Any Plan for the Father’s Day?

It’s the time of the year again when we are given the chance to show to our dads how thankful we are to have them. This first Sunday of September is Father’s Day! So, what do you have in mind?


Aussies have different styles of showing dads their appreciation. Here are just some of it:

Adventure. Biking, mountain climbing, and other sports are among dad’s favorite. Why don’t you go out with him? Anyway, it’s a weekend. Although it is not a non-working holiday, it only happens once a year. Go and grab this chance.

Church. Since it is Sunday, it is best to start the day in the church with the whole family.

Father’s Day Events. There will be a lot of parties in Sydney this day specially prepared for all dads. You may also take him to charity events such as those that support men suffering from illness like prostate cancer.

Gifts. If you don’t have that much time to take him for at least a stroll in the park or watch movies and other place he likes to go, why not give them gifts instead? Some dads would not want it, but if you really have no time for this day, then hope that your gift will suffice. After all, it is the thought that counts. Don’t forget the father’s day card with your personalized message.

Eat Out. Restaurants, bars and cafes will surely be flooded with customers – father and sons, dad and daughters or one whole family. You may also take your dad to his favorite restaurant and let him eat his heart out, but make sure it won’t compromise his health.

01 - Spit roasted lamb

Dine at home. What about mom cooking dinner for him? This is perhaps the best way to spend father’s day with the whole family. Dinner at home is more intimate and allows family to rekindle the bond. No time to cook at home? What about hiring Sydney caterers instead? Surely, you can get the best deals for their father’s day promotions. How about some spit roast? Hmm… sounds like a good idea, huh?

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