Barbecue and Finger-Food 20th Birthday

If you are the kind of person who likes party but does not love the lavish ones, the barbecue and finger-food celebration for your 20th birthday is the perfect idea.

If you like the idea of just a casual birthday party without having to oblige yourself and the guests to be formal, the barbecue and finger food party is really for you. You actually have your garden as the venue as long as it is spacious enough to accommodate all the people you have invited.


Next on the list is the food. Where will you get the best barbecues and finger foods? Of course, get it only from the famous and known expert in catering birthday parties- The said birthday caterer has more than enough kinds of menus for you to choose from. And in fact, they have a barbecue and finger food menus, which will make things way easier for you. All you have to do is to choose which sub-menus from the Barbecue and Finger food you will choose.


For your birthday celebration, the suggested barbecue menu is the All You Can Eat Barbecue which includes: (1) unlimited tasty sausages and seasoned burgers; (2) mini beef steaks; (3) chicken and vegetarian kebabs; (4) sliced onions; (5) unlimited serving of hamburger and long rolls ; (6) condiments and dressings; and (7) choice of 4 fresh salad.

As for the finger foods, there are really a lot to choose from but maybe you would like to try the Chefs Special 5 Varieties, which consists of the most in-demand party platters: (1) quiche Lorraine; (2) spinach and ricotta puff; (3) vegetable samosa; (4) ham, corn, and cheddar turnover; and (5) turkey and cranberry bite.

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