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Office Parties Made Easy

Thursday, July 31st, 2014

Admit it; if you are tasked to facilitate an office party by your boss, it is difficult to juggle your work and the planning and preparation. But then, you have to impress your boss by being the superwoman for making it possible- doing your office work efficiently and organizing the office party she asked you to do.

Office party catering

Here are some tips to make the office party more than what your boss and your officemates expected:

Know all the necessary information: What is the party all about? Why is your boss calling for a party? Is it just an ordinary staff meeting every month? Will your boss announce something big? Whatever is the reason why your boss called for an office party, you have to make sure you will give your best shot in preparing for it.

Be creative: It always pays to be creative. After you have gathered all the needed details about the party, you can think for a theme. You can ask your officemates for suggestions. It is also one way of letting them feel they are involved in the party planning.

Get the best food caterer: This is a rule of thumb. The secret behind every successful party is the food caterer. Your party will be such a mess without the amazing, hardworking food catering service provider from Whether your office is located in a faraway Sydney suburb, don’t worry, your food caterer will be more than willing to go that far to just to serve you with the best.

Elegant simplicity: Simple but classy. Transform the little function room of your office in such a way that your boss and your officemates will forget that they are just in the workplace. Make the decorations simple yet elegant.

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Wedding Party Essentials

Wednesday, July 30th, 2014

Getting married? Not a problem.

The planning and preparation phase of the wedding can drive you and your partner nuts, but all in all, the entire process should be a fun, learning experience for the both of you- the soon-to-be-wedded couple. Now, that you have closed the planning book for the first part of the wedding which is the matrimonial rites, it is time to focus your attention on the second and less serious part of your marriage day- the wedding reception.

Wedding reception is more of a party- dancing, eating, drinking and games not only for the members of the wedding entourage but for all who are fit to join like the traditional garter and bouquet throwing of the groom and bride, respectively.

To make your wedding party a big hit, take note of the following wedding essentials:

wedding party

Open Bar: Yes, yes, yes! It’s your wedding day, have an overflow of all kinds of drinks- cocktails, mocktails, champagne, wine, beer, etc. Your guests will be extra delighted for this.

Serving all the Best Foods: There is no room for failure at this part. You HAVE TO serve the most mouthwatering and enticing dishes from appetizers down to desserts on your wedding day. And the secret to this? Get a great food caterer. You can actually find help from They’ve got all the tips and suggestions you need for your wedding party including the best wedding caterers in Australia.

Personalized Wedding Souvenirs: Wedding giveaways are one of the things that the guests look forward to second to food. Make your favors personalized, something that the attendees will surely treasure.

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Disney Princess Party for your Lil ‘Princess’

Tuesday, July 29th, 2014

Every little girl always has this dream of becoming a princess- Cinderella, Aurora, Jasmine, Snow White, Belle, Arielle, etc.

If your daughter has an obvious interest in these Disney Princesses, then you do not have to stress out thinking for the theme of her upcoming birthday. It will be much to her delight to see all the Disney Princesses gathered up on her birthday.

princess-themed birthday party

Planning and preparing for your child’s birthday party is no joke. It is also like planning for a wedding, except that it is a little less difficult. To begin your planning, here are some of the things that should top your list:

• Ask your daughter which Disney Princess she wants to be like on her birthday. Of the many Princesses, of course she has her favorite character and she will be more than happy to be dressed exactly like her favorite Princess on her birthday.

• Food, food and food. In a children’s party, you always have to prepare foods for both the kids and the adults. The planning and preparation for the dishes that you will serve for the birthday will be too much for you to handle. The wisest thing to do is to get an excellent food caterer from none other than They definitely have the best food catering service providers to serve the most enticing dishes in any kind of party. In addition, you may ask your chosen food caterer to give suggestions of bakeshops that could make a great Disney Princess-themed birthday cake.

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• Think of party favors that are educational for the kids. Since the party theme is Disney Princesses, you have to come up with party souvenirs that would fit the boys. How about the beloved match of the Princesses? The princes! Seems like a good idea.

