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Turning Boring Barbecue Party to an Awesome One

Thursday, May 15th, 2014

barbecues_r2_c1When it comes to outdoor parties in Sydney, barbecue is always the center of attraction. It’s as if no outdoor party can take place without it. But with so many barbecue recipes today, it can be difficult to turn this traditional and simple menu to an awesome one. If you are tired of the same old taste, here are some tips to make your barbecue taste a lot better.

1. If you are setting up a barbecue party, it is best that you come up with an outdoor theme first. For example, you may go Hawaiian or surfing themes. Alternatively, you may choose just a color for a theme.

2. Although you going to hold a barbecue party, always consider the non-meat eaters. Make sure that you have some veggies on the side, cheese, baguettes and some cold drink with cucumber or lemon.

3. Never forget the side dishes. The barbecue may be the star of the party, but you can make it taste a lot better with some fruits or veggies as side dish like tomatoes and some watermelon.


4. Prepare some refreshing drinks like cocktails and make sure you keep them cold. Sangria can be a great option.

5. If you are expecting some guests to bring their kids with them, make sure you make them busy. Prepare some entertainment or some toys. Doing so allows parents to spend time with you and the rest of attendees rather than running after their kids.

Barbecue party with barbecue alone is obviously a very boring event. Don’t underestimate the power of the simple side dishes, dips and sauces as they can turn a real boring barbecue party into an exciting and tasty one.

Don’t have the time to prepare? Call the best Sydney caterers today.

Chic and Glam Kitchen Tea Party

Thursday, May 8th, 2014

Kitchen tea party is a fun and creative way for celebrating the soon-to-be ‘married’ status of the bride and of course for preparing her of the duties and responsibilities of a good and doting other half.

kitchen tea party

The planning of the entire kitchen tea party is the obligation of the maid of honor and the bride’s maids. Kitchen tea party is exclusively for the bride and all the women closest to her heart.But sometimes there is an exception to the ‘females only’ rule because the father of the bride-to-be is invited to join in the fun of the bachelorette party.

tea party
So, this goes to the maid of honor and the bride’s maids: If you are planning for the kitchen tea party, make sure to get the best food caterer. Excellent food is one of the big factors that will determine the success of the party. And of course, you girls want to make sure everybody will have happy taste buds and happy tummies on the day of the bridal shower party, right? Go for the best of the best food catering service providers.

If you are having a difficult time searching for a good party caterer, you may seek help in Make the kitchen tea party classy and worthy to be remembered by adorning the venue with all things bright and beautiful and things that are sentimental to the bride throughout her single years. Above all, do not forget to serve the bride and all the guests with truly scrumptious foods from appetizers to dessert.

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Hilltop Party

Wednesday, May 7th, 2014

Planning for an upcoming party? Give it a twist by looking for a unique venue. How about party on top of a hill? That will be awesome! Find a hilltop venue overlooking a beautiful scenery. The guests will definitely enjoy the view and of course, the party. It will be a little challenging to look for a perfect hilltop venue but once you already found one, everything will follow.


If you finally found a perfect hilltop venue, do not forget to get the best food caterer as well. For what is an immaculate place if the foods do not taste good? Couple a breathtaking party venue with an excellent food catering service provider. If you caught one of the best caterers in town, you are more than lucky. From the food planning to the food presentation, you will not worry a single thing because these are already expert party caterers.

If your party is a hilltop party, a great food caterer knows the dishes that will be perfect for that particular venue. You can give your hundred percent trust to take care of the party. In addition, food caterers these days do not only cook and serve foods to the party, they also decorate the buffet tables and all the tables and chairs according to your theme. They have leveled-up, indeed!

If you still do not have a food caterer, ask your family and friends. Or maybe you can try and search in This website got a list of expert food caterers in Australia and can even give you tips for your upcoming party.

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Autumn Book Party

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

book party

The fall season can potentially trigger sadness. Now that it is autumn in Australia, do something that can prevent your sadness spells. Why don’t you gather your best pals for an autumn book party in your house? Ask your best friends to bring their favorite book and let them share about it to everyone.

