Bridal Shower Party to Remember

After saying ‘yes’ to your boyfriend’s marriage proposal, you will be attending a series of parties before finally saying ‘I do’. First stop is your engagement party, where you will be officially announcing that you are getting married and second is of course, your bachelorette party where you will be enjoying the perks of being a single lady for one last time.

engagement party
After the engagement party, the duty of planning and making the hen’s party possible is the work of the female members of the wedding entourage- yes, the bride’s maids and the maid of honor. So this goes to all the ladies of the entourage: make the bridal party worthy to be remembered. It does not have to be expensive and overly extravagant, just classy, fun and unique. Now, how can you make this happen? How can you perfectly orchestrate the bridal party? Two things: (1) teamwork and (2) get all the best ones- venue and food caterer.

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A party will never be a party without food and drinks. The key towards a successful bridal shower party is through getting one of the A-listers when it comes to food catering. Certainly, there are a lot of excellent party caterers out there but the challenge lies in choosing for the best one. You may ask family members and friends for food caterers they know are great or you may seek help from Aside from weddings, food catering service providers listed here can also do wedding-related parties and other events.

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