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Rejuvenate Your Workforce with Office Catering

Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

Do you live to work or work to live? It’s a question pondered over by modern philosophers for many decades, but one thing is for sure – you will always need good quality food to power your way through the work day. Did you ever think of contacting an external catering company to ensure your office or factory staff are well-fed? Happy workers equal more production – it’s a fact!

Office Caterers provides a stellar service for all catering in the workplace. Whether it’s for an office function, days out, team building exercises, lunches, morning teas or just as a way to thank the workers, this is a company that can do it all.

With a wide range of packed lunches, hot and cold platters, BBQs, spit roasts, gourmet finger foods, party theme boxes, breakfast packs and more, Office Catering is the solution to your office food problems.

Available across Australia’s biggest cities – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra and many more.

It has been reported through a nationwide survey that workers put 30% more energy into their jobs when fed properly, so it’s not just a nice gesture from business owner to worker… you can get more work done with a happier workforce, which in all honesty is a business owners’ dream!

For the BEST quality and value-for-money office catering in Australia, Office Catering are your first choice every time.

Graduation Cocktail Party

Thursday, March 27th, 2014

Graduation is one of the happiest momentous occasions to celebrate. The successful conclusion to one’s long and draining academic journey deserves to be celebrated with glee. And so with this, throwing a worth remembering party to a loved one who will be graduating is perhaps one of the best gifts you can give to him or her.

If you are the one throwing the party, give it a little twist from the usual formal, sitting-down dinner. Make it a cocktail party with all the chic cocktail tables set up in the venue and let the guests enjoy themselves hopping from one table to the next. Since a cocktail party is a little less formal, this will give the guests an opportunity to meet and greet more people than just sit down and be glued to a conversation with just 2 or 3 persons sitting beside them on the table.

And of course, an occasion will never be complete without FOOD and DRINKS. To ensure that you will have the scrumptious cocktail foodies on during the party, hire the most exceptional party food caterer in Australia.


Here is a suggested list of delectable finger foods for cocktail party from one of the best food catering service provider in the country:

• Mini chicken drumsticks
• Savory meat balls
• Spicy meat and spinach
• Different kinds of cheeses and crackers with a variety of dipping sauces
• Cabanossi
• Mixed nuts and dried fruits

For more professional help with regards to finding the best Australian food caterers, check on

Best Ever Cocktail Party

Wednesday, March 19th, 2014

cocktailThe most pleasurable sight for a party host is to see his guests all having a good time on the party he has prepared. How can you make sure that your guests will have a blast on your party? You do not need an event organizer to know. You only have to secure three things and your guests will have the best cocktail party ever. Check it out!

• A warm, cozy venue
• Great music
• And of course, the best food caterer in Australia

Needless to say, the third one is the most important of all. For one, your guests are all food-loving beings and as a good host, you must satisfy their highly-sophisticated taste buds by providing exquisite-tasting dishes. And second, to keep the party alive and going, your foods must be overflowing so that guests can just eat whenever they feel the need to do so for energy.

In addition, you need to get the best cocktail party caterer not only because of the splendid foods they can offer but the service and this includes the staff- from the owner to the ones who will patiently serve on your event.

Cocktail parties do not necessarily demand for heavy dishes. Finger foods will do because it will not be a formal ‘sit-down’ dining anyway. However, you still have to prepare the best cocktail foodies and drinks. A known food caterer has this list of special extras wherein you can select from among the many equally tasty nibbles perfect for a cocktail party:

• Chicken lollipops or mini chicken drumsticks with dip
• Savory meat balls
• cabanossi
• Smoke oysters
• Prawns
• A variety of cheese
• Crackers and dip
• Cold meat platters
• Fruit platter

And don’t forget to serve veggies that can just be easily picked and dipped like carrots, celery, and cucumber for your vegetarian guests. For more details on the best caterers, check

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For a Cheaper and Chipper Cocktail Party

Thursday, March 6th, 2014

Cocktail parties are the most relaxing events where you can just simply roam around from one cocktail table to another and enjoy the company of your friends. It is a chance for you to meet new acquaintances as well or probably meet a potential love or business partner.


