Are you looking for your wedding catering in Sydney?

Are you looking for a wedding caterer for your special day? Mr Finger Food ( offers a delicious range of wedding finger food options., from canapes to cocktail deserts through to high end gourmet BBQs and sit down buffet dinners! If you are after high quality wedding catering in Sydney, look no further than Mr Finger Food.

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Our huge selection of wedding finger food options you will be amazed, we cater for anything from seafood options to miniature hot dogs or hamburgers. Whatever you decide, all of our wedding finger food and catering dishes are absolutely delicious.

Every wedding is unique and the timings of the your special day need to be adjusted by our unique quoting system. For a free quote please call 1800 251 440

With most Weddings, we find the guests are ready to consume a large amount of pieces per guest than our other functions, therefore we recommend about 15 pieces of finger food per guest.

Peking Duck Pancakes – (M) (Authentic peking duck recipe, with a hoi sin sauce, cucumber and other asian vegetables wrapped in a pastry pancake)

Ratatouille Tartlet (Rich tomato, onion, zuchini, mixture in a petite pastry tartlet)

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San Chow Boi – (M)
(Pork, and chinese vegetables in a chinese bbq style mixture served in individual lettuce cups)

Gourmet Aranchini Balls – (M) (Italian risotto aranchini balls with cheese, sundried tomato, basil pesto and bacon)

Gourmet Focaccia Bites – (V) (Pizza style dough, cut to a fingerfood sized portion, garlic and basil pesto, goats cheese, oregano, spring onion, and fresh tomato)

Vegetable and Feta Empanada – (V) (A South American icon, this Empanada has a classic recipe of the creamy Feta cheese with fresh vegetables and a Mexican spice)

Potato and Pumpkin Tartlets – (V) (Mashed pumpkin in a tartlet, topped with potato and dusted with curry to taste)

Gourmet Fish and Chips (A sensational mix of original fish & chips – 1pc whiting fillet and individual chips, served with fresh Tartar sauce and lemon wedges)

Hokkien Noodles with Asian vegetables (Hokkien Noodles served with Asian sytle vegetables and beef, served in inidividual noodle boxes)

Grilled Asparagus spear parcels in prosciutto – (M) (Fresh asparagus spears, wrapped in a tasty prosciutto, drizzled with a light olive oil)

Miniature Hamburger – (M OR V) (Premium melted cheddar, on a wholesome meat pattie, served with caramelized onion, lettuce and a tomato relish! – if vegetarian a vege pattie is used)

Vietnamese Rice Paper Roll – (M OR V) (A Vietnamese classic finger-food. Served with a variety of fillings; including pork, vegetable, and prawn)

Atlantic smoked salmon & Camembert savory boats – (M) (A crispy savory pastry casing boat, filled with a smoked salmon with Tasmanian triple cream Camembert)

Thai beef salad served in cucumber cups – (M) (Slightly spicy Thai style beer salad served in a individual cucumber cup for ultimate presentation)

Sushi Norri Cocktail sized rolls – (V or M) (Served as a variety of flavors, including but not limited to California rolls, crispy chicken, smoked salmon, tuna, vegetarian, and avocado = 2 rolls per guest)

For a free quote please call 1800 251 440

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