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Big Parties Not a Problem!

Monday, July 21st, 2014

Planning for a big birthday party in Sydney can be a daunting task. This is especially true if you have never hosted a party as big as what you plan now. Of course, the main concern is that you don’t want to run out of food on that day, but you also don’t want to be end up keeping a lot of party leftovers. You might find yourself caught in a very confusing situation when you start to calculate the food portions you want to serve on your party.


Good thing though that you can avoid these situations if you sit down and take time to follow these simple steps in estimating the food quantity for the party. With this, you don’t have to worry about sending you guests home with half full, half empty stomach nor your fridge suffer the leftover bulge.

1. The general rule is always to round UP the estimates.

2. Always prioritize food menus that are more popular to your guests. Go for big servings on this food selection.

3. The more food choices on the table, the smaller the portion you need on each individual menu.

4. Always assume that guests would want to taste everything that is served but in small portion. Conversely, fewer choices mean greater consumption.

5. For a sit-down party, serve more bread to cover up some hungry spots. For cocktail parties in Sydney, trick the stomach with plenty of pretzels, nuts, olives and anything that guests can nibble.

Suggested Serving per Guest

Hors D’oevres

DIY Catering

• If before a meal, 6 bites would suffice
• If IT is the meal, prepare 4 to 6 bites per hour
• This means the longer the party is and the more guests you expect, the greater the quantity of food menu you must offer.

Main Course


• 6 ounces for meat, fish and poultry
• 1.5 ounces for grains as side dish
• 5 ounces of potatoes
• 4 ounces of vegetable
• 2 ounces of beans if served as side dish
• 4 ounces of pasta if served as main dish, 3 ounces as first course, 2 ounces for side dish
• 1 ounce for fresh green salad



• 5 ounces for ice cream
• 4 ounces for mousse or pudding and other creamy desserts
• 1 slice of cake, pastry or tart
• When serving 2 kinds of desserts, cut each food serving by half

Whether you want a sit-down catering, buffet or some fingerfood to munch on, you can always count on My Caterer. We serve Bankstown, Central Business District, Bondi Beach, Chatswood, Liverpool, Manly, Newton and anywhere in Sydney.

Party planning shouldn’t be stressful, it must be fun!

Must-Try Fish Dishes for Your Next Party

Monday, July 14th, 2014

fish dish

When it comes to fish dishes, Sydney caterers and talented Aussie chefs can be very creative as they have developed several fish recipes that are well loved by natives as well as of tourists. Let us try to know some of these famous fish dishes that you can always find in parties in Sydney.

Escabeche Salmons. Salmons are well favored of Australians. For this reason, they have created a unique recipe for the Australian Salmon called escabeche. The fish is cooked slowly in medium heat with fresh tomatoes, spices and pineapples. Such a nice way to eat Australian Salmon, eh? Confit Salmons are also good as it is served with fresh cucumbers, pickled cauliflowers and a Bandol Rose.

Seared and Roasted Bonito. Bonito fish servings are also favorite pieces in parties in Sydney. Bonito can be seared and served by heavy cream and some celery leaves on top. Barbequed bonito are also well known in Sydney. The fish is roasted in fire and served hot with the freshest tomatoes or your preferred vegetable salad.

Yellowfin Brim. This can be served with a tasty Vietnamese Salad and you are ready to set up good dinner!

Fish Shasimi. In Sydney, eating the white fish meat in raw can be very common. The fish is thoroughly cleaned and soaked with vinegar, spices and other seasoning.

Baked fish. Fish servings can be baked to freshness. Flour, breadcrumbs or other base can be used as substitutes. In the end, you will have a crispy and tasty baked fish food snack!

Stir Fry. It appears that if you are in Australia, there are several food recipes that you can try. Stir fry fish recipes are always a hit. Why? Because this food recipe is very easy to do as long as you have a large pan and some olive oil. In restaurants, stir fry fish dishes are served with salads and tasty sauces.

Want some fish dishes on your next party? Find a Sydney caterer who could provide you with these mouthwatering fish dishes. Check out MyCaterer today. Whether you are in Bankstown, Central Business District, Bondi Beach, Chatswood, Liverpool, Manly, Newton and anywhere in SYdney, you can surely get these amazing fish dishes served on your party.

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Some Brilliant Ideas for Left Over Spit Roast

Monday, July 7th, 2014

No matter how delicious the spit roast is from Sydney caterers, it is inevitable that there will still be some leftover. This is quite common in parties where there are too many choices for guests to nibble before they can finally reach the part of the party where they can get a slice of the mouthwatering spit roast.

01 - Spit roasted lamb

Good thing though that there are lots of things you can do with the leftover spit roast from the overnight party. Don’t through them all away as you can use them with some delish food menu that you’d surely forget about your strict weight loss regimen.

Here are some ways you can turn your leftover spit roast into a delightful meal.

• Reheated Spit Roast Leftover

This is perhaps the easiest way to make use of it. Just toss it over the pan, and you can enjoy a whole day of spit roast that you might have missed while in the party last night. However, if you have been eating a lot of it, heating it up is not a good idea. You might already be fed up of its taste. Don’t worry. There’s still a lot of other ways to make use of it.

