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Big Parties Not a Problem!

Monday, July 21st, 2014

Planning for a big birthday party in Sydney can be a daunting task. This is especially true if you have never hosted a party as big as what you plan now. Of course, the main concern is that you don’t want to run out of food on that day, but you also don’t want to be end up keeping a lot of party leftovers. You might find yourself caught in a very confusing situation when you start to calculate the food portions you want to serve on your party.


Good thing though that you can avoid these situations if you sit down and take time to follow these simple steps in estimating the food quantity for the party. With this, you don’t have to worry about sending you guests home with half full, half empty stomach nor your fridge suffer the leftover bulge.

1. The general rule is always to round UP the estimates.

2. Always prioritize food menus that are more popular to your guests. Go for big servings on this food selection.

3. The more food choices on the table, the smaller the portion you need on each individual menu.

4. Always assume that guests would want to taste everything that is served but in small portion. Conversely, fewer choices mean greater consumption.

5. For a sit-down party, serve more bread to cover up some hungry spots. For cocktail parties in Sydney, trick the stomach with plenty of pretzels, nuts, olives and anything that guests can nibble.

Suggested Serving per Guest

Hors D’oevres

DIY Catering

• If before a meal, 6 bites would suffice
• If IT is the meal, prepare 4 to 6 bites per hour
• This means the longer the party is and the more guests you expect, the greater the quantity of food menu you must offer.

Main Course


• 6 ounces for meat, fish and poultry
• 1.5 ounces for grains as side dish
• 5 ounces of potatoes
• 4 ounces of vegetable
• 2 ounces of beans if served as side dish
• 4 ounces of pasta if served as main dish, 3 ounces as first course, 2 ounces for side dish
• 1 ounce for fresh green salad



• 5 ounces for ice cream
• 4 ounces for mousse or pudding and other creamy desserts
• 1 slice of cake, pastry or tart
• When serving 2 kinds of desserts, cut each food serving by half

Whether you want a sit-down catering, buffet or some fingerfood to munch on, you can always count on My Caterer. We serve Bankstown, Central Business District, Bondi Beach, Chatswood, Liverpool, Manly, Newton and anywhere in Sydney.

Party planning shouldn’t be stressful, it must be fun!

Tasting Victoria’s High Country Harvest

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014

High Country is one of Victoria’s rich and verdant regions with the majestic views of high mountains and crystal clear rivers. This May, pack your bags and hit Victoria for the annual High Country Harvest Festival where all the fresh produce and artisan products are present. And of course, the spotlight of the fest will be on the foods, wines and beers the region is known for.


The region will be filled with Australia’s renowned restaurateurs, wine and beer makers, and connoisseurs of foods on the days of the harvest festival. Aside from their acclaimed food and wine experts who will be gracing the event, High Country itself is a place where most of Australia’s premier food restaurant owners and culinary specialists are found. It is a good opportunity to visit High Country and meet the famous and internationally acclaimed restaurateurs.

Wouldn’t it be more fitting to go if you have an upcoming event and you need a very good food caterer? Most of the restaurateurs present in High Country Harvest Festival are definitely offering food catering services. And mind you, these are excellent restaurants who are experts in food catering.

If you want the best dishes for your party, it will be your chance to approach and establish rapport with some of the restaurateurs and other kitchen masters. Perhaps most of them appear in where great food caterers aplenty are listed.

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Sports Event Catering

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

Sports events are the best time to gather together with your friends especially if all of you are big fans of the same sport. Won’t it be a great bonding time to watch it all together and dive in a truly scrumptious meal after?

event catering

Whether you are watching your favorite sport on television or out there in the field, it is nice to have a mini sport event gathering after it.

Call up your favorite food catering service provider and have some really mouthwatering lunch or dinner after. Everybody will definitely have a great time.

Here is the Sportsman’s Special menu of one of the best food caterers in Australia. Check it out, you might want the same menu on you sports watching day with friends:

sports catering

• A choice from among 10 healthy green salads
• Hot bread rolls
• Beef roast
• Lamp roast
• Pork roast
• Yummy butter squares

You can add up another dish if you wish like rice for example or hot jacket potatoes that will go perfectly well with roasted meat and hot gravy. And for a healthier conclusion, you may opt for a platter of fresh fruits in season. Just tell whatever dishes you like present on that day and your food caterer will take care of everything for you.

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Happy Yarra Valley Festival

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014

It’s April and it’s time to hit Victoria’s Yarra Valley for their much-awaited food and wine festival. The food and wine festival in Yarra Valley is one of the events that the townspeople look forward to every year. The happy feast has been greatly enjoyed by thousands of Australians and vacationers all these years.


Yarra Valley Food and Wine Festival showcases the talents and skills of the best chefs of the region in whipping up fantastic dishes on their cooking demonstrations.

Not only will these amazing kitchen magicians be the highlight of the festival, but of course the fresh seasonal produce of Yarra Valley that will be used as the main ingredients in every dish they will be preparing.

The mouthwatering foods that will be served during the dinner parties in Yarra Valley will be made sure to be perfect matches with the wines exclusively produced by the region.

