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Fabulous Finger foods for your Fortieth

Friday, August 29th, 2014

Turning forty? Throw a simple get together for your family members and closest friends to mark your first day of being officially 40.

Office party catering

If you are not fond of big and sit-down parties, you can just have a simple one- without theme or a huge venue peppered with embellishments. Your home will already enough for all your loved ones as long as you enjoy each other’s company and of course, you are being accompanied by great foods from
Since you are having an afternoon mini get together, the most appropriate munchies to serve are the finger foods because they are just light and perfect for afternoon delight. The best caterer specializing on birthday parties actually have great finger food menus. You can choose from any of the menu or combine them:

• Seafood Platters
• Chicken Platters
• Asian Finger Food Platters
• Vegetarian Platters
• Pastry Finger Food Platters
• Flavours of the World

Each of the menus mentioned above includes a myriad of choices you can freely select from. If you are in unsure yet of what to serve on your birthday, you can always ask your food caterer to help you out. They will certainly be glad to help you choose for the menu. In addition, if you are worrying that your place is quite far, don’t worry because they will be there to serve you even though you are in the outskirts of Australia.

Carousel Party for your 4 year-old

Thursday, August 28th, 2014

Organizing a children’s party is one of the happiest jobs on earth. It may be exhausting because just like any other events, you have to make sure everything falls into place- the venue, theme, foods, decorations and all the other details of every occasion.

carousel party

The very first step towards facilitating a kids’ party is to think of a theme. What does your soon-to-be 4 year-old tyke want? If he does not know what to have as a theme for his birthday, you are the one who will think of themes and let him choose. How about a carousel party? It sounds really fun and the kids will definitely love it!
If you have decided on a theme, next stop is the hunt for a venue. If you will have a carousel party, the party venue should be huge enough to fit in the fair-like theme of your little tyke’s red letter day. With regards to the decorations, it will be best to hire an event decorator because certainly the decorations that will be needed will be a little complex.

The last but not the least is the food. offers the best catering services to all kinds of parties. The said food caterer has been doing catering services all these years and they are actually one of the best all over Australia. Feel free to select from any of their menus or you can actually combine different dishes coming from each menu. Ask help from the expert food caterer if you are having difficulty in choosing or combining foods.

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Make-Up Party for your Lil’ Girl’s 7th Birthday

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

At some point in their young age, there will be a time when little girls will be fascinated with make-up. Perhaps it is because they would usually see their mothers apply make-up or dome other female family members as well.

kid's make up party
So now, if your lil girl is turning 7 years old and she has this interest and preoccupation with make-up, you can actually make it as the theme of her upcoming birthday. Look for an appropriate venue and set up mini make-up stations for the young ladies. You just have to make sure that the make-up essentials in the make-up stations are hypoallergenic and safe to be used by little girls. This theme sounds like the party is for ‘girls only’; you can also have some play stations where the young boys will enjoy.

As for the food, you do not have to worry a thing about it as long as you have the Birthday Caterer beside you. In choosing foods for the event, you need to have a mental note that you will be serving adults and children so the foods must be appropriate for all the age groups.

You can choose from among the 4 main menus: (1) Barbecue, (2) Spit Roast, (3) Finger Foods, and (4) Hot and Cold Platters. You also have the choice to combine the dishes from each of the menus- depending on what you want. The food caterer will be delighted to help you out in choosing for the party foodies.

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Smokin’ Hot 25th Barbecue Birthday Party

Tuesday, August 26th, 2014

Celebrate your 25th birthday not the conventional way like dressed chairs and tables, all the classic centerpieces, waiters and waitresses serving the food and the glamorous tux and dresses worn by the guests. How about a barbecue party by the beach? It sounds more casual and fun, doesn’t it? can give you the most delicious, grilled to perfection barbecues.


Birthday Catering has four (4) sub-menus for their Barbecue table d’hôte. These are (1) Budget Barbecue; (2) Premium Barbecue; (3) All You Can Eat Barbecue; and (5) The Gourmet Barbecue. If you have quite a big number of guests, then you may opt for All You Can Eat Barbecue and or The Gourmet Barbecue but the latter has more compared to the former.

