An All-Finger Food Pool Party

Parties are cool ways to pull us away from the everyday hustle-bustle and stress we get from work and other chores. We need a breather from time to time and hosting a pool party is a great way to take a break and have a dose of real socialization and not the ones we get from the social networking sites.

DIY Catering

You might think, however, that hosting an afternoon pool party is stressful considering the planning and preparation stage. Do not fret. All you have to do to make your pool party possible and successful is to make your venue ready. With regards to the foods, there is nothing to worry about them. You can just contact your Australian food caterer, schedule an appointment with them and lay down all your ‘needs’ and ‘wants’ for your party.

And since it is an afternoon pool party, it would be cool if the eatables that you will serve will be all finger foods so that if your guests feel like swimming, they can just pick-up something to eat and then dive and eat again.
Here is a list of suggested finger foods you may serve on your pool party:

Mini pizza slices
• Crispy cheese sticks with a variety of dips
• Chicken lollipops
• Finger sandwiches with different fillings
• Mixed nuts platter
• Spicy chicken wings
• Beef and vegetable skewers
• Smoked salmon and cucumbers
• Cold seafood platter
• Mini brownies
• Strawberries and marshmallows with chocolate dip

Planning for some spit roast party, too? Well then, never doubt getting this delish menu from Northern Sydney Spit Roast Catering.

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  1. mack smith says:

    Nice and good list of suggested finger foods because in many parties I notice that maximum people eat only finger food.


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