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Finger Food Ideas for Your Next Christmas Party!

Saturday, September 22nd, 2012

The Mr finger food Catering Company specialises in delicious & fresh finger food that can be eaten with your fingers. Finger food suits almost any occasion or function and is a fun, social form of feeding your guests. No matter how big or small your party is, it’s a better way to have them mingle and interact than over delectable bite sized food. And with the Mr finger food you know it is going to be great value, great food, all the time.

We offer a large selection of delicious foods, you can relax with one of our easy to order finger food packages. Finger Foods are great as a function snack, a pre-dinner nibble or a meal in itself. (more…)

Are you looking for a good caterer? for your 21st Birthday Party!

Monday, August 20th, 2012

Good food says you hosted a good party. guaranteeing your party and success as a host will be talked about for years to come. Isn’t that what you want?

21st Birthday Catering by Mr Finger Foods is totally perfect for the 21st birthday party. Mr Finger Food has been organising successful 21st birthday catering for several years and can show you how it’s done. We have experience, quality staff who deliver competent advice, prepare outstanding foods and provide excellent service. (more…)

Vegetarian, gluten free & vegan finger food catering

Friday, July 27th, 2012

Vegan catering Enjoy our diverse multicultural selection from around the world, Mr Finger Food ( can expertly provide you with a wide selection of special request finger food options and menus. We offer finger food and catering services specific to vegetarians, vegans, those with gluten intolerance and more. We also offer specialty children’s finger food and catering menus for your convenience.

Mr Finger Food provides an extensive Gluten free menu for your guests also. They are then packaged separately, then once onsite, we cook it on separate trays, and present it on a platter for just those guests requiring these options.

Best Brisbane Finger Food Catering

Thursday, July 14th, 2011

From wedding receptions to baby showers, office parties to graduations… whatever the celebration, finger food catering is the perfect answer to any catering need. Finger food catering takes all the worry and work out of feeding a group no matter the size or occasion. Should your event require it, MyCaterer can provide a fully qualified staff.

MyCaterer has put together a menu of menus from which to select the perfect finger foods for your event. Each menu is designed to have something for everyone and each is priced to reflect the various food items, specials and budgets. There’s sure to be one just right for the event you’re planning.

On top of a huge menu selection, MyCaterer covers a lot of ground servicing northern N.S.W, the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, (including Brisbane suburbs) Toowoomba and Ipswich areas. MyCaterer has been catering in Brisbane for many years and enjoys a good reputation amongst local corporations.

Finger food catering provides the ideal structure for people to relax, get to know new faces and connect with familiar ones. It’s a great way to introduce friends and family and has been considered comfort food in many cultures for generations.

If you’re in the market for catering in or most anywhere from northern N.S.W. to the, finger food catering from MyCaterer is at your disposal.

Here’s just one of the many luscious menus on offer, this one perfect for a staff meeting or neighbourhood get together:

  • Morning / Afternoon Tea
  • Danish Pastries with Lashings of Icing Sugar
  • Variety of Mini Muffins
  • Assorted Selection of Mini Quiche
  • Mini Cornish Sausage Rolls
  • Cheese and Dips Platter with Assorted Crackers and Fresh Fruit

Visit to view the rest.

Funeral Catering from MyCaterer is the Perfect Solution for a not so Perfect Event

Thursday, July 7th, 2011

During the sensitive time of having lost a loved one, and in the throes of all the preparations, the last thing you need to fret over is working out how to feed all the lovely people who will be taking time to be at your side during and after the funeral services.

Funeral Catering from MyCaterer is a perfect solution for a not so perfect event and can take the burden of food prep completely off your shoulders.

One phone call to select a suitable menu, set the time, date and place and choose whether to have on-site cooking or arrange servers to bring prepared platters is your only involvement – then you’re free to finish making other preparations and help loved ones cope with the loss.