Book Launching Party

Monday, July 28th, 2014

The serious part of the book launching is always followed by a less formal party where the attendees gather, move around and catch up with each other. If you are an organizer for the reception of the book launch, there are things you should always put in mind, and of course food caterer should top your planning and preparation list.

Book launching

Great food will always leave a good impression from the guests. It is imperative that the party organizers should always be mindful of the foods that will be served. There is actually only one key to make sure te guests will enjoy quality foods both in terms of taste and appearance and that is none other than the food caterer. The food caterers from are the best ones in the entire Australia. They can cater to any kinds of events. Whether you are in Bankstown, Chatswood, Bondi Beach, or in any suburb in Sydney, the reputable food caterer will be there to make your party a one big success.

For book launching parties, you can entrust the planning of the food dishes to the food caterer as well. They definitely know what are the kinds of foods that will be appropriate for the event so you do not have to worry a thing about it.

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Planning for Your Child’s Baptismal Party

Friday, July 25th, 2014

Especially for first time parents, a baptismal party for the child is a momentous event that needs to be prepared well to perfection. Yes, most of us would want to have a perfect party for our little one. Baptismal party is not only our way of thanking heavens for the little angel but also of telling the whole world that we are proud parents – parents at last! The same is true with grandparents. As a matter of fact, it will be grandparents who would be more eager in setting the budget for baptismal parties for the little angel.


What are the things that must be included into the consideration in setting the budget for baptismal parties in Sydney?

Venue. Like any party, baptismal parties must be hosted in a specific venue. Would you want to have it in a cozy restaurant? Or at a spacious hall while food is being attended to by caterers? Do you prefer to have at your home? Well, if you plan to have it at home then you may need to spend for venue rentals and other fees.

Decorations. Decorations are imperative in parties, baptismal or not. For a personalized baptismal party, you can always hire party organizers. They will be responsible for the decorations and other necessary arrangements.

Program. Also, you might need to prepare for a short program. Perhaps, you would like to give a short talk about how you blessed you are to have your first born. You may also give the proud grandparents the chance to talk. Have some party music for your friends and other guests. Party organizers can attend to that.

Food. Above all, food must be your primary concern. Prepare a good menu for everybody. In most cases, the largest chunk will be consumed by food. Nevertheless, it will all be worth it. If you are in a tight budget, Sydney caterers can help you come up with a more cost-effective menu plan without having to compromise the quality of food. You can still have your favorite finger food and desserts. Make sure you contact them long before the date you plan to have your little angel baptized.

My Caterer is your one-stop catering service provider for any parties or occasion. We serve Bankstown, Central Business District, Bondi Beach, Chatswood, Liverpool, Manly, Newton and anywhere in Sydney.

What’s the Best Season to Get Married?

Thursday, July 24th, 2014


Matrimonial rites are always magical for the couple, family members, friends and well wishers. Planning for the exact date for the big day is something that most of us never fails to be interested in.
Thus, what is the best season for wedding parties in Sydney?

Winter. Everyone loves to get married during the winter season. Why? Perhaps because almost all of us want to feel the magic of tying the knot while it is chilling cold and white outside. Beautiful photographs can also be captured with the chapel coated with snow and the members of the wedding entourage in wearing pastel colored outfits. In addition to that, wedding coordinators would also suggest couples to get married during the winter season for a perfect floral arrangement. The cool weather will allow the ephemeral flowers to last longer thus bouquets and flower stands for the wedding day can be created a day before. Also, the cool weather will make everyone feel the comfy and at ease. It will be sweat free day and everyone will be wearing a contented and happy smile.

Summer. The summer season can also be a good time for couples to marry. It is always nice to be married while the sun is smiling happily on us, right? Bathing in the sunshine, the fountain waters sparkling, finger foods, icy drinks, birds chirping, and everyone else having so much energy to enjoy the big day! For most, the summer days can be the best season to get married.


