Best Brisbane Finger Food Catering

From wedding receptions to baby showers, office parties to graduations… whatever the celebration, finger food catering is the perfect answer to any catering need. Finger food catering takes all the worry and work out of feeding a group no matter the size or occasion. Should your event require it, MyCaterer can provide a fully qualified staff.

MyCaterer has put together a menu of menus from which to select the perfect finger foods for your event. Each menu is designed to have something for everyone and each is priced to reflect the various food items, specials and budgets. There’s sure to be one just right for the event you’re planning.

On top of a huge menu selection, MyCaterer covers a lot of ground servicing northern N.S.W, the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, (including Brisbane suburbs) Toowoomba and Ipswich areas. MyCaterer has been catering in Brisbane for many years and enjoys a good reputation amongst local corporations.

Finger food catering provides the ideal structure for people to relax, get to know new faces and connect with familiar ones. It’s a great way to introduce friends and family and has been considered comfort food in many cultures for generations.

If you’re in the market for catering in or most anywhere from northern N.S.W. to the, finger food catering from MyCaterer is at your disposal.

Here’s just one of the many luscious menus on offer, this one perfect for a staff meeting or neighbourhood get together:

  • Morning / Afternoon Tea
  • Danish Pastries with Lashings of Icing Sugar
  • Variety of Mini Muffins
  • Assorted Selection of Mini Quiche
  • Mini Cornish Sausage Rolls
  • Cheese and Dips Platter with Assorted Crackers and Fresh Fruit

Visit to view the rest.

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