In addition to the dinners and cooking lessons, the guests will be enjoying live performances from the local artists; activities especially prepared for the kids, and of course, lots and lots of food and wine tastings.

It will be another festival to be celebrated with such joyous spirits and a lot of treats to your tummies and taste buds. Who can’t say no to all the delectable free food and wine offerings, anyway?

And, to the party planners or to anyone who loves to host parties every now and then, it’s the perfect time to mingle with the chefs, restaurateurs and food enthusiasts. Who knows maybe it can pave a way for you to start up your food catering. We all know how important party caterers in Australia these days are. Read on

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Fun and Food at Folk Festival

Friday, March 21st, 2014

It’s time to hit the grounds of Canberra come Easter weekend for the famous National Folk Festival. Every year, the National Folk Festival in Canberra magnetizes both the locals and foreigners to come and join in celebrating the folk culture of the glorious Australia.


Festival organizers have prepared various fun learning activities that will definitely be enjoyed by the young and old alike. Folk songs and dances will, of course, fill Canberra all throughout the festival. There will also be poetry reading and story-telling sessions to recollect the beautiful literary pieces written by the famous Australian poets and writers.

In addition to the already-long list of activities for the Folk Fest, there will be lots of concerts that will surely be a delight to the young ones and dance classes for everyone too. Plus, a special program only made for the kids to enjoy.


And of course, the highlight of every occasion and festival- FOOD and DRINKS! The festival goers will have food selections aplenty. From the formal resto to the street foods, take your pick. This will also be a great opportunity for you to spot a potential food caterer for your upcoming party.

Get to know the restaurant and food stall owners and make some little chit-chats. Who knows they might be your food caterers in the near future. We all know Australia’s got lots of really good party caterers that you can rely on. Check on to get professional help when you are in need of expert food catering service providers.

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Food, Fun and All the Best of Sydney

Tuesday, March 18th, 2014

Australia’s capital city celebrates the Sydney Royal Easter Show annually for two weeks around Easter. It has been hailed as the hugest yearly event in Australia drawing thousands of locals and tourists to join in the fun.


The Sydney Royal Easter Show is celebrated to honor Australia’s excellent cultural and agricultural heritage all these years.

People from all walks of life, young, old and young at heart all enjoy the classic Australian food and entertainment on this event. The Easter Show features a lot of learning activities both for the kids and adults, carnival rides and truly amusing glit-edged competitions showcasing premier arts, fashion, food, fresh produce and livestock of the beautiful Australia.

The ‘Royal’ Show is also child-friendly with activities such as playing with all the adorable baby animals in the animal nursery and the theme park rides. Adults, on the other hand, will also have a fun learning experience on milking cows and shearing sheep. And hold your horses! Ladies and gentlemen, make your heart beat gallop with the equestrian events. Certainly, the Sydney Royal Easter Show is the ultimate event to go to this March-April with loved ones.


The last but not the least, the most important part of every event these are of course the FOOD and WINE. Meet and greet with food and wine experts on the event and don’t forget to get their call cards in case you might want them to be your food caterer on future parties. Australia’s surely got the best food caterers. To check on the best food catering service providers in Australia, visit

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Taste Last-Minute Goodness at Melbourne’s Food and Wine Festival

Friday, March 14th, 2014


It’s never too late to come and experience heavenly delights at Melbourne’s Food and Wine Festival. Over the years, the prestigious Melbourne Food and Wine Festival is able to maintain its good reputation. It has brought many great wine makers, sommeliers, restaurant owners and food enthusiasts all over the world for the event.

Australian citizens and tourists would delight themselves with all the best wine and foods every March. The event organizers would usually have master classes where people can learn some culinary skills from the kitchen experts. And of course, there will be food and wine tasting where everyone can taste the best dishes and wines made by internationally acclaimed chefs and wine makers, respectively.

Not only local food and wine experts are invited in this highly-anticipated event but world renowned chefs and wine makers as well. Internationally acclaimed chefs will show their kitchen expertise and give tips on how they wave magic to their dishes. In addition, wine makers also share their indomitable knowledge and experience on wine making.

There will be lunch and gala dinners as part of the Food and Wine Festival, and you may choose from among the many restos having lunch and dinner buffets. And of course, don’t forget to visit the stalls of some fresh market produce and artisan works.


It will also be an opportunity for you to meet and greet with Melbourne’s restaurateurs and gather as much call cards from experts and restaurant owners as you want. You will never know, maybe you will need their food catering service if you have future events. For Australian catering services, feel free to check on MyCaterer and get the best food catering services.

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Have the Best Taste of Sydney

Wednesday, March 5th, 2014

It is such a great delight for food lovers all over Australia to hit the capital city for the much awaited Taste of Sydney every year, where all the first-rate restaurants in town gather together to showcase some of their mouthwatering menus. Taste of Sydney 2014 has more than 15 participating restaurants.

Taste of Sydney

These are: Aki’s Indian, Biota Dining, Bloodwood, Chow Bar and Eating House, Chur Burger, Efendy, Four in Hand, Jonah’s, Popolo, Porteno, Rojo Rocket and 4Fourteen among others.