Anytime. Well if you are in a hurry to get married then any season can be perfect. The fact is that, there is really hard and fast rule when it comes to the best season to get married specially in a lovely like Sydney. What is important is the willingness of the couple to tie the knot. Who cares if it is raining outside, right? Understand that a perfect wedding day is not just all about the seasons of the year though it can be significant factor to consider. Call for good Sydney caterers and make a perfect wedding day. We serve all Sydney Suburbs including Bankstown, Central Business District, Bondi Beach, Chatswood, Liverpool, Manly, Newton and anywhere in Sydney.

10 Essential Tips for your 10th Wedding Anniversary

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014

Staying head-over-heels in-love with each other for 10 blissful, married years is a milestone and with that you shall mark such joyous occasion by celebrating with your family and friends who have been there since your wedding day. Ten years of being married is a big accomplishment for the both of you. Imagine passing through and surviving the so-called ‘seven-year itch’? Indeed, you deserve to have a celebration for that.

10th year

Here are 10 essential tips for your 10th year wedding anniversary:

• Know the people you want to invite for your wedding anniversary. These are the people who were with you since day 1 of your love story- immediate family, best buddies, and some close colleagues at work.

• You don’t have to pepper the party with pomp and grandeur. Remember, simplicity is beauty.

• Look for a comfortable venue. You can always make your home as one if you have more than sufficient space to hold a party.

• Don’t overdo the decorations. Be simple yet elegant.

• For added attraction, you can hang your couple photos in one area for your guests to see.

• Carefully select your food caterer. If you are unsure which food catering service provider to get, you can get help from The website can give you tips for the food dish combinations and recommend competent food caterers. The good thing is that these food caterers do catering services in all Sydney suburbs so you don’t have to worry if your venue is quite far.

10th year wedding anniversary

Yes, don’t forget the golden, sparkling Chardonnay.

• You can have a CD of your favorite songs as a couple for giveaways.

• Color the party with a short program.

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

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Sanrio-themed Birthday Party for your Lil Tyke

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014

Little Twin Stars, Keroppi, Patty and Jimmy, My Melody and of course, Hello Kitty and more are the famous Sanrio characters. Sanrio is one of the highly appreciated characters of the kids. If Sanrio happens to be a favorite of your child, then you can have it as the theme for your child’s upcoming birthday party.

sanrio birthday party

In any kind of party, it will always be easier to have a theme. In the case of your kid’s birthday, whether or not you have an event coordinator, it will be less difficult to think of designs and other party perks because you know already what to put as party decorations and that is none other than Sanrio.

If you are planning and preparing for the birthday party without the help of a birthday party specialist, you can use up party ideas from the internet and magazines. When it comes to your decorations, for instance, you can hang the different characters of Sanrio on the venue’s ceiling to give a more playful look to it.

And of course, the most essential part of all is the food. Websites can actually be of great help when you are in the process of looking for the best food caterer for the event. In occasions like a children’s party, the food catering service provider should make dishes appropriate for both adults and children since these two major groups of guests will be gracing the gathering. In addition to the dishes, you may also ask your food caterer to whip up Sanrio pastries for the kiddos.

My Caterer serves all Sydney suburbs including Bankstown, Central Business District, Bondi Beach, Chatswood, Liverpool, Manly, Newton and anywhere in Sydney.

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Big Parties Not a Problem!

Monday, July 21st, 2014

Planning for a big birthday party in Sydney can be a daunting task. This is especially true if you have never hosted a party as big as what you plan now. Of course, the main concern is that you don’t want to run out of food on that day, but you also don’t want to be end up keeping a lot of party leftovers. You might find yourself caught in a very confusing situation when you start to calculate the food portions you want to serve on your party.


Good thing though that you can avoid these situations if you sit down and take time to follow these simple steps in estimating the food quantity for the party. With this, you don’t have to worry about sending you guests home with half full, half empty stomach nor your fridge suffer the leftover bulge.