Spit Roast Leftover Sandwich

Are you going out on a picnic? Take the leftover spit roast with you – on a sandwich. Mix it up with some apple sauce that would certainly satisfy your appetite. Add some veggies like tomato or lettuce if you like.

• Spit Roast Leftover Salad

With all the oil and too much sweets and carbs, it’s time for the cleansing. Burn the fats down with a healthy vegetable salad with some leftover spit roast cuts or shreds. Sprinkle it with rosemary and chives plus the green leaves, tomatoes and anything you like. Add your favorite salad dressing and there you go – light, healthy and definitely delicious!


You can avoid too many leftovers if you planned your party carefully and worked with the most professional party caterers in Sydney. Efficient party planning takes a lot of time and effort, but let the pros help you. With them, you don’t have to worry about too little or too much party food. No matter which suburb you are in Sydney – Bankstown, Central Business District, Bondi Beach, Chatswood, Liverpool, Manly, Newton and anywhere else, My Caterer can surely get to you.

Different Ways to Bring Sweetness into Wedding Parties in Sydney

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014


Are you a big fan of desserts? Do you love it so much that you’d want to serve all possible desserts you could have on your wedding day? This is no longer impossible! With the new trends for wedding desserts, you can serve as many desserts as you want without having to break the bank. Here are some ideas on how to bring the sweetness in wedding parties.

Cup Cakes

What’s so beautiful about cupcakes is that you can’t only serve a variety of flavors on the table, but you can also use it as a part of the décor or focal points in the wedding venue. These small pieces of cakes are great alternatives for the monotonous flavor of traditional wedding cakes. Make sure that you hire a good cake maker who can add art to every piece.

Ice Cream

Getting a sundae bar is one of the best wedding desserts you can serve that guests of all ages will surely love. Sprinkle it up with toppings, and they are good to go. Make-your-own sundae is not only a unique dessert; it also adds fun to the wedding party because guests will certainly enjoy experimenting ice cream combos.

Dessert Shots

Dessert shots are one of the newest options for wedding sweets today. You can serve as many dessert shots as you can on every table in the reception venue. As compared to a slice of cake, these delightful sweets are easier and more fun to eat. You may include flavors like chocolates, strawberry, mousse and many others.

Miniature Desserts

What about a platter for assorted mini desserts? It will surely make your guests drool and eat non-stop. This dessert option is not only delish, they are also exciting to eat as guests can even go around while munching on it. Four to five different dessert bites would surely satisfy their appetite for sweets. Platters may include meringues, cookies, macaroons, cream puffs and anything small, nice and sweet.


Can’t figure out which one you really like? Or are you on a tight budget? Find out what other dessert options you have for wedding parties. Ask the experts from No matter which suburb you are in Sydney – Bankstown, Central Business District, Bondi Beach, Chatswood, Liverpool, Manly, Newton and anywhere else, MyCaterer can surely reach you.

A Romantic Date Night

Wednesday, June 11th, 2014

romantic date night

For romantic dates in private, usually it is the gentleman who would take the necessary plans and implementations to make the date night a success. And men have to admit they are innately gifted when it comes to planning for a party even just a date night for two. With this, you need a little help from your close female buddies and some articles like this to make your romantic date night with your girlfriend materialize.

How do you set-up a romantic date night? Okay, gentlemen, here you go. Read, learn and carry out.

Venue selection: Choose a place that is special to both of you. It does not have to be really nice. The decorations will take care of it if the place isn’t the ideal one for romantic dates. What’s important is that you choose a place where you can be both comfortable and the rest will just follow.

• Candle light, champagne and flowers: The magic trio. Yes. It would be less romantic without these three. You can supersede champagne with wine. Either of the two is good. Just don’t serve tequila if you don’t want to turn your supposed to be ‘romantic’ date into a drunken date night with your significant other.

Serenade: Get a professional musician- a pianist, violinist- any of the two to play romantic music while both of you are savoring the romantic ambiance.

romantic date night 2

Delightful dishes: You don’t set up a romantic date just to look at each other. Of course you have to fill your stomach and fuel up your brain to start up a romantic conversation (perhaps a wedding proposal? Who knows?) Get the best food caterer you can trust to prepare the dishes for the night. Your food caterer certainly knows what are the appropriate foods to serve for a private date. If you don’t have a food caterer yet, check out

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All the Single Ladies’ Date Night

Wednesday, June 4th, 2014

Singleness is not a curse but a blessing. Yes, indeed. If you and your other girlfriends are boyfriend-less, gather up and have a private dinner party in one of your girlfriends’ home you have selected. If all of you are working girls and you do not have time to plan and prepare for the dishes for your agreed date night mini gathering,, you can always ask for the help of one of the best food catering service providers in town. Australia’s definitely got a lot of excellent food caterers it can boast.

