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Australia’s Top Caterers: Chic, Cheap but Fab

Friday, March 15th, 2019

Preparing food for your next outdoor barbecue renders it a personal touch but it will be quite tedious and exhausting if it is for more than 10 guests.

To enjoy and savor this rare event with friends and loved ones, we have listed Australia’s all-year, all-occasion catering service providers, who can extend the best help and serve well-prepared tasty dishes.

All Suburbs Catering Service.  Providing catering service since the mid-1980s, All Suburbs is well-known for its breakfast, lunch and dinner packages that are quite easy-on-the-budget but does not scrimp on the taste.

Mr. Finger Food. Whether it is a small group brainstorming session at your faculty or a big gathering at your backyard, this catering service has it all from all-meat, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, Asian platters of your choosing, hot or cold and always fresh.

Spit Roast Catering. The kitchens of Spit Roast Catering extend to many suburbs in NSW, SA, VIC, WA and they are known for sourcing the top-of-the line produce from organic beef, free-range poultry, freshly sourced seafood, all acceptable to Halal standards. Cheap does not need to be awful and this catering service stands by this claim since 1986 as they provide, six free quotes for one query. They could be relied upon to offer the best prices and match your needs according to your budget.

1800 Parties. This is one of the best party caterers in all of Australia, who could provide a variety of choices for food and décor to easily match your theme for Birthdays, Christening, Engagement and even Wedding parties.




Children’s Party with a Twist

Thursday, February 27th, 2014

It does not necessarily follow that a children’s party should only serve foods appropriate for the kids like the traditional spaghetti, hotdogs and marshmallows on stick, ice cream and all the colorful candies. Of course there are also adults accompanying their little ones to the party and they will appreciate it much if there dishes that would fit the taste buds of a grown up.

childrens party

The beauty of having a food caterer is that you can just lay everything to them without being so stressed out with all the details that have something to do with food preparation. Give them an estimated number of guests and that’s it. If you are tired enough to even think of what foods to serve, they will gladly take that responsibility too. All you have to do is nod and approve.


If you are having a children’s party, do not forget to tell your food caterer that there must be a special buffet table for the adults. Perhaps a beef and chicken buffet for them would be great. And because it will probably be an afternoon snacks for the kids, do not make the dishes for the grown-ups heavy.

Take a peek at the menu of one of Australia’s most in demand food caterers:

• Two varieties of vegetable salad
• Roasted chicken
• Yearling beef with gravy
• Bread rolls
• Butter squares

Feel free to add up some dishes if you wish to. It will be much to your food caterer’s delight. If you consider spit roast to be included in the menu, you can do so. But make sure that kids will love them as well. If you are looking for a palate-friendly spit roast like those served by St George District Spit Roast Catering.

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What to Expect from Funeral Catering Services

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

They say death is as inevitable as aging. However, none of us could really tell when or how we should die. Thus, we are often caught off guard whenever a family member or a dear friend passes away. True, dealing with the loss of a loved one is never easy. However, life does not stop there, does it?


Perhaps, the least we can do for the deceased person is to let him have a decent funeral. Thus, hiring for funeral catering services is recommended. Although it is true that attendees of the funeral is not there to principally enjoy the food serve but it would be gracious enough to prepare a decent meal.

What are the most common menus of funeral catering services providers and teams?

Morning menu. Regularly, morning menu would include a savory and healthy breakfast. Bread selections with eggs, bacon, sausages and other favorite enhancements are incorporated in the morning menus. Coffees, teas and other selection of hot beverages are regular.

Morning snacks. Often, sandwiches and finger foods are served during this time. Coffee and tea still be preferred in addition cold drink variants like juices or soda.

Lunch. Funeral catering teams make it to a point that luncheons are fully packed with carbo-loaded food selection. Roast meat, flavored chicken dishes, vegetable salads and fruits are common in the menu. Wine can also be served.

Afternoon snack. Muffins, sandwiches, mini burgers, rolls and wraps will be a sure hit. Cakes and pastries can also be preferred along with coffee or cold juices.

Dinner Menu. The dinner menu can be almost similar to the food selection for lunch. However, you can always decide for an alteration.

The good thing about working a with good funeral caterers in Sydney is that you can be assured that the attendees will be properly accommodated. In addition to that, catering teams will do the serving as well as the cleaning up of the venue. Thus, you really do not need to worry about anything at your time of grief.

Funeral caterers All Suburbs

Friday, June 29th, 2012

Funeral Caterers all cities
When loved ones pass away, you would want to make sure that they get the funeral they deserve. And catering is one of the important aspects of a memorable after funeral arrangements. You may wish to offer guests good refreshments after the funeral. So you would need to decide who will be the caterer and where it will be provided. You may like to offer refreshments at your home or at a location close to where the service has been held.