Funeral Catering preparations from MyCaterer staffers can suit any time of day from a simple morning tea to a light luncheon to a big dinner. The menus and choices come in virtually all shapes and sizes and can even include dietary-restricted foods for vegetarians, diabetics or those who struggle with lactose-intolerance. Everyone is included in a MyCaterer meal.

Some of MyCaterer more popular options for Funeral Catering functions are a selection of varied sandwiches alongside hot, gourmet finger foods and followed by sweets, tea and coffee.

All disposable plates, cups and serviettes are inclusive however should you prefer China cups and saucers for the occasion this too can easily be arranged.

Funeral Catering can specify if you want prepared platters delivered and left buffet-style or MyCaterer staff can remain on-site to replenish platters as needed and serve your guests. All MyCaterer staff members are experienced, understand your grief and will respect the soberness of your occasion. They will do all the end of the day cleanup giving you one less thing to worry about.

MyCaterer specialises in Funeral Catering throughout Australia, so no matter where you are, we are here to help.

MyCaterer can prepare Funeral Catering at any venue, including a private residence, church hall or garden setting. Make the process easy on yourself – let the fine staffers at MyCaterer guide you through your choices for Funeral Catering.

Mr Finger Food Deal of the Month – 51% Saving!

Monday, July 4th, 2011

To see the deal click here: Finger Food Deal of the Month 51% Saving

The deal of the month from could possibly be their best one yet! Save a massive 51%!

A Chef special deal – normally $35 now only $14.95!!

So make sure you book your finger food or cocktail party today. Your package will include 12 to 15 items per guest of the following items:

    • Warm turkish bread strips served with the following dips:
      • Spicy capsicum
      • Hommus
      • Avovado
    • Tomato, bocconici, garnished with freshly chopped basil leaves and dizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.
    • Cabanossi, tasty cheese and a selection of dips
    • Tender formed chicken portions encased in a crunchy golden coating served in bite-sized portions – very tasty!
    • Cocktail sized chicken pieces mixed with a variety of vegetables and wrapped in a traditional Dim Sim pastry casing.
    • Authentic Thai fishcake created by mixing a unique combination of Thai spices in a traditional style fishcake.
    • 4 delicious flavours:
      • Herb & garlic
      • Crispy Thai
      • Coconut and Lime
      • Thai Sweet Chicken
    • Turkey & Cranberry Bite
    • Quiche Lorraine
    • Vegetable Samosa
    • Ham, Corn & Cheddar Turnover
    • Spinach & Ricotta Puff
    • Quiche Lorraine: Bacon, cheese and onion in a classic quiche mixture of eggs, cream and seasoning.
    • Spinach and Fetta Quiche: A traditional quiche mix with spinach and fetta cheese
    • Vegetable spring rolls, curry puffs, vegetable samosas, water chestnut & shiitake mushrooms puffs.
    • White flaky fish, dipped in a delicious golden tempura batter. Oven baked.
    • Ham, capsicum, cheese and tomato and/or authentic Vegetarian Pizza with a variety of vegetarian delights presented on a tasty pastry base.
    • 100% beef mixed with delicious flavoured gravy and encased in a light flaky pastry. Seasoned sausage rolls filled with seasoned vegetables and wrapped in a light flaky pastry.
    • Mixed pastry platter:
      • Chicken Madras bites
      • Lentil & Veg Cocktail Samosas
      • Chicken Pesto Parcels
      • Enchilada Bites
      • Veg Curry Puffs
      • Thai Green Chicken Puffs
    • Flavoursome oriental styled cocktail spring rolls filled with mixed vegetables and encased in a golden crispy pastry.
    • Tasty mix of lean beef and Malaysian spices which are formed into meatballs and cooked to perfection.
    • For a healthy alternatively, these delightful bite size portions will surely be the way to go.

Over 200 products available see their website for more selections. New gourmet range

To see the deal click here: Finger Food Deal of the Month 51% Saving

Or Call 1800 608 186 to chat to one of their firendly staff and discuss your requirements.