Single Ladies' Night Out

You will not have a hard time looking for a great party caterer because for sure each of you knows a superior class food caterer but in case you do not, let help you out. This website’s got a handful of recommended food catering service providers you can hire. Form small gatherings to big events, these caterers are competent enough to give you the most mouthwatering dishes from appetizers to desserts.

As for you “All the Single Ladies’ Date Night”, entrust everything to your caterer including the set-up of the venue. When you girls will arrive for your all-girl date, you will definitely enjoy all the scrumptious foods your caterer prepared.

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Sing and Dance Party

Tuesday, May 27th, 2014

Unlike the karaoke night party, a sing and dance party is a combo of singing and dancing, of course. You can set up your place in a way that those who would love to sing can just go in a designated area and those who would love to move up their bodies and sway can go to another area.

sing and dance party

It is all up to you how you are going to design your venue for the party. Be creative. You can even mix the sing and dance area if you wish to do so. Just do not forget that you need a good sound system and a cool selection of dance music to be enjoyed by your guests.

And since it is a sing and dance party, you need to fuel up the party guests with food and liquor. This concern can always be taken care of by your trusted food catering service provider. If you still do not have a party caterer, you can always visit the website for a list of recommended food caterers all over Australia. You can also get useful tips for your upcoming party. If you do not know what dishes to serve, leave them up with your food caterer. They definitely know what dishes to serve for a particular kind of party.

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Turning Boring Barbecue Party to an Awesome One

Thursday, May 15th, 2014

barbecues_r2_c1When it comes to outdoor parties in Sydney, barbecue is always the center of attraction. It’s as if no outdoor party can take place without it. But with so many barbecue recipes today, it can be difficult to turn this traditional and simple menu to an awesome one. If you are tired of the same old taste, here are some tips to make your barbecue taste a lot better.

1. If you are setting up a barbecue party, it is best that you come up with an outdoor theme first. For example, you may go Hawaiian or surfing themes. Alternatively, you may choose just a color for a theme.

2. Although you going to hold a barbecue party, always consider the non-meat eaters. Make sure that you have some veggies on the side, cheese, baguettes and some cold drink with cucumber or lemon.

3. Never forget the side dishes. The barbecue may be the star of the party, but you can make it taste a lot better with some fruits or veggies as side dish like tomatoes and some watermelon.


4. Prepare some refreshing drinks like cocktails and make sure you keep them cold. Sangria can be a great option.

5. If you are expecting some guests to bring their kids with them, make sure you make them busy. Prepare some entertainment or some toys. Doing so allows parents to spend time with you and the rest of attendees rather than running after their kids.

Barbecue party with barbecue alone is obviously a very boring event. Don’t underestimate the power of the simple side dishes, dips and sauces as they can turn a real boring barbecue party into an exciting and tasty one.

Don’t have the time to prepare? Call the best Sydney caterers today.

Chic and Glam Kitchen Tea Party

Thursday, May 8th, 2014

Kitchen tea party is a fun and creative way for celebrating the soon-to-be ‘married’ status of the bride and of course for preparing her of the duties and responsibilities of a good and doting other half.

kitchen tea party

The planning of the entire kitchen tea party is the obligation of the maid of honor and the bride’s maids. Kitchen tea party is exclusively for the bride and all the women closest to her heart.But sometimes there is an exception to the ‘females only’ rule because the father of the bride-to-be is invited to join in the fun of the bachelorette party.

tea party
So, this goes to the maid of honor and the bride’s maids: If you are planning for the kitchen tea party, make sure to get the best food caterer. Excellent food is one of the big factors that will determine the success of the party. And of course, you girls want to make sure everybody will have happy taste buds and happy tummies on the day of the bridal shower party, right? Go for the best of the best food catering service providers.

If you are having a difficult time searching for a good party caterer, you may seek help in Make the kitchen tea party classy and worthy to be remembered by adorning the venue with all things bright and beautiful and things that are sentimental to the bride throughout her single years. Above all, do not forget to serve the bride and all the guests with truly scrumptious foods from appetizers to dessert.

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Hilltop Party

Wednesday, May 7th, 2014

Planning for an upcoming party? Give it a twist by looking for a unique venue. How about party on top of a hill? That will be awesome! Find a hilltop venue overlooking a beautiful scenery. The guests will definitely enjoy the view and of course, the party. It will be a little challenging to look for a perfect hilltop venue but once you already found one, everything will follow.


If you finally found a perfect hilltop venue, do not forget to get the best food caterer as well. For what is an immaculate place if the foods do not taste good? Couple a breathtaking party venue with an excellent food catering service provider. If you caught one of the best caterers in town, you are more than lucky. From the food planning to the food presentation, you will not worry a single thing because these are already expert party caterers.

If your party is a hilltop party, a great food caterer knows the dishes that will be perfect for that particular venue. You can give your hundred percent trust to take care of the party. In addition, food caterers these days do not only cook and serve foods to the party, they also decorate the buffet tables and all the tables and chairs according to your theme. They have leveled-up, indeed!

If you still do not have a food caterer, ask your family and friends. Or maybe you can try and search in This website got a list of expert food caterers in Australia and can even give you tips for your upcoming party.

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