If you are looking for reputed funeral caterers to provide outside catering and offer delicious and comforting food for your post funeral buffet, there are a few points you would need to consider. The funeral ceremony of your loved ones would always be important to you in all aspects. You would need to concentrate on a number of other matters without bothering about the food preferences of your guests. So if you need catering for your buffet after the funeral, it is advisable to rope in the services of an expert. (more…)

Food for Funeral Sydney Caterers AllAreas

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

Funeral Catering Sydney
In need of a caterer offering funeral catering with the poise and dignity your loved one deserves?

Fabulous Catering offer caring and compassionate funeral catering in your time of need. At Fabulous Catering, our caterer is highly experienced in funeral catering and appreciates the sensitive time you and your loved ones are going through and offer a stress-free funeral catering package. Our caterers aim is to take away one of the stresses of arranging a funeral. We listen to you and your family and also offer a planner to help organise the funeral catering. Our caterers will provide a catering service worthy of your loved one.

Fabulous Catering offer funeral catering Melbourne and funeral catering Sydney. We offer a simple drop-off service at your venue of choice to a fully staffed service. Our funeral catering services offer sensitive, caring and professional funeral catering services. All our chefs are highly-qualified and experienced at short notice funeral catering Melbourne and funeral catering Sydney.

Let Fabulous Catering, funeral catering Melbourne and funeral catering Sydney, be the caterer of your choice in your hour of need. Our caterers offer a reliable service and your food will be dropped off or served on time and guaranteed to impress.

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Sydney Funeral Caterers 1800-251-440

Sunday, April 22nd, 2012 Funeral Catering specializes in after funeral and bereavement catering. With years of experience Funeral Catering are funeral catering specialists.
Sydney Funeral Catering specializes in after funeral and bereavement catering. Our funeral catering is flexible in terms of whether you’d like a fully staffed event complete with an onsite team of wait staff &/or beverage staff, or you might prefer us to simply deliver the food ready-to-serve, allowing your guests to help themselves.
With years of experience and a reputation for excellence, Sydney Funeral Catering are funeral catering specialists. We understand the sensitive nature of berea…vements and endeavor to provide funeral catering with a compassionate and caring approach. Funerals, wakes and memorials are a time to reflect on and celebrate the lives of our loved ones and to help us remember their very unique story. Our bereavement catering service provides comforting refreshments and warm hospitality for post-funeral functions.
We have a large collection of menus that are suitable for funeral catering and have the capacity to cater for groups of all sizes, from intimate gatherings to an assembly of hundreds. Typical fare includes a beautiful selection of handmade cakes, slices and pastries; savoury finger food; and traditional &/or gourmet sandwiches and rolls.
Alternatively, if you’d like your funeral catering to be more personalized, our professional team will work with you to create a custom menu. We can tailor your funeral catering to suit your budget, venue or special dietary requirements.
We’ll take time to discuss your specific needs then we’ll prepare a variety of different menus for your choosing, providing guidance and advice where necessary.
We can provide funeral catering anywhere you please – including church halls, condolence rooms, estate function rooms, community halls, private homes or any selected venue of your choice. We would be happy to liaise with your funeral directors to help make the day go as smoothly as possible.

Funeral Catering from MyCaterer is the Perfect Solution for a not so Perfect Event

Thursday, July 7th, 2011

During the sensitive time of having lost a loved one, and in the throes of all the preparations, the last thing you need to fret over is working out how to feed all the lovely people who will be taking time to be at your side during and after the funeral services.

Funeral Catering from MyCaterer is a perfect solution for a not so perfect event and can take the burden of food prep completely off your shoulders.

One phone call to select a suitable menu, set the time, date and place and choose whether to have on-site cooking or arrange servers to bring prepared platters is your only involvement – then you’re free to finish making other preparations and help loved ones cope with the loss.

Funeral Catering preparations from MyCaterer staffers can suit any time of day from a simple morning tea to a light luncheon to a big dinner. The menus and choices come in virtually all shapes and sizes and can even include dietary-restricted foods for vegetarians, diabetics or those who struggle with lactose-intolerance. Everyone is included in a MyCaterer meal.

Some of MyCaterer more popular options for Funeral Catering functions are a selection of varied sandwiches alongside hot, gourmet finger foods and followed by sweets, tea and coffee.

All disposable plates, cups and serviettes are inclusive however should you prefer China cups and saucers for the occasion this too can easily be arranged.

Funeral Catering can specify if you want prepared platters delivered and left buffet-style or MyCaterer staff can remain on-site to replenish platters as needed and serve your guests. All MyCaterer staff members are experienced, understand your grief and will respect the soberness of your occasion. They will do all the end of the day cleanup giving you one less thing to worry about.

MyCaterer specialises in Funeral Catering throughout Australia, so no matter where you are, we are here to help.

MyCaterer can prepare Funeral Catering at any venue, including a private residence, church hall or garden setting. Make the process easy on yourself – let the fine staffers at MyCaterer guide you through your choices for Funeral Catering.