The All You Can Eat Barbecue menu consists of: meal selections like marinated Scotch fillets, T-bone, and lamb chops; seasoned burgers; gourmet sausage- Satay, Herb, Garlic, Kranski, Cajun; chicken kebabs; and if in case you have vegan guests, the menu also includes vegetarian burgers and 4 choices of freshly prepared salad greens. And of course, to top off your mouthwatering all-barbecue meal, you and your guests will have a platter of fresh tropical fruits for dessert.

Good food and good company will certainly be enough to make your 25th birthday party worth remembering. As long as you have the best food caterer to prepare and serve the best foods, that will be more than enough. Have a blast on your red letter day!

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Casino Party for your Dad’s 70th B-day

Monday, August 25th, 2014

Have a cool casino party for your dad’s 70th birthday. Wouldn’t it be such a treat to your father if you he loves casino and you will make it as a theme of his 70th birthday? He will definitely love every second of it! Not to mention the presence of all his loved ones- family members, friends, and of course, his casino buddies.

casino themed party

Since it will not really be a formal, sit-down party with a program host, you can have a mix of cold platters, hot platters and finger foods to serve the party attendees from none other than

The Birthday Caterer’s Cold Platters include: sandwich platters, sushi platters, croissants platters, cold meats platter, cold chicken satay skewers, cold roast chicken platter, cold quiche platter, seafood basket, cold cut vegetable platters and of course cold fruit kebabs.

Hot Platters consists of: Seafood Platters- Thai fish cakes, prawn sticks, tempura prawns, green curry prawn spring roll, and crispy fish cocktails; and Chicken Platters- spicy chicken munchies, garlic chicken bites, marinated chicken wings and strips, and mini chicken dim sums.

As for the finger foods, you may have Asian Finger Foods, Flavors of the World, Pastry Finger Foods and Vegetarian Finger Foods.

You may mix and match foods from the Hot and Cold Platter and Finger Foods. If you are not sure of what to pick out, you may want to let your food caterer do the mixing and matching of the food dishes that you want to serve your guests.

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Tea Party Celeb for Granny’s 60th

Friday, August 22nd, 2014

Is granny already turning 60 years old in a few weeks? How about organizing a tea party for her and her friends? Wouldn’t that be cute?


Your granny’s not getting any younger, take the opportunity to facilitate a tea party for her 60th birthday party. Invite her closest friends and all the people dear to her. This will definitely make her the happiest grandmother on her 60th birthday.

Setting up a tea party is not an arduous task compared to organizing themed birthday parties. All you need to have are two things: your home’s beautiful garden or cozy living room and a very good food caterer. When it comes to the venue, you do not have a problem with that. As for the foods, the best to food caterer that specializes on birthday parties is This food caterer is flagged as one of the best when it comes to catering birthday parties, and will surely serve you even if you are in the farthest Australian suburb.

For your tea party, the said food caterer has finger food platters to choose from. The appropriate platters for the tea party would be the following:

• Pastry Food Platters
– Chef’s special 5 varieties
– Cocktail quiches
– Mini pizza, vegetarian and supreme
– Chef’s risotto bites
– Indian pastry platters
– Mini cocktail party pies/sausage rolls

• Flavors of the World
– Favorite flavors
– Vegetarian flavors
– Spicy flavors
– Italian flavors
– Quiche flavors
– Cocktail flavors
– French flavors

Texas Cowboy-Themed Party for your Dad’s 50th

Thursday, August 21st, 2014

Give your Dad his well-deserved birthday present by organizing a party for him. Think of a masculine theme that will be perfect for your Dad, and of course, his guests, who will be mostly gentlemen. How about a cowboy-themed party? That will be perfect! The guys will be in suspenders and cowboy hats and the women in sexy cowgirl outfits.
To have a successful party, you have to secure the perfect venue for the party considering its theme. Perhaps you can hire an event decorator to transform your chosen location into a Texas cowboy setting fit for the theme.

cowboy themed

If you have already secured the place, proceed to the food. The best caterer to give you the best and the most scrumptious dishes for your Dad’s 50th birthday party is none other than If you are unsure yet of what foods to serve, it will be much to the delight of the food caterer to help select the perfect menu. For a Texas Cowboy-themed birthday party, it will be great to have grilled and barbecued dishes to match the theme.

The food caterer has four different sub-menus under their Barbecue Menu. You can either to choose one sub-menu or choose different dishes under each of the 4 sub-menus. They have BB1: Budget Barbecue; BB2: Premium Barbecue; BB3: All You Can Eat Barbecue; and BB4: The Gourmet Barbecue.

