3 Big Hints for Planning a Great Function

Putting together an office party, a birthday party, or even a large event or conference can be a lot of work. The process can easily be overwhelming, especially when trying to do it by yourself. Managing the budget, ensuring that everyone has been invited and that you have a proper head count, and juggling all the details of décor and party food catering can certainly be enough to put too much stress on even the most well organised individual. What follows are a few tips for planning a function that goes smoothly without proving a burden for planners.

Tip # 1– Know when to Seek Help Hiring someone to do all of the serving, decorating, and planning is certainly unnecessary for almost any event, but knowing when you should be seeking help is important. Think of it in terms of what you can reasonably do alone. More than likely, you will find that you can easily hang decorations or that you have friends and colleagues who can assist free of charge. When it comes to cooking and serving cocktails for so many people, however, help can be very welcome. Isolate the tasks that you cannot reasonably do alone and seek help, while putting in your best effort on the rest.

Tip # 2– Give Potential Guests More Options When you sent out invitations, did you use snail mail, company email, or a different method? You will find that standard mail RSVP cards are often lost or tossed away, and guests will fail to respond but still make it to the event. Many employees make last minute decisions when they are unable to get to the company’s email system. Make use of the RSVP and even feature built into Facebook or offer an email address where people can respond while still offering phone or mail RSVPs. The more options you give, the more accurate your estimated head count will be – and the easier the planning!

Tip # 3– Create an Itinerary One of the biggest mistakes that you can make when planning a party is to make the assumption that things will naturally play out to create the perfect event. While your guests don’t need to stick to a rigid schedule, simply laying out a table of food and cranking the music will not likely prove to be the best strategy for success. Plan meal times, dancing, speeches, or whatever aspects you wish to incorporate into your event to ensure that there is always something going on. After a few drinks, your party may turn into a great place for fun and conversation, but ensuring that guests have enough structure to know when it is time to really relax can be helpful.

In truth, planning the perfect party can be simple. There may be dozens of tasks to complete, but with a solid strategy you will find that they can be easily handled. Never feel too proud to ask friends to help, and know when to seek professionals to help. Your party can be a complete success if you simply take the time to ensure that you plan it well.

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