Famliy Get Together Catering

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

Not seen your distant family for a while? How about planning a lovely get together. All Suburbs Catering have put together a guide of things to remember for planning your get together:

  • Define what you mean by family reunion. Decide how far into your family tree do you want to reach? What about close friends of the family?
  • Decide what kind of party to have? Would you like a spit roast or a finger food buffet. All Suburbs Catering can cater for all of your need whatever the type of event. Their friendly and experienced staff can make the right tailor-made catering for you.
    Some favourites include:

      • Oven Roasted Turkey Breast/Cranberry Sauce
      • Boneless Legs of Pork/Apple Sauce
      • Boneless Yearling Beef/Mustard
      • Choose from 10 Fresh Salads
      • Fresh Crusty Bread Rolls and Butter Squares.
      • A Selection of Fresh Tropical Fruits Served On Platters

    Chilled and decorated
    on ice platters.

      • Whole King Prawns
      • Fresh Natural Oysters
      • Fresh Blue Swimmer Crabs
      • Marinated Baby Octopus
      • Marinated Mediterranean Style Mussels

    £29.95 PER PERSON (Minimum 40 guests)

    And also:

    “Guaranteed – All the Food you can eat!
    Ideal for Big Eaters!”

      1. Unlimited Sausages – Beef, Lamb and Mint, Herb and Garlic
      2. Unlimited Seasoned Burgers
      3. Marinated Chicken Pieces
      4. Fried Onions
      5. Choose from 10 Fresh Salads
      6. All Sauces and Condiments
      7. Unlimited Hamburger Rolls and Long Rolls

    Add Marinated Lamb or Steaks for just $4.95 per guest
    Add Fresh Seafood, Fresh Grilled Prawns and Marinated Baby Octopus for only $5.95 per guest

    Vegetarians catered for – Vege Burgers/VegeSausages add $2.00 per guest

    Burgers/VegeSausages add $3.00 per guest
    All meat presented as Hot Buffet Carvery or delivered in our Special Hot Box; Piping Hot and ready to serve yourself
    (Pricing based on minimum 50 guests)

  • Don’t forget about the drinks: On Tap Beverage offer great beverage catering packages are customised to your function’s needs and beverage is charged on consumption, that way you only pay for what you drink!
  • Determine who will take responsibility for planning the event. Can you handle making all the arrangements alone or will you need some additional help? Ask for volunteers if necessary – there is always someone in the family who wants to help.
  • Choose a location.
  • Choose a date. Make sure you give everyone a date in advance so that they can make sure they can attend.
  • Make a guest list. Invite everyone! Start with those you have complete addresses and telephone numbers. Call relatives to jog your memory about long-lost aunts and uncles.
  • Formulate a budget so that you don’t over-spend.
  • Consider reserving a block of rooms at a hotel since some of your guests may need a room for the night.
  • Make sure you make your family reunion memorable. Take plenty of photos. Create a scrapbook. Shoot a video. This way you’ll have something to remember it by.

All Suburbs Catering can help you decide exactly what you want so just visit their catering website to find out more.

Sydney caterer has the x factor

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

party food catering

Top Sydney party finger food caterer has recently catered backstage at the Australian X Factor show. It was a huge success and they are always proud to provide excellent service to their clients no matter how big or small the event is.

Take a look at a sample of their finger food menu:

  • Vegetable spring rolls
  • Tasty beef pies
  • Mini sausage rolls
  • Chicken dim Sims
  • Pizza – Ham and pineapple/supreme
  • Grilled meatballs
  • Mini chicken drums
  • Fish cocktails
  • Filo hot dogs
  • Mixed volavants 3 types
  • Thai/crab cake
  • Marinated pork fingers
  • Cheese and spinach triangle
  • Tempura chicken pieces
  • Cocktail samosas
  • And more

Give your next party the x factor…

… and book your party finger food with

Finger food for Corporate Events

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

Corporate events that give you the competitive edge… as an ambitious company, we respond quickly to our customers needs. It is important to us that you remain the character behind your event. We are therefore very flexible when it comes to being able to create exactly what you want, turning your vision into a reality.

