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Chinese New Year Catering

Thursday, January 30th, 2014

Dim Sum Various KindsThese days, if you are the lady of the house, you do not have to stress yourself cooking if you are hosting a lunch or dinner at home. You have a wide selection of caterers you can choose from. All you have to do is to tell your chosen caterer what kind of cuisine you have and he/she will make you select the best from their menu.

One of the upcoming worldwide celebrations is the Chinese New Year. Some people who do not even have the Chinese blood are celebrating as well. Many will definitely be hosting dinner in their homes, and of course to coincide with the big event, the foods should all be Chinese.

If you happen to be one of those who will decide on getting a caterer on Chinese New Year, here’s a list of suggested foods from appetizers to desserts. Enjoy!


Siomai (pork, shrimp or crab)
Dumplings (fried or steamed)
Egg rolls


Chinese Chicken Salad with Sesame Dressing
Chinese Napa Cabbage Salad
Brown rice and Tofu salad


Egg Drop soup
Wanton Soup
Chicken Noodle Soup


Yang Chow Fried Rice
Pork BBQ Fried Rice
Plain Steamed Rice
Fried Rice (with shrimp or chicken)
Sesame Fried Rice

Chicken Dishes

Kung Pao Chicken
Honey Garlic Chicken with Sesame Seeds
Mandarin Orange Chicken
General Tso Chicken

Beef and Pork Dishes

Beef misono with bean sprouts
Beef in Szechuan sauce
Beef with Asparagus and Broccoli
Roast Pork with Chinese Vegetables
Breaded Pork with Honey-Garlic Sauce
Mixed beef and pork in Sesame Sauce

Seafood Dishes

Seafood Platter
Sweet and Sour Shrimp
Fish Fillet with Sesame and Walnut dip
Shrimp Corn Casserole
Garlic Scallops


Buchi covered with sesame seeds
Longan Jelly
Yam Cake
Moon cake


A. Cold

Salt Soda Water
Osmanthus Wine
Pearl Milk Tea

B. Warm

Chrysanthemum Tea

With the sumptuous list of Chinese treats laid before you, all you have to do is to pick out dishes that will complement each other. Never forget to get a dish or two from chicken, beef and pork, and sea foods so that your guests will have a broad selection.

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Summer Eats at Sydney Opera House

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014

The Sydney Opera House is not just a world famous venue to showcase brilliant theater talents, Australians and tourists alike also enjoy the gourmet foods at the Opera House’s restaurants. This summer, make Australia’s capital your vacation destination and make sure to put Sydney Opera House the number one on your list.

sydney opera house

And if you do hit Sydney Opera House, never forget to watch the most beautiful stage plays and of course, the following cafes, bars and restaurants to enjoy their summer food goodies:

• Liana Raine. Located at the forecourt of the Opera House, Liana Raine is the home of the best and healthiest ice cream and popsicles. Treat yourself with something cool to brush off summer heat the healthy way. Liana Raine makes use of Australia’s fruits of the season to flavor their ice cream and popsicles in plush carts.

• Garden Bar by The Corner House. The best place to be idle, relax and enjoy all the good foods at Sydney. Opening at 9am until late in the evening, the Garden Bar by The Corner House serves nothing but the best from eatables to beverages. Enjoy their champagne, cold pressed juices and a long list of cocktails. And oh, their Mediterranean barbecue is to die for so don’t forget to order it plus their oysters which you yourself will pick.

summer sydney opera house

• Pop Up Food Trucks, Café, Restaurant and Bar. Offering the best of Sydney’s street foods at the opera house’s forecourt. If you have a sweet tooth, this one will really fit your taste buds because this summer at the house, there will be a parade of great morsels and sweet treats the whole gang will definitely enjoy.

• Opera Bar. Enjoy the summer sun and its warmth while feasting your eyes on the great harbor and the many great eye candies at the Opera House. Make their fresh squeezed juices a part of your brunch order especially their organic coconut water.

Stay healthy whilst on vacation at Sydney. Enjoy all their fresh and healthy cool treats for the season.

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Crush Wine and Food Festival

Monday, January 20th, 2014

Much is being talked about the most awaited Crush Wine and Food Festival in one of South Australia’s wine regions, the Adelaide Hills. Regular Crush Wine and Food fest goers still have that enthusiasm alive and strong even if they participate on this event every year, but more so for the tourists and vacationers who will have their first experience of the festival on the 19th of January.


The Crush Wine and Food festival is more than just wines and foods combined. It’s also a celebration of music, fashion and arts which many look forward to. This year, the organizers have a number of events to be enjoyed; some are formal wherein guests are given the chance to be exquisitely dressed in their cocktails and suits, while others are too informal like some picnic of some sort. The good thing is, almost all of the events are free. Here’s a sneak peek of some of the events you may wish to go to:

• Longview Vineyard (Cellar Door Event). This is where music, art, wine and food meet. Graced with four Australian street artists, the event will be as colorful as you can imagine since they will be doing live murals for everyone to see. Guests can take delight in Hill country BBQ paired with Longview’s famous wine while enjoying the DJs music.

