.

• The second on your list after finalizing the invites is sitting down with the best food caterer you know (if it is your first time to throw a party and you do not know any food caterer, let and talk about the kinds of foods you want to serve. Seasoned food catering service providers know what dishes to serve in a particular party. In your case, coffee and tea party, the foods will usually be dry and easy to eat and be paired with either coffee or tea like scones, finger sandwiches, cupcakes, cookies, etc. The set-up of tables and chairs will be care of the food caterer as well.

kitchen tea party

• And since it is a coffee and tea party, you shall prepare a wide selection of coffee and tea. For coffee, you may have brewed, cappuccino, latte, and espresso while for your tea you can have green tea, Earl grey, tea with infusions like lemon, chamomile, and berries.

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Baby Shower Parties

Tuesday, June 17th, 2014

Parties actually come in a sequence. First is the engagement party, then the bachelor/bachelorette parties, the wedding day and of course, the cutest of all- the baby shower party! After the wedding, family and friends are actually anticipating the new addition to the couple and they will be more than glad to attend the baby shower party.

baby shower party

For the couple hosting their first ever baby shower, you definitely need a few party concepts that you may inject into the occasion—and also a few side notes to make it run smoothly as planned.

Agree on the venue. If you have a spacious lawn then you do not have to look for a restaurant or hotel with private area to hold the baby shower. You can use your lawn and hire a decorator to make it look baby-ish.

Call on your well-trusted food caterer to do all the planning and preparation for the big day. Remember you are not supposed to get too exhausted; you shall reserve your energy for labor and delivery. In case you need a good list of excellent party caterers, feel free to check out the website They surely got a lot of party tips when it comes to the dishes you shall serve.

baby shower party 2

If you want to be hands-on with the baby shower, then by all means you can. When choosing for the color motif, you can base it on your baby’s gender. Make sure to use pastel colors- a baby shower party is supposed to be sweet, cute and soft.

Be creative. You can put up candy corners and areas where designated for the giveaways and the gifts.

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Recipe Exchange Party

Monday, June 16th, 2014

receipe exchange party 2

Recipe exchange party?

Is there a party as such? Of course there is! Maybe the next 2 big questions would be: How does it go? How do you go about it? Okay. Here we go. When you host a recipe exchange party, you have to include in the invitation the purpose of the event. Ask the invitees to bring one or more recipes of their choice. Then they are going to share the recipes that they brought to everyone who are in the said party.

To give a bit of excitement to your recipe exchange party, maybe you can give it a little twist in the form of a game. Have 2 bowls at the center of the table. One bowl is for the numbers that will determine the sequence of a very brief recipe presentation and the second bowl will contain all the names of the invitees who brought their recipe. Everyone shall pick a number to determine the sequence. After the first one presented her recipe, she will immediately pick up a name from the second bowl whom she would give her recipe to. Do this repeatedly until everyone has been given the chance to present her recipes.

meet and greet party catering

While everyone enjoys a really good round of recipe sharing and exchange, the host shall never forget to feed her guests. After sharing recipes of delicious dishes, definitely their hunger pangs are activated and are craving for all foods great and delicious. So to give them a really nice lunch, have a food caterer do the planning and preparation for your recipe exchange party. You may browse from about the best food caterers in town.

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Welcome Party Ideas

Friday, June 13th, 2014

Whilst departures can be really sad, arrivals of loved ones, on the other hand, are the happiest life moments especially if you have not seen each other for quite a long time. Hence, it is just necessary that you mark the day of arrival with loads of surprises, fun and long ‘hug’ moments.

welcome party

If you happen to be the one receiving the guests, here are a few welcome party ideas for you. Feel free to use them up and make the welcome party as warm, colorful and memorable for everyone.

• Don’t tell the ones arriving that you will have a welcome party for them. Don’t even decorate your porch so that they will feel quite disappointed that after not seeing each other for a long time, you really didn’t even bother to just hang a ‘Welcome Home’ banner outside your house. And after being a little dismayed, their mood will turn 360 degrees as you open the door and surprise them with the party you have organized.

• Fill up the ceiling of your receiving area with colorful helium balloons and attach their photos at the end of the balloons’ strings.

welcome party catering

• Set up colorful dining utensils. Welcome parties are supposed to be full of colors because it’s a happy event. Bring out your bold-colored table napkins, flowers and candles to adorn the tables.

Get the best food caterer. The travelers are definitely very hungry from a long trip. And of course, you and the guests deserve good food. You can get the most excellent party caterers at

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Bright Ideas for Spectacular Bridal Showers

Thursday, June 12th, 2014

unique bridal shower

Bridal shower is perhaps one of the most unforgettable parties the bride-to-be will have in her entire life. And so, for the female members of the wedding entourage, you have got to combine your ‘girl power’ forces to come up with an amazing bachelorette plan for your friend-bride to enjoy. Making the bridal shower a success can be a source of pressure but everything will be perfectly fine as long as you will read the following ideas to make your friend’s bridal shower a memorable one.

Think of a unique theme. Don’t just settle for a bridal shower in a bar. Bridal showers in bars are too mainstream. Think of something new, something different, something that the soon-to-be-bride will really like.

Select the perfect venue for the theme that you have unanimously agreed on. If it is a Hawaiian-inspired bachelorette party, then the venue must be in the beach. If it is a costume party type bridal shower then maybe you can have one of your homes to be used as the venue. It can always be beautifully transformed anyway.

unique bridal shower 2

Foods. Oh yeah. What is a party without foods? Hire the best food caterer in Australia through the help of The most excellent food catering service providers are here. Not to mention the party tips you can get as well.

Drinks. Of course. Like foods, parties will be boring without drinks- alcoholic drinks to be specific. You can actually entrust the drinks to the party caterer too.

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Helpful Tips for 18th Birthdays

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014

A girl’s 18th birthday marks the day she officially becomes a lady. Most parents would usually throw a debut party for their daughter as a way of introducing her to family, friends and the society as a woman and not a little girl anymore.

18th birthday party

Even until now, most 18th birthdays would opt for pink as the party’s motif but you can always detour from the traditional debut color and theme and make your daughter’s debut one of a kind while keeping the simplicity and elegance. Here are a few basic but very helpful tips when planning for your daughter’s 18th birthday party:

• Keep your daughter involved in the planning so she will feel that her ‘likes’ and opinions are considered as well and above all, to make her feel that she is part of the party planning and not only as the celebrant waiting for her debut party to come.

• Let your daughter choose the theme for her party. If you do not like it personally, you can always make some suggestions.

• It’s never necessary to get the most famous designer to make your daughter’s gown. There are a lot of ready-made dresses and gowns out there which are way cheaper than hiring a designer. Be creative. You can also seek the help of a seamstress nearby.

18th birthday party 2

• This is the most important of all: Please get a first-rate food caterer. No matter how elegantly decorated the venue is, if the food is not nice, the guests and even you won’t fully enjoy the party. Get food caterer recommendations from This site definitely has helpful tips n getting the best party caterer and all food catering-related information you might need.

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