A book party usually does not have a big number of guests, just a few close ones and it also does not necessitate grandeur. A minimum of 10 and maybe a maximum of 20 guests would already make your book party really very exciting.

To make sure that all the guests for your autumn book party will be fueled up for the book sharing activity, serve them with finger foods if you will have the party in the afternoon and some main dishes if you plan to have it lunch or dinner.
book party catering

You will not be bothered with the food planning anyway since you will have a food catering service provider to take care of all your food concerns. Party caterers have different kinds of menus you can choose from. If the party is in the afternoon, serve snack foods or tea or whatever is appropriate for the time of your book sharing party.

If you are not well-versed with the best food caterers in town, try for some helpful food catering information and updates. Make your autumn book party truly unforgettable for you and your friends by serving excellent foods and having the best conversations.

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“Birth” Day Special

Monday, April 28th, 2014

Surprise your wife an hour or two after she delivered your precious angel by gathering all the important people in her life. For a woman, the most defining moment yet the most exhausting part of her womanhood is child birth. It will mean so much to your wife if you will take extra effort to make her feel a lot better after long, painstaking hours of labor and delivery.


True enough, the exact date of when your wife will deliver cannot be perfectly pinpointed. So what will happen to your guests? How about your food preparations and all? Not to mention the venue will be in a hospital room. Do not fret! All you need to have is a wise and skillful food caterer beside you to make your surprise ‘birth’ day celebration for your wife will be a great success.

Food caterers these days do not only cater to big parties that require a lengthy and intense planning. They have leveled-up and developed ways to cater to the needs of their customers especially those whose lives are on the fast lane. Just like this ‘birth’ day special event in which the date is not yet exact, you can greatly rely on some food catering service providers who have readied dishes for the day and all you have to do is point which dishes you like and have just one staff member to assist in the serving of foods to your limited number of guests.

Remember, it does not need to be overly extravagant just enough to wipe away the exhaustion of your wife and make her happy on the birth day of your child. For the best food caterers in Australia, you can visit

Tea Party Catering

Monday, April 21st, 2014

Tea parties are one of the all time favorite mini gatherings of the young and old alike. Tea party is a classic. Although not everybody in the world are fond of tea parties yet a great majority of household always loves hosting it, especially the ladies of the house: grandmothers, moms, aunts and even the teenage girls.

tea party

Gone are the days when you are obliged to prepare everything if you are hosting a tea party for your friends because now, you have lots of food caterers to choose from to provide for the nibbles during the gathering. You may provide the tea if you have plenty of variations but you do not have to single-handedly prepare the finger foods that will go with the assorted type of teas that you will be serving.

Food caterers do not just cater to formal dining parties but they too cater to small gatherings like a tea party. They have a wide selection of finger food goodies you can freely choose from like cabanossi, finger sandwiches, crackers ‘n dip, mixed nuts, cakes, scones, jellies and a lot more. Give your guests plenty of food choices to select from. Let them enjoy their warm cup of tea with equally delicious tea party foods and savor those good talks and hearty laughs.

Your tea party will definitely be a hit especially if you have the best food party caterer. If you have not found your food caterer yet, just read on helpful information at the website

Baby Shower Party Catering

Monday, April 14th, 2014

Is your best friend close enough to her final month of pregnancy? Well then organize the best baby shower party for her and for her future baby. It does not have to be with so much pomp and grandeur just like engagement, debuts and weddings because baby showers are meant to be cute.

baby shower

If you’re the super BFF of the soon-to-be-mum, how do you prepare for the surprise baby shower party? Well, it’s just plain and simple. Think of a good place to be the venue. You can even volunteer your place too if you like.

Second, send invites to your pregnant friend’s closest family members and friends (secretly, of course!). And the third and most important step, contact your trusted food caterer in Australia for the best foods.
baby shower 2

One of the secrets to a truly successful and memorable occasion, no matter how small or huge it is, is the foods. Food caterers are everywhere. But remember to choose the best one so you will not end up regretting spending so big for the foods that do not seem to be appealing at all.

There are a myriad of party caterers in Australia that are amazingly great when it comes to client care and the quality of their service before, during and after the occasion. If you haven’t found the perfect food catering service provider for you, try opening You will certainly get the most helpful tips from the menu down to finding the ideal food caterer for your party.

