Big Christmas Events in Sydney

Christmas is a season almost everybody looks forward to simply because it is the season when you are to put behind all heaviness in your heart and be merry for it is the time when Jesus Christ, our Savior is born.

Countries all over the world have their own ways on how to let Christmas be felt by all the people in their place. In Sydney, they prepared Christmas events that will definitely be enjoyed by all individuals, young and old.

christmas in sydney

• Christmas Projections

You may not notice it much in the morning, but the walls of Sydney Town Hall gives life to the entire George Street. Bright lights and musical shows strengthen the Christmas spirit in the place even more. There will be a light and sound show for a full five minutes after every 15-minute break. During breaks, musical performances will take the limelight.

• Infinite Choir

Even though the Christmas lights are excellent, yet you will be more glued and be more in awe to the heavenly voice you will get to hear when you stroll along the walk way. As you are making your way through the track and you will finally reach the thick crowd of people gathering at Pitt Street Mall, brace yourself for the most beautiful voices singing altogether the Christmas songs and you will surely melt away.

• Martin Place Christmas Tree

A Christmas tree is the ultimate sign of Christmas, aside from Santa Claus, who is the favorite Christmas character of all children from around the globe. This Christmas tree at Martin Place is not your ordinary tree embellished with glittering balls, ribbons, bears and etcetera. This Christmas tree has the power to receive your Christmas message and let it be read by all who are there.

Maybe if you are planning to have a unique wedding proposal to your partner during the Holiday season, the Martin Place’s Christmas tree can be a creative channel of your message. Both Sydney citizens and vacationers will enjoy this interactive Pine tree. If you want your message to be published in the gigantic tree, send it to 0427840851. Your message will definitely appear within 24 hours.

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