As corporate catering event specialists, How Can We Help You? offer a one-stop hospitality service, with a whole range of corporate activities and we have the ability to accomodate even the smallest of budgets. from organising small business seminars to full-scale conferences. Taking the stress out of planning an event, with our wealth of experience in a wide range of different services, including venue sourcing, catering, atmospheric theming, team building and entertainment for all corporate events.

Our corporate clients tend to order our sandwich platters for their large departmental meetings accross the city.

Two options are listed below:

Standard Sandwich Platter

7 Varieties of gourmet sandwiches including

  • Chicken Breast Fillet with Basil Pesto and slices of fresh roma tomato.
  • Tasty Cheese, Ham off the bone & Sweet Mustard Pickle
  • Tuna, avocado, lemon, dill, and mayonaise
  • Fresh Egg, Lettuce and Mayonaise
  • Freshly roasted Beef, wholegrain mustard and roma tomato.
  • Tasty cheese, Lettuce and roma tomato with Basil Pesto
  • Advocado and sliced Turkey

All sandwiches are prepared using daily baked swiss bread, both white and multigrain varieties are used.
40 pieces of sandwhich fingers is $69.00

Gourmet Sandwich Platter

7 Varieties of gourmet sandwiches including

  • Turkey, Cream Cheese, Cos Lettuce and Cranberry
  • Smoked Salmon, Cucumber, Cream Cheese and Capers
  • Falafel, Hommus, Tabouli and Tomato
  • Sopressa, Tasty Cheese, Basil Pesto and Fresh Roma Tomato.
  • Chargrilled Capsicum, sundried tomato pesto and danish fetta.
  • Curried Egg and baby spinach
  • Garden Salad, with tomato, red spanish onion, and avocado.
  • Roast Chicken, avocado, mushroom, and shaved beetroot.
  • Roast Pork, fresh coleslaw, and cream cheese.

All sandwiches are prepared using daily baked swiss bread, both white and multigrain varieties are used.
40 pieces of sandwhich fingers is $89.00

Remember to book with MrFingerFood for a great selection of hot and cold food for your event. Visit their finger food menus today.

MrFingerfood caters for all types of events

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

From arranging the correct lighting to sourcing the appropriate props and scenery, we can assist with any theming idea that you may have since we have seen it all before. Here are just a few examples of occasions that we have catered for:

– Promotions & Product Launches
– Weddings & Celebrations
– Exhibitions
– Christmas Parties
– Awards Ceremonies
– Conferences
– Family Fun Days
– Charity Balls

However quirky your event may be, we have the knowledge and expertise to make the catering for your event a success! Check out Mr Fingerfood’s menu options and start planning! Some of our customer’s hot platters finger food favourites are:

Chicken Satay Skewers

Chicken thigh oven baked in tasty home-made satay sauce and served on skewers. Beef, pork, lamb also available on foil platters with dipping sauces.

Heat your self $39 medium $59 large or delivered hot just add $8.00 per platter.

Mini Chicken Dim Sims

Cocktail sized chicken pieces mixed with a variety of vegetables and wrapped in a traditional Dim Sim pastry casing. On foil platters with dipping sauces.

Heat your self $39 medium $59 large or delivered hot just add $8.00 per platter.

Chicken Bites with Garlic

Delicious golden crumbed breast chicken with cheese &garlic centre

Heat your self $39 medium $59 large or delivered hot just add $8.00 per platter.

Spicy Malaysian Rendang Meatballs

Tasty mix of lean beef and Malaysian spices which are formed into meatballs and cooked to perfection. On foil platters with dipping sauces.

Heat your self $39 medium $59 large or delivered hot just add $8.00 per platter.