A cocktail party has a lighter mood compared to formal ones, with the guests having full autonomy where they want to go and who they want to talk to. This is the primary reason why young adults would usually prefer to throw cocktail parties rather formal, sit-down ones.

To have your cocktail party cheaper and chipper, all you need to have is a really good food caterer- a professional one of course. Aside from the preparation, cooking and presentation of cocktail foods, they will also be responsible to put up, arrange the cocktail tables and beautify the entire venue with eclectic adornments to give the place a cooler ambiance and chic look.


Plan-out a great menu with your Aussie food caterer. You can probably suggest the following cocktail foodies to the team if you wish to:

Mini slices of pizza with an assortment of toppings
• Cocktail sausage rolls
• Meat and vegetable skewers
• Cheese and spinach triangles
• California Maki
• Cheese and dip platter
• Gourmet finger sandwiches
• Tiny lemon squares
• Dried fruits and nuts


Don’t forget that you need to have a menu which can also be enjoyed by your vegetarian friends. If you do so, they’ll always grace your party event. Try out MyCaterer for your catering needs.

Cocktail Pleasures

Thursday, February 20th, 2014

Social gatherings such as a cocktail party is a great way to collect your friends and acquaintances if you happen to be away from the country for too long and you have not seen them for what seems like forever.

To make your cocktail party a blockbuster, you shall think of a unique theme. Think of something that can make your guests feel the touch of your persona. Since it is your party, you have all the liberty to inject your ‘personality’ to your affair.

Furthermore, the most important aspect of your cocktail party (of every gathering for that matter) is none other than the FOOD. Guests must be deliciously fueled-up by savory dishes and tantalizing sweets that will definitely make them up and about until the party will finally be over.


Let your Aussie food caterer take the burden of food off your shoulder and let their cooking and food presentation prowess impress you and your guests. Gone are the days when the host is the one who is responsible to plan and prepare the menu and cook them on the day of the party.

Now, if you are the party host, your main role is simply to keep your guests entertained and keep their tummies delightfully full with the mouth-watering dishes prepared by your hired caterer.

In addition, remember that when it’s a cocktail party, the menu must consist of dishes (finger foods, cold and hot platters, meal highlight, dessert, etc) that will be perfect complements of the cocktails that will be served.

But if you want some dish that would truly make you full and drool with too much deliciousness, then order some spit roast today at the finest spit roasters Macarthur – Liverpool Spit Roast Catering.

The Perfect Chips for Parties in Sydney

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

Do you love to host small parties in Sydney? If you do, then finger foods are the best meals to serve. However, preparing this tiny food can be very tedious. You might rather buy cooked finger foods or order from Sydney caterers. However, if you are a total aficionado of chips, here are the three best spots in Sydney where you can get the best tasting chips that are perfect for dine in or perhaps take out and serve for your cocktail party at home.

fish and chips

• Glebe Point Road Fish on Fire

This is where you get the traditional fish and chip. Every serving of fish on fire shows off the beer battered chip with awesome taste with a delectable crunch. Dip it in its tartare sauce for richer flavor that complements its crispiness and crunchiness.

• Chica Bonita

Want some chili fries with some salsa, guacamole and overflowing cheese? Then, you must come to Chica Bonita where you can get your plate of mouthwatering chips. Want some steak too? You can actually get your chips with steak altogether.

• The Carrington

If you have a big appetite for fries and chips with perfect amount of caramelized onions, grated cheese sprinkled with paprika and thousand island dressing. You can eat all of them there or take it out to share with your friends paired with some nice cold alcoholic drinks. What about that?

Chips might be a great additional for your cocktail parties in Sydney, but they are best eaten in the restaurants where you get them. They’d lose their crunchiness and crispiness if they are eaten a bit late. Alternatively, you can have the fresh cooked chips from Sydney caterers. They can deliver these finger foods hot and crisp straight to your doorstep.

Cocktails in Sydney: Where is the Best One?

Friday, July 26th, 2013


A lot of people in Sydney wouldn’t want to end the week without drinking at least a bottle of beer, a glass of wine or cocktails. While others love hold cocktail parties in Sydney in their own homes, others prefer to sneak out late at night and party until early morning in cocktail bars.