• Tomich Wines (Ticketed Event). Enjoy a relaxing picnic at the Tomich Vineyard with Adelaide bands playing and rounds of tasty tapas and pizzas by Mount Barkers Giovanni Ristorante.

crush and wine festival

• Anderson Hill (Cellar Door Event). People of the 50s will surely be everywhere for this Rock ‘n Roll party at Anderson Hill overlooking the beautiful vineyard with prizes awaiting the best dressed in 1950s costume and serves of pizza and wines.

• The Stirling Hotel (Ticketed Event). Take pleasure in sipping wines from Mike Press and The Lane Vineyard and munching pizza under the shade of verdant trees with soothing acoustic music playing.

• ArtWine (Cellar Door Event). Delight your eyes with the art exhibit of Jen Prior, your ears with The Paybacks’ music and your taste buds with a broad selection of Mediterranean foods by Vileroy Restaurant and European style wines.

You know what’s the best pair for wine?


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Great Barrier Feast

Friday, January 17th, 2014

Australia’s one of the best naturally-bestowed gifts from the heavens is the Great Barrier Reef, which happens to be the world’s biggest system of coral reefs. For this, it’s but important to celebrate such a great blessing through their annual Hamilton Island’s Great Barrier Feast. The feast’s almost always being held in the month of July.
The highlight of the Great Barrier Feast is always the showcase of culinary prowess from world famous chefs in an exclusive, haute setting. But of course, this is just one of the many things one can do during a vacation at Hamilton Island.

great barrier feast

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should be there on Great Barrier Feast:

• Meet and Greet with Cool People. Because it’s Great Barrier Feast, definitely there’ll be a lot of local and international visitors gracing Hamilton Island and so it’s the perfect time to level up your social skills by meeting new acquaintances- unique ones. Just don’t forget to get acquainted with the famous personas of the kitchen during the Great Barrier Feast classes from the invited chefs.

• Learn in a Truly Classy, Beautiful Way. Immerse yourself in an exclusive culinary class at a plush setting from the world’s greatest chefs and learn some of their ‘personal’ style of waving magic that are making their dishes even more delectable

• Eat and Drink your Heart Away. Great Barrier Feast definitely means letting yourself feast over the wide selection of equally scrumptious foods and beverages at the place.

• Visual Treats. It’s the time to explore Hamilton Island and all the beautiful things it is. If you do not have water phobia, go and dive to see the truly magnificent beauty of the colorful coral reefs deep down under the ocean.

great barrier feast 2

• Relax and Enjoy a Brand New Experience. This is the ultimate reason why you should be there during the Great Barrier Feast and that’s to give yourself a break from the everyday hassle-bustle of your life and seek comfort and amusement in this event at such a naturally lovely place.

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Watch Out for Gelato Messina at Sydney Festival

Thursday, January 16th, 2014

Sydney festival is one of the much awaited events by Australians and vacationers alike every January. Some tourists would even plan their trip to Australia’s capital city just in time for the fest, where entertainment and good food are everywhere. The Sydney Festival Village is the most frequented place all throughout the event. The place houses great foods, music and a lot of treats fit for the young and old.

Gelatto messina 1

From among the five equally famous food stations at the festival village, Gelato Messina is the one offering beautifully and amusingly crafted eatables which are all, of course, made up of their exquisite tasting gelatos. The following are their cool, unique treats you may enjoy:

• Messinawiener.The creation is made up of a deep-fried, crumbly pancake batter which houses the maple syrup-flavored gelato. The crispy gelato goodness is then bathed in rich plumb sauce.


• Yeah Dawgs. Just like the common fast food morsel, Gelato Messina’s Yeah Dawgs really resemble the hotdog in a bun with a chocolate gelato shaped into a hotdog placed inside a finger bun. It also has ketchup made of raspberry, passion fruit sauce acting as the mustard, butter cream as the mayonnaise and coconut as the onion toppings. Where on earth can you find such a creative food idea?

• Sideshow Sundaes. These sundaes are not your ordinary ones. Expect twists and turns in these cups of goodness. If you have the power and capacity, you may try all their flavors and you will put so much pleasure into your taste buds.


• Carnival Candies. These are not plain candies. These are candies made of gelatos. Take your pick from the gelatoffee apples, banana ice cream lollipops and the Red Skin.

Your trip to the Festival Village during the Sydney Festival will never be complete without getting yourselves treated with these out of the ordinary sweet pleasures from Gelato Messina.

