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Australia’s Top Caterers: Chic, Cheap but Fab

Friday, March 15th, 2019

Preparing food for your next outdoor barbecue renders it a personal touch but it will be quite tedious and exhausting if it is for more than 10 guests.

To enjoy and savor this rare event with friends and loved ones, we have listed Australia’s all-year, all-occasion catering service providers, who can extend the best help and serve well-prepared tasty dishes.

All Suburbs Catering Service.  Providing catering service since the mid-1980s, All Suburbs is well-known for its breakfast, lunch and dinner packages that are quite easy-on-the-budget but does not scrimp on the taste.

Mr. Finger Food. Whether it is a small group brainstorming session at your faculty or a big gathering at your backyard, this catering service has it all from all-meat, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, Asian platters of your choosing, hot or cold and always fresh.

Spit Roast Catering. The kitchens of Spit Roast Catering extend to many suburbs in NSW, SA, VIC, WA and they are known for sourcing the top-of-the line produce from organic beef, free-range poultry, freshly sourced seafood, all acceptable to Halal standards. Cheap does not need to be awful and this catering service stands by this claim since 1986 as they provide, six free quotes for one query. They could be relied upon to offer the best prices and match your needs according to your budget.

1800 Parties. This is one of the best party caterers in all of Australia, who could provide a variety of choices for food and décor to easily match your theme for Birthdays, Christening, Engagement and even Wedding parties.




Catering Guide: TOP Must-Haves Before Hiring a Caterer

Friday, March 15th, 2019

The Easter holidays are fast approaching. Are you planning a getaway or a simple get-together at your backyard? Cooking everything on your own gives it a personal touch, but if it would be for more than 10 guests, best to bring in the caterers to ease your stress and just enjoy the holiday festivities.

If you will hire a caterer for your gathering, here is a list of Caterer Must-Haves to guide you:

  1. EASY-TO-REACH. Whether it is by a phone number, a website live chat or via skype or by email, the caterer must be easy to call and accessible 24/7. If you have problems encountered a week before or even during the event itself, you could get in touch with them.
  2. REASONABLY-PRICED MENUS. Catered food need not be too pricey but of course delightful to the palate and most appealing to the senses. You and your guests could even have a spit roast and buffet brought to your doorstep.
  1. FLEXIBLE AND RELIABLE. One of the key factors in securing the services of a caterer is its flexibility to adapt to your needs. Their kitchens should be armed to prepare the demands of your guests for an all-meat, partly vegetarian, gluten-free recipes if choices are to be laid out.
  2. ATTENTION TO DETAIL. This begins the moment you speak to them on the phone or via chat, if they ask you all about the details of your gathering, it means they really do care that you make a statement with the food and preparation, which in turn could impress your guests.

Get the services of Australia’s top caterers, All Suburbs Catering, so you can enjoy your party to the fullest.

Party Planning Guide Made Easy with These Five Steps

Wednesday, March 13th, 2019

If throwing parties is one of your hobbies, then best to brush up with these simple life hacks designed to delight you and your guests on your next gathering.

  1. Define your purpose, shape your party theme. The era of “just because I can”, has been slowly dissolving and identifying the significance, why are we gathering in the first place will give more sense to the event you organised, Thrive Labs founder,  Priya Parker, emphasizes in her book,  The Art of Gathering: How We Meet and Why It Matters.

Guests will be more eager if they know why a party in the first place or why is a classic countryside style the theme of your baby shower.

  1. Give time preparing the invite and DIY party decorations. Giving the party decorations your personal touch will be a good start, but the personalised invites is like the crème de la crème of all gatherings. Try something like be carefree, join this party, let’s order in something special so no one has to cook.
  2. Set the Party Tone. It does not have to be the grandest of speech perhaps a toast at the start in order to acknowledge your guests and let them feel how happy you are with their presence. Make sure you are all are gathered in a cozy, but ample space of your living room or dining area and ready to party.    There are times when the venue is too huge, the night suddenly runs over without you noticing the guests have already left. There may even be times that almost everyone is suddenly gathered at the kitchen getting the refills, but are enjoying the tinier, cozier space.
  1. Game Rules the Night. It depends who your guests are, but it pays to have some unique games that will challenge and keep them interested and mingling all through the night. Perhaps, at the start you could say if anyone says the word “kids” will be penalized by drinking a pint.
  2. Let the Food do the talking. You might be considering a buffet of finger foods comprised of cold cuts, vegan, gluten-free platters, or even some fruit and pastry platters. Remember, the food, is what your guests will talk about for days. Let the kitchen expertise of a reliable food caterer do all the “dirty” kitchen work.

Australia is home to many great party caterers who can cook, deliver, and serve splendid catering meals customised to your occasion and budget.

Visit All Suburbs Catering and you will surely get a VIP treatment.



Charity Event Catering

Wednesday, April 9th, 2014

Charity events are the most blissful ones. If you are into charity work, there will always be charitable gatherings from time to time. In preparing for the social charity event of the organization where you belong, of course there must be food for everyone to partake.

charity events

Being the one in-charge for the planning of the upcoming lunch buffet, you need to have the best food caterer in Australia ready by your side. Party caterers are the easiest to grab whenever you have a lunch or dinner event to host. You do not have to hire cooks and do the orchestration yourself as they work on the kitchen. It will be very exhausting for them and for you. Just phone your trusted food catering service provider and everything will be taken care of.

If you still do not have a party caterer that you’re often contacting for your events, check out for useful tips and updates about the food catering industry in Australia. You will definitely find the best food caterer in there. Meanwhile, here is a scrumptious sample menu from a great food caterer.


You may get dishes that you like and tell your party caterer to include it in your buffet menu for everyone to enjoy.

• Curried prawns
• Sweet and sour pork
• Curried chicken
• That sweet chilli and lime prawns
• Singaporean noodles
• Satay beef
• Beef stroganoff
• Pork barbeque in plum sauce
• Chinese fried rice

Above are cuisines coming from selected countries in Asia; Let your taste buds and tummies enjoy the different mouthwatering flavors of Oriental cuisine.

Charity Event Catering

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

All Suburbs Catering have created a great checklist for creating a sucessful charity event catering:

    catering for charities

  • Does your event require a permit from your local council or shopping centre for example Bunnings require a non profit organisation/charity to apply in writing to hold a stall out the front of their stores.
  • You will need a copy of your Certificiate of Currency for the public liability
    insurance. Regularly you will need to supply this with your application.
  • Once you have decided and confirmed your dates for your charity catering event make sure you let all club or organisation
    members know the dates. You may want to allocate a advertising sub-committee.
  • What are you thinking of doing with any leftover goods at the end of the day? Will anyone be taking them home
    or do they need to be stored somewhere for future events.
  • Arrange all your goods and equipment required.
  • Do you need to record your sales?
  • Arrangement of catering – contact Carol on 1800 251 440 so that she can help you get your catering sorted for your charity event.