Backyard Picnic Catering

Once in a while, we crave to set up a picnic blanket in our backyard and just have some fun time with our family and loved ones. These days, picnic in our backyard can be made incredibly easy with the help of Australia’s best catering service providers.


Food caterers have evolved all these years. In the earlier times, they would just focus on serving grand parties, but today, they would even cater small office gatherings and picnics. Food catering service providers in Australia has come up with different menus that would fit a certain occasion- be it a Christening, birthday, sports event, engagement, wedding, or just a company meeting, whatever type of occasion you will have, just lay it all down on your trusted food caterer.

For your backyard picnic party, make it light and simple. It is better to have finger foods which are not too messy to eat. Here is a suggested lineup of foods you may ask from your food caterer so that you won’t have a hard time preparing the foods:


• Chicken and avocado salad
• Full salad sandwich
• Leg ham, cream cheese, marinated antipasto
• Turkey, cheese, lettuce and cranberry sauce
• Egg and lettuce sandwich
• Tuna, lettuce and mayonnaise
• Salmon, cream cheese and shallots bagel

Feel free to select from among the many choices from the expert food caterers. Life is indeed way easier, thanks to the food caterers. If you are in dire need of professional tips regarding catering check

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