How about celebrating the festival at home? Call your friends and talk over dinner if partying on the streets is not your thing. Get help from Hornsby Spit Roast Catering for your food preparations.

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Sydney Festival Coming Up

Friday, January 10th, 2014

Festival is one of the main reasons why people would come and visit a specific place. When vacationers would plan for their trip, many of them would always make it a point that their trip schedule would coincide to the place’s festival.
Festivals are filled with extreme fun and each of them has their own uniqueness that attracts more and more spectators, locally and internationally.

sydney festival

January is the time of great celebration for Sydney because the capital city’s much awaited festival falls on this month. With all the events the organizers prepared for the audience, you surely might have bugging thoughts of extending your vacation.

Here are five of the numerous festival shows you might be interested to go to:

BAND OF MAGICIANS. Catch the extremely exciting magic tricks of one of the world’s first groups of magicians on January 9 to 19 at Riverside Theatres. Be enveloped in captivating and breathtaking showcase of magical prowess.

TOM THUM: BEATING THE BEAT HABIT. Beat boxing is one of the most amazing talents anybody can have. If you happen to have that skill, if you are an avid fan of beat boxing or both, grab the chance to witness Tom Thum’s beat boxing expertise on January 21-26 at Circus Ronaldo Tent.

sydney festival 3

OCKHAM’s RAZOR. If you wanna experience feeling your stomach turning upside down, go to Seymour Centre from January 21 to 26 to witness the acrobats in the air performing their jaw-dropping aerial dance and gymnast power. Don’t dare miss this. Seat back, relax and fasten your seatbelt for this show.

PARADISO LATES, PARADISO AT TOWN HALL. Spend the night away dancing, dancing and dancing for free at Sydney Town Hall from January 16 to 25. This seems to be a good way to burn calories from eating kinds of foods you will bump into whole day long.

Sydney Festival 2

LADY RIZO. If you belong to the type of vacationers who want a laidback, relaxed and posh ambiance to the events they will go to, this is the show to watch. Catch the beautiful and sophisticated Lady Rizo at The Spiegeltent on January 21 to 26.

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What’s In Store for Australia Day

Wednesday, January 8th, 2014

Every country celebrates the day it is founded, just like the companies established by its pioneers. In commemorating the day it is officially born as a nation, its people remember and give honor to its rich history that paved the way for it to become what it is today.

australia day

As one of the largest country, Australia is celebrating the Australia Day on the 26th of January. With all the events and programs set-up by the vey dedicating organizers, it will definitely start and end with a bang.

Whichever part of Australia you will go on this day or even a day or two before the 26th, it will be filled with ceremonies and other activities that will certainly keep the Australians and even the vacationers’ time fully occupied.

Here is a peek of what the event organizers has in store for the spectators on this grand day for Australia:

Keenagers’ Australia Day Luncheon. An event jam-packed with fun activities like games, quizzes, and lots of eating. Not to mention the big prizes that await the winners of the play games and quizzes. Be present on this celebration on January 24 at Old South Road, Old Reynella, 12:00 to 2:30 pm

Campbeltown Australia Day Festivities. Catch the series of ceremonies (Citizenship Ceremony and Australia Day Award Presentations) at Hamilton Terrace on January 24 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. All are invited to be a part of the event and celebrate it with great music, free BBQs and a lot of entertainment activities for the children.

Great Australian Bites. Hooray BBQ lovers! This celebration will highlight the culinary prowess of Aussies in making their famous Australian BBQ. With live cooking stations plus the presence of 2013 Master Chef Winner, Lynton Tapp, this show will surely be a hit! Enjoy the parade of BBQs and other food stuff at Russel Street, South Brisbane on January 24, 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm.


Thredbo Kosciuszko Walk. If you want something physical on Australia Day, join the pack of climbers from Thredbo to the top of Mt. Kosciuszko on January 26 8:00 am. Don’t worry; you won’t lose your way because you’ll have a guide. And once you reach the peak of the mountain, you’ll witness Nick Krishner’s oratorical greatness with his two classic Australian pieces.

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Sydney in January

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

Sydney, aside from the fact that it is Australia’s capital city, is one of the most stunning places to go to. If you are planning to reside in Australia, you shouldn’t miss to list down Sydney as one of the many picturesque places to choose from. In addition, if you are planning for a vacation too, allot 2 days of it to tour around magnificent Sydney.

Sydney never runs out of celebrations all year long and to those who are going to Sydney this January, you can put a twist to your beautiful escape by going to the following events:

Apia International Sydney. This is a great event to go to for sports enthusiasts especially for those who love tennis. This is considered to be one of the biggest sports affair listed in the calendar of New South Wales for 2014. Vacationers who plan to witness such an exciting international sports event shouldn’t miss this! This will run from January 5 to January 11, 2014.