Today, cocktails are no longer called as simply drinks. They are more like a gourmet meal now. And bartenders have new title – the alcohol chefs. Let’s take a look at the most popular cocktails in Sydney that serve the best concoctions. You might want to discover to make them as well and apply your own tricks to be served on your future cocktail parties in Sydney.

Manta’s Espresso Ice-Cream Martini. Do you know that even the famous rock star Bon Jovi loved this? Because he liked it too much, he left $600 as tip, Bon Jovi revealed on his interview in a radio station. The secret to this delish cocktail? A shot of Belvedere vodka, a shot of espresso, a shot of Kahlua with a single scoop of coffee-flavored homemade ice cream. Shake it over with ice, double strain and pour it over a martini glass with little coffee beans to complete the presentation.

Miss Marley’s La Bomba. For this cocktail, the name says it all – you’ll experience the real taste explosion with this Tromba tequila-based cocktail concocted with lime juice, passion fruit syrup and fresh passion fruit with Grand Marnier and double strained. Get this smooth drink that you would surely enjoy and will keep you coming back for more.

The Corner House’s Hell Yeah.• This cocktail is a certified bestseller at The Corner House. Its concoction is quite interesting as it comes from a mix of French gin called the Green Chartreuse, Holland gin Genever, fresh lime, ginger beer, raspberry juice, sour cherry and ice. You may not be able to imagine how these ingredients taste like when they are mixed, but it’s actually one of the best cocktails Sydney has ever had.

Thinking about doing your own cocktails? How about trying these mixtures on your own? If you have a cocktail party coming up, you definitely have to serve these. Sydney caterers can help you.

Gourmet desserts for your party

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

Call Mr Finger Food on 1800 251 440 ( to add something sweet to your function with gourmet finger food desserts!

Party desserts catering

Mr Finger Food in Sydney offers gourmet desert catering and has a great individual desserts that compliment all menus, especially when coupled with a gourmet finger food package!

Below you will find the pricing of individual dessert finger food per head. They are all beautifully decorated to perfection and are a great choice to finish off gourmet catering at your next function. (more…)

Cocktail party catering service

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

Cocktail party catering service
Mr Finger Food have a great amount of knowledge and experience when it comes to providing catering for all kinds of cocktail parties. Whether it be a small private party at home to a large charity event or even VIP corporate events in prestigious venues for over 500 people! Mr Finger Food has even catered for the X Factor After Party. Call them today to book your cocktail party.

  • Everything planned right to the finest detail
  • They will make a few suggestions for a venue if they know the area well
  • Supply everything including kitchen equipment, staff, drinks, glasses, serving platters and cocktail napkins
  • Provide you with choices for your menu selections checkout their site: finger food for cocktail party
  • All food is prepared using quality ingredients
  • Good staffing levels to ensure all guests are looked after properly

Like what you see? Take a look at Mr Finger food website for some great finger food options.

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Book now for a new year cocktail party

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

Cocktail party catering

So the new year celebrations are fast approaching. Get your catering booked for a fantastic cocktail party to remember. Book your new years eve party catering with AllSuburbs Catering and choose from their great menus. Here are some selections from their menu:

  1. Antipasto Platters (v)
  2. Smoked Salmon & Avocado
  3. Decorated Cold Prawn Platters
  4. Cheese, Cabanossi, Jatz & Nuts Platters
  5. Sushi Platters (v)
  6. Gourmet Open Sandwiches.(v)
  7. Seafood Crumbed Whiting Fillets.
  8. Gourmet bites of the World (5 types)
  9. Marinated Beef Satays.
  10. Deluxe Vegetarian Mix (5 types) (v)
  11. Fresh Oysters in Shell
  12. Peking Duck Pancakes
  13. Galaxy Gourmet Tarts (v)
  14. Stuffed Mushrooms (v)
  15. Cocktail Quiche – Lorraine – Florentine.(v)
  16. Rice Paper Rolls (v)
  17. Vegetarian Chats (5 varieties) (v)
  18. Marinated Prawn Kebabs
  19. Deluxe Meat Mix (5 delicious types)
  20. Marinated Chicken Kebabs.

Book quick since AllSuburbs are booking up fast for new years eve catering!

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