Aside from all the food and wine samples that will be enjoyed by the attendees for four days, there will also be cooking lessons and demonstrations from the world-famous kitchen masters and some cooking schools as well. Isn’t it fun to combine eating and learning all at the same time? So what are you waiting for?

Drag your family members and friends and hit Sydney on March 13th to 16th to make your taste buds and tummies happy.

There will also be stalls that would display both local and international products. So for those who will be at the event, feel free to check out these shops. You might find something and want to take it home.

Enjoy the four-day Taste of Sydney event and just eat, drink and be happy. Maybe one day you will need the catering service of one of the participating Australian caterers, just check out You will definitely have a successful party filled with scrumptious foods prepared, cooked and presented by a leading restaurant in Australia.

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Australian Music Festivals Worth Attending

Thursday, February 6th, 2014

music festivals

Music is everywhere. It’s a part in all people’s life wherever they go or whatever they’re doing. Music is life. With this, it is important that we try to enjoy and support music festivals and shows in our country. Even if you are just a vacationer in a particular place, you too shall get into one of these music fests and enjoy. It’ll be a rewarding experience as a tourist, and now introducing the five music festivals in Australia that are worth attending this 2014:

Music for the Earth: The NbCz Headlining. You can still catch the last session on February 15. Music for the Earth is a great musical show by local artists. You can sing and dance your way all through the night if you want to, but the most beautiful thing about this festival is that all proceeds of the concert will go to the organization responsible for the tree planting missions in South West WA.

Future Music Festival 2014. One of the much-awaited music fests in Australia will take place on March 2nd in Adelaide with a powerhouse lineup consisting of Empire of the Sun, The Prodigy, New Order just to name a few of the many famous bands who will hit the stage on that day.

West Coast Blues ‘n’ Roots Festival. This major musical event has brought the greatest music artists of the world. This year, brace yourselves for another star-studded concert by famous singers like John Mayer, Russell Morris, Gary Clark Jr and a lot of equally popular bands and artists in the music industry. Catch this music festival on April 13th.

Music 2

The Big Pineapple Music Festival. This truly exciting music event that people of all ages look forward to is now ready to bring on the noise at the Big Pineapple Complex this May 17th. With a multi-genre theme which includes Indie, roots, blues, hip hop and etcetera, this will be another sure hit just like last year.

Groovin’ the Moo. Get ready to groove your bodies and enjoy dancing and singing the night away with friends and loved ones on the 25th if April for the annual musical event, Groovin’ the Moo.

Do you know what’s the best thing to do after these fun festivals? A spit roast party! Get help from Northern Sydney Spit Roast Catering.

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Sydney’s Top Events on Love Month

Monday, February 3rd, 2014

valentinesSydney is always a place of many happy events. Perhaps one reason is because it is the famous Australia’s capital city and with this it has to be filled with cheery and lively gatherings for all people across the life span.
This month is another month of more interesting events in Sydney. Some of them are just especially for the much-awaited Valentine’s Day. Check out the top 5 events you shall try attending to this Love Month 2014:

• Sydney Harbour Valentine’s Day Dinner Cruise.


Oh yes, what could be more romantic for couples than having a great Valentine’s dinner aboard a cruise. But of course, this Valentine’s Day dinner cruise on Sydney Harbour is not just limited for those who have partners. This celebration is for all! Spend Valentine’s the unique way aboard this cruise with family, friends and other people close to your heart.

• StreetFest: Food Trucks United.

Where there is food, there is a crowd. Absolutely true! Food is a source of happiness and comfort to almost all people. This 7th day of February, come and enjoy the StreetFest at Belmore Park , Eddy Avenue and get a taste of all kinds of foods that will be a delightful to your taste buds. If you have a strong tummy, go and have a taste of all the dishes offered by all the participating food trucks and have a drink at the Pop Up Bar and help sponsor 1 meal for OzHarvest for every drink you buy.

• Lunar Feast.

For all who love Chinese cuisine, this one is for you. Celebrate Chinese New Year with all the delectable, scrumptious Chinese foods served by Sydney’s restaurants. Enjoy the Lunar Feast until the 9th day of February. What are you waiting for? Hurry and satisfy your Chinese cuisine hankerings.

• How Easy Was That?

If you love to bake but you think you lack something to whip up a really mouth-watering sweet treats, don’t worry. Hit the Surry Hills Library on February 11 at 10:30 to 11:20 AM to witness the baker/librarian Paul wave magic to his sweet goodies.


• World Bar Thursdays. Are you having a mid-week blues or stress? Come on! Don’t fret about it. Drop everything that’s worrying you and enjoy a little bit at World Bar. Have a good time listening to great party music and drinks for only $6 every Thursday night from January 21 to February 6. It’s great to loosen up once in a while and just go back to all your problems when you are refreshed.

No time to go out for a date on Valentine’s Day? How about partying at home with your friends and loved ones? Invite them over and do some chitchats over a mouthwatering spit roast from Eastern Sydney Spit Roast Catering

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