1. The general rule is always to round UP the estimates.

2. Always prioritize food menus that are more popular to your guests. Go for big servings on this food selection.

3. The more food choices on the table, the smaller the portion you need on each individual menu.

4. Always assume that guests would want to taste everything that is served but in small portion. Conversely, fewer choices mean greater consumption.

5. For a sit-down party, serve more bread to cover up some hungry spots. For cocktail parties in Sydney, trick the stomach with plenty of pretzels, nuts, olives and anything that guests can nibble.

Suggested Serving per Guest

Hors D’oevres

DIY Catering

• If before a meal, 6 bites would suffice
• If IT is the meal, prepare 4 to 6 bites per hour
• This means the longer the party is and the more guests you expect, the greater the quantity of food menu you must offer.

Main Course


• 6 ounces for meat, fish and poultry
• 1.5 ounces for grains as side dish
• 5 ounces of potatoes
• 4 ounces of vegetable
• 2 ounces of beans if served as side dish
• 4 ounces of pasta if served as main dish, 3 ounces as first course, 2 ounces for side dish
• 1 ounce for fresh green salad



• 5 ounces for ice cream
• 4 ounces for mousse or pudding and other creamy desserts
• 1 slice of cake, pastry or tart
• When serving 2 kinds of desserts, cut each food serving by half

Whether you want a sit-down catering, buffet or some fingerfood to munch on, you can always count on My Caterer. We serve Bankstown, Central Business District, Bondi Beach, Chatswood, Liverpool, Manly, Newton and anywhere in Sydney.

Party planning shouldn’t be stressful, it must be fun!

Setting up the Most Convenient Office Party

Friday, July 18th, 2014

party  group
Do you sense that your employees are no longer motivated with work? Do you feel like they are already dreaded having to wake up in the morning and work? If yes, then it’s about time you revitalize them.

No time to treat them out? No worries! All you need to do is call up professional office caterers in Sydney. They will bring all the food you want straight into your office. With this, you can have all the chances to sit down and eat delicious meal with them. It is as well the perfect time you talk to them in a more casual and personal way. Perhaps, this is what they have been waiting from you.

If you don’t have the idea on how to set up an office party, then here are some helpful and solid ideas for a more exciting, fun and of course, sumptuous office party in Sydney.

Buffet catering is a brilliant idea.

Instead for ordering individual lunch plates for your employees, why not serve them more food selection through buffet catering? Doing so ensures you that even the picky eaters would grab the food on the table. Additionally, it is the most cost-effective way to hold your office party.

the sydney catering boys with new dishes

Hire the professionals.

You can’t just call any available caterers in Sydney. You have to make sure that you hire caterers who have solid experience in office catering. However, before you finally decide who to call up and hire, there are some things you need to prepare.

oPick a schedule you are sure your employees will all be there – no fieldwork of business trip. If there’s none, tell them to at least come back to the office at the time of the party.

o Decide on the catering menu you want to be included in the buffet. It may be great that you ask suggestions from the caterer, but bear in mind that they may not be familiar with your employees. You may already have the idea of what they are like. With this, it is best that you choose the menu on your own. Alternatively, ask someone from the office floor to help you with the food selection.

o Prepare the space for the catering service. Buffet catering is not good when the space is too cramped. It creates a more stressful environment rather than a happy and exciting one. Preparing the space alone gives you the opportunity to mingle with your employees. Ask their help when preparing the place. They’d be glad you did.


o Book early. If you want to save more on the catering service, be sure you book online. Caterers in Sydney give you discounts for early booking. If you are in a rush, it won’t be a problem still. These caterers are experts with rush orders. Additionally, don’t forget to go over with all the important details such as the date and time of the party, food and service add-ons.

With all these solid ideas, you will now be ready for your office party with the best caterers in Sydney. Your employees will surely be glad that you spend a meal with them with a bunch of food options on the table.

Can’t find a caterer? is the best place to go. They are the experts of office, birthday, wedding and other events catering with more than 200 menus to choose from. We also serve all Sydney suburbs including Bankstown, Central Business District, Bondi Beach, Chatswood, Liverpool, Manly, Newton and anywhere in Sydney.