So make your surprise baby shower party the best for your friend and for the visitors, get only the best food caterer in town.

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Backyard Picnic Catering

Monday, March 31st, 2014

Once in a while, we crave to set up a picnic blanket in our backyard and just have some fun time with our family and loved ones. These days, picnic in our backyard can be made incredibly easy with the help of Australia’s best catering service providers.


Food caterers have evolved all these years. In the earlier times, they would just focus on serving grand parties, but today, they would even cater small office gatherings and picnics. Food catering service providers in Australia has come up with different menus that would fit a certain occasion- be it a Christening, birthday, sports event, engagement, wedding, or just a company meeting, whatever type of occasion you will have, just lay it all down on your trusted food caterer.

For your backyard picnic party, make it light and simple. It is better to have finger foods which are not too messy to eat. Here is a suggested lineup of foods you may ask from your food caterer so that you won’t have a hard time preparing the foods:


• Chicken and avocado salad
• Full salad sandwich
• Leg ham, cream cheese, marinated antipasto
• Turkey, cheese, lettuce and cranberry sauce
• Egg and lettuce sandwich
• Tuna, lettuce and mayonnaise
• Salmon, cream cheese and shallots bagel

Feel free to select from among the many choices from the expert food caterers. Life is indeed way easier, thanks to the food caterers. If you are in dire need of professional tips regarding catering check

Food Caterer: The Ultimate BFF of Party Hosts

Monday, March 24th, 2014

Yes, indeed the food caterers are the ultimate best friends of those who are hosting momentous events. Imagine how much of a hassle it will be if you do not have a food catering service provider? You will certainly feel so stressed out and you will look like a withered plant come the day of the celebration when you are supposed to be stress-free looking and radiant as expected of a party host.


As an event host, you must know what makes a good food catering service provider because you will always benefit for having the best party caterer. Here is a list of qualities you need to find in them:

Accommodating. Who would want a caterer who shuts off their door simply because they have other clients at the moment hence they can’t entertain you?
the sydney catering boys with new dishes

Brilliantly Creative. Never let go of food catering service providers who are adept in mixing and matching dishes, and those who help you make your event amazingly beautiful not just in terms of food.

Does not Overprice. There are caterers who have the tendency to overprice their service and you should be alert for this. A food caterer who does not primarily think of the profit they can get from you is a plus point. There are some whose service is so poor that they don’t even deserve to get paid for the amount they are asking.

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Save on your Food Caterer

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014

Parties are costly. This is an undeniable fact. But still, no matter how expensive throwing a party can be, we would always shake off the ‘Oh gad it’s so expensive’ thought and push through with it anyway because parties are fun, aren’t they?

the sydney catering boys with new dishes

They can give you the time to pull yourself away from all the stresses your school, work or family life is giving you and focus on something different like the party details- theme, food, etc.

Since food is, let’s say, the heart and soul of a party, you can expect that you will spend much more on this than other party details.

However, there are always effective ways to save on your food caterer. All you have to do is to be a little wiser and practical. But of course, you shall never ever take the idea of not hiring a food caterer because it will be more costly and stressful on your part.

Here are sure ways to save on your Aussie food caterer without compromising the quantity and quality of your dishes. Read on!

Weigh the pros and cons of every choice. Before you decide whether it will be a sit-down, station or buffet style, you have to write down the pros and cons of each. After you have written all, then and there you will know which style can make you save a lot without disappointing your guests.

Find the Best Aussie Caterer– There are lot of great food caterers and you must not only rely to word of mouth that “oh this caterer is really good etc etc etc.”

You should see and taste it for you to know that indeed this caterer is excellent! And one more thing, you and your caterer shall have a good working relationship to make things flow smoothly…and perhaps you may get a discount for being such a sweet client.


Ask for Cheaper but still Yummy Substitutes. If your food caterer finally laid down the menu for your party, ask him or her if there are possible substitutes to these dishes but are still delicious. For example, chicken galantina is expensive. Ask about roasted rosemary chicken instead. It’s still yummy, isn’t it?

As an expert suggestion, why not try MyCaterer?