Among the four sub-menus, the Gourmet Barbecue is actually the best choice. It includes chicken kebabs, vegetarian burgers, unlimited seasoned burgers, marinated lamb chops, Scotch fillets, Cajun and Kranski, garlic, herb, satay, mixed gourmet sausages, fresh salads and fresh tropical fruits to for a healthy conclusion.

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Oscars-Themed Debut Party

Wednesday, August 20th, 2014

Most girls really look forward to the day they turn 18 because there are a lot of things that they are already allowed to do after turning 18 like probably they can have a boyfriend or they can have their own car and a lot of other perks.

18th birthday party

Focusing on your upcoming 18th birthday, here are some of the general things you have to take note (either written or mental note will do):

• Theme: what theme do you like to have? How about the Oscar’s? If you have this theme, you can let everyone wear whatever kind of gown and or suits they like as long as they are ‘red carpet-worthy’. Maybe you can have Oscar trophy-like as your giveaways as well.

• Catering: Since your debut will be a grand party with all the women in elegant gowns and the dashing gentlemen in their tux, it would be more fitting to have a formal, sit-down birthday catering. Don’t worry, we have experts to this. offers a wide selection of menus to choose from. As for your party, you can have the Deluxe Surf and Turf Buffet from the Spit Roast Menu. The selection contains chicken, pork and beef meat; sea foods, fresh salads and a lot more.

• Venue and the Venue Embellishments– Choose a venue- anywhere you like. Whether your party will be in Perth, Sydney or Brisbane of any parts of Australia, the birthday caterer will definitely not mind. In addition, with regards to the decors, have simple adornments on the entire place and do not overdo it. Keep it simple yet classy.

Afternoon Garden Party for your 25th Birthday

Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

Perhaps you have already experienced different kinds of parties for the past how many years- fancy dress up parties, formal affairs, cocktail parties and a lot more. For your 25th birthday, plan something a little different. Have a relaxing get-together with all your loved ones- family members and closest friends by hosting an afternoon garden party.

bbq catering

The afternoon garden party is actually kind of similar to the famous tea party. You can actually ask your guests to wear whatever they like as long it is summery and breezy with colorful hats- attires that really fit the theme of the birthday party.

As for your food, you do not have to worry a thing about it because will always be ready to give you a hand. Whether your party will be in Brisbane, Perth, Sydney or whichever part of Australia, the best food caterer will surely deliver.

The said food catering service provider has lots of menus to choose from, but for your afternoon garden party, their finger food menu will be perfect. You can choose from their: (1) pastry finger food platter; (2) chicken platters; (3) Asian finger food platters; (4) seafood platters; (5) flavors of the world; and if ever you have vegan guests, (6) vegetarian platter is perfect for them.

Under every kind of finger food platter are more choices so you can pick everything from that particular kind of finger food menu or you can also select one or more from each type of menu and combine. If you are in a state of confusion over which dishes to choose, you can always ask guidance from your professional food caterer.

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3 Things to a Successful Birthday Celebration

Monday, August 18th, 2014

If you are one of the chosen people who is tasked to organize your grandfather’s 70th birthday, make sure that you have everything under control, and with this it means that as much as possible, the party should be flawless because come on, it is your grandpa’s 70th birthday. The least that you would like to happen is for it to be a lousy party.

baby shower party 2

To facilitate your grandfather’s 70th birthday party is a pleasure, and to help you make the event a thunderous success, the following are three (3) important things to a successful birthday party celebration:

Place of the party – After you have drafted the list of attendees, it is time to search for the perfect venue. Remember that the tree characteristics of a good venue are: good ventilation, perfect lighting and spacious. To make the place more beautiful and alluring to the guests, of course you have to hire a professional event decorator to beautify the entire place.

Program – In every big party, there should always be a program especially that you are celebrating your grandfather’s 70th birthday. It is always important to take note that the program should be manned by a witty professional event host so that it will not be boring and dragging. Also, ask help from the host to draft a good and meaningful program- something that will really be of interest to your grandpa and to the attendees.

Food caterer – The last but definitely not the least. If you really want great caterers that specialize on birthday parties, have It is actually one of the leading and most sought-after caterers in Australia when it comes to birthday parties. Whether you are in Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney or in other Australian suburbs, they will definitely deliver.

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