The Wall. Forget about hard rock and drink-till-you-drop night parties, this big bass musical celebration shall be the highlight of your night life on the 8th of January. Take a detour from your usual clubbing. It’s about time to listen to the beauty of other music genre.

bondi market

Bondi Farmers Market. Enjoy strolling around the market and buying all the fresh produce from the ones who planted and grown the products on January 11, 2014. Fruits, vegetables, jams, organic poultry, dairies, you name it! The farmers have it all for you in a place where freshness is guaranteed.

Hornsby Twilight Markets. This market’s one of a kind because it starts to open at 5pm when the night is beginning to take over. Opening on the 17th of January, Hornsby is a place to find all food organic. Won’t it be a plus factor to know that it’s a child-friendly place because it’s got entertainment especially for kids?

Circus Oz 2014. Cranked Up- If you are a lover of stage shows, then this one’s for you! Satisfy your thrill-seeking spirit with jaw-dropping exhibitions from world-class entertainers. Catch the show from January to January 27, 2014.

Make sure you don’t miss these fun events this month. Also, never forget to serve a sumptuous spitroast to make January a lot more memorable for your friends and family. Order now at South Eastern Sydney Spit Roast Catering

Big Christmas Events in Sydney

Wednesday, December 18th, 2013

Christmas is a season almost everybody looks forward to simply because it is the season when you are to put behind all heaviness in your heart and be merry for it is the time when Jesus Christ, our Savior is born.

Countries all over the world have their own ways on how to let Christmas be felt by all the people in their place. In Sydney, they prepared Christmas events that will definitely be enjoyed by all individuals, young and old.

christmas in sydney

• Christmas Projections

You may not notice it much in the morning, but the walls of Sydney Town Hall gives life to the entire George Street. Bright lights and musical shows strengthen the Christmas spirit in the place even more. There will be a light and sound show for a full five minutes after every 15-minute break. During breaks, musical performances will take the limelight.

• Infinite Choir

Even though the Christmas lights are excellent, yet you will be more glued and be more in awe to the heavenly voice you will get to hear when you stroll along the walk way. As you are making your way through the track and you will finally reach the thick crowd of people gathering at Pitt Street Mall, brace yourself for the most beautiful voices singing altogether the Christmas songs and you will surely melt away.

• Martin Place Christmas Tree

A Christmas tree is the ultimate sign of Christmas, aside from Santa Claus, who is the favorite Christmas character of all children from around the globe. This Christmas tree at Martin Place is not your ordinary tree embellished with glittering balls, ribbons, bears and etcetera. This Christmas tree has the power to receive your Christmas message and let it be read by all who are there.

Maybe if you are planning to have a unique wedding proposal to your partner during the Holiday season, the Martin Place’s Christmas tree can be a creative channel of your message. Both Sydney citizens and vacationers will enjoy this interactive Pine tree. If you want your message to be published in the gigantic tree, send it to 0427840851. Your message will definitely appear within 24 hours.

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The Very First Christmas Artisan Food Gift Market in Sydney

Tuesday, December 17th, 2013

You can always be creative in terms of what gifts you will give to your loved ones and close friends. Do not stick to the typical gifts given like clothes, accessories, etc. If you are coming from Australia, for instance, you can give foods as gift. But of course they are not just the usual food goodies you will wrap in a Christmas paper bag; these are food stuffs creatively made my skilled food makers.


In Sydney, a lot of people will come rushing to Christmas Artisan Food Market when Christmas day is nearing. There are lots of artisans here sharing their prowess in food making by selling their specialties. Drop one of these featured stores this Holiday season.

• Perfect South

This endearing tea company manned by the owners themselves, Renee and Paul, features different types of teas that are made from Australian plantations in Gosford New South Wales, Tweed Valley Queensland and North East Victoria.

• Alto Olives

The beautiful Westerly who owns the olive oil boutique is very much confident that quality olive oil can also be bought from Australia. This is a good present for your friends who love to cook. You aren’t just giving what they need for free, but you’re choosing the healthiest for them- healthiest oil for this matter.


• Sweetness the Patisserie

Owned and managed by Gena Karpf, this little food store sells mouthwatering marshmallows in different flavors. The owner’s favorite marshmallow flavor is the classic vanilla but she said that raspberry and passion fruit are the two best picks from customers. Aside from this, the sweets boutique also has an open kitchen where clients can freely observe how their delectable desserts are made.

• Young Henry’s

You can give your best male pal an early Christmas pressie on the 18th of December when Young Henry’s will start serving their best brewed beer. Their canned or bottled beers are the best gifts to give your male friends if you can’t bring them personally at Young Henry’s for a one-on-one drink.

Spend the entire day at the Sydney’s Christmas Artisan Food Market, and go home with a delightful spitroast dinner from Northern Sydney Spit Roast Catering.