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Recipe Exchange Party

Monday, June 16th, 2014

receipe exchange party 2

Recipe exchange party?

Is there a party as such? Of course there is! Maybe the next 2 big questions would be: How does it go? How do you go about it? Okay. Here we go. When you host a recipe exchange party, you have to include in the invitation the purpose of the event. Ask the invitees to bring one or more recipes of their choice. Then they are going to share the recipes that they brought to everyone who are in the said party.

To give a bit of excitement to your recipe exchange party, maybe you can give it a little twist in the form of a game. Have 2 bowls at the center of the table. One bowl is for the numbers that will determine the sequence of a very brief recipe presentation and the second bowl will contain all the names of the invitees who brought their recipe. Everyone shall pick a number to determine the sequence. After the first one presented her recipe, she will immediately pick up a name from the second bowl whom she would give her recipe to. Do this repeatedly until everyone has been given the chance to present her recipes.

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While everyone enjoys a really good round of recipe sharing and exchange, the host shall never forget to feed her guests. After sharing recipes of delicious dishes, definitely their hunger pangs are activated and are craving for all foods great and delicious. So to give them a really nice lunch, have a food caterer do the planning and preparation for your recipe exchange party. You may browse from about the best food caterers in town.

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Welcome Party Ideas

Friday, June 13th, 2014

Whilst departures can be really sad, arrivals of loved ones, on the other hand, are the happiest life moments especially if you have not seen each other for quite a long time. Hence, it is just necessary that you mark the day of arrival with loads of surprises, fun and long ‘hug’ moments.

welcome party

If you happen to be the one receiving the guests, here are a few welcome party ideas for you. Feel free to use them up and make the welcome party as warm, colorful and memorable for everyone.

• Don’t tell the ones arriving that you will have a welcome party for them. Don’t even decorate your porch so that they will feel quite disappointed that after not seeing each other for a long time, you really didn’t even bother to just hang a ‘Welcome Home’ banner outside your house. And after being a little dismayed, their mood will turn 360 degrees as you open the door and surprise them with the party you have organized.

• Fill up the ceiling of your receiving area with colorful helium balloons and attach their photos at the end of the balloons’ strings.

welcome party catering

• Set up colorful dining utensils. Welcome parties are supposed to be full of colors because it’s a happy event. Bring out your bold-colored table napkins, flowers and candles to adorn the tables.

Get the best food caterer. The travelers are definitely very hungry from a long trip. And of course, you and the guests deserve good food. You can get the most excellent party caterers at

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Bright Ideas for Spectacular Bridal Showers

Thursday, June 12th, 2014

unique bridal shower

Bridal shower is perhaps one of the most unforgettable parties the bride-to-be will have in her entire life. And so, for the female members of the wedding entourage, you have got to combine your ‘girl power’ forces to come up with an amazing bachelorette plan for your friend-bride to enjoy. Making the bridal shower a success can be a source of pressure but everything will be perfectly fine as long as you will read the following ideas to make your friend’s bridal shower a memorable one.

Think of a unique theme. Don’t just settle for a bridal shower in a bar. Bridal showers in bars are too mainstream. Think of something new, something different, something that the soon-to-be-bride will really like.

Select the perfect venue for the theme that you have unanimously agreed on. If it is a Hawaiian-inspired bachelorette party, then the venue must be in the beach. If it is a costume party type bridal shower then maybe you can have one of your homes to be used as the venue. It can always be beautifully transformed anyway.

unique bridal shower 2

Foods. Oh yeah. What is a party without foods? Hire the best food caterer in Australia through the help of The most excellent food catering service providers are here. Not to mention the party tips you can get as well.

Drinks. Of course. Like foods, parties will be boring without drinks- alcoholic drinks to be specific. You can actually entrust the drinks to the party caterer too.

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A Romantic Date Night

Wednesday, June 11th, 2014

romantic date night

For romantic dates in private, usually it is the gentleman who would take the necessary plans and implementations to make the date night a success. And men have to admit they are innately gifted when it comes to planning for a party even just a date night for two. With this, you need a little help from your close female buddies and some articles like this to make your romantic date night with your girlfriend materialize.

How do you set-up a romantic date night? Okay, gentlemen, here you go. Read, learn and carry out.

Venue selection: Choose a place that is special to both of you. It does not have to be really nice. The decorations will take care of it if the place isn’t the ideal one for romantic dates. What’s important is that you choose a place where you can be both comfortable and the rest will just follow.

• Candle light, champagne and flowers: The magic trio. Yes. It would be less romantic without these three. You can supersede champagne with wine. Either of the two is good. Just don’t serve tequila if you don’t want to turn your supposed to be ‘romantic’ date into a drunken date night with your significant other.

Serenade: Get a professional musician- a pianist, violinist- any of the two to play romantic music while both of you are savoring the romantic ambiance.

romantic date night 2

Delightful dishes: You don’t set up a romantic date just to look at each other. Of course you have to fill your stomach and fuel up your brain to start up a romantic conversation (perhaps a wedding proposal? Who knows?) Get the best food caterer you can trust to prepare the dishes for the night. Your food caterer certainly knows what are the appropriate foods to serve for a private date. If you don’t have a food caterer yet, check out

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Helpful Tips for 18th Birthdays

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014

A girl’s 18th birthday marks the day she officially becomes a lady. Most parents would usually throw a debut party for their daughter as a way of introducing her to family, friends and the society as a woman and not a little girl anymore.

18th birthday party

Even until now, most 18th birthdays would opt for pink as the party’s motif but you can always detour from the traditional debut color and theme and make your daughter’s debut one of a kind while keeping the simplicity and elegance. Here are a few basic but very helpful tips when planning for your daughter’s 18th birthday party:

• Keep your daughter involved in the planning so she will feel that her ‘likes’ and opinions are considered as well and above all, to make her feel that she is part of the party planning and not only as the celebrant waiting for her debut party to come.

• Let your daughter choose the theme for her party. If you do not like it personally, you can always make some suggestions.

• It’s never necessary to get the most famous designer to make your daughter’s gown. There are a lot of ready-made dresses and gowns out there which are way cheaper than hiring a designer. Be creative. You can also seek the help of a seamstress nearby.

18th birthday party 2

• This is the most important of all: Please get a first-rate food caterer. No matter how elegantly decorated the venue is, if the food is not nice, the guests and even you won’t fully enjoy the party. Get food caterer recommendations from This site definitely has helpful tips n getting the best party caterer and all food catering-related information you might need.

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Setting Up a Meet and Greet Party

Monday, June 9th, 2014

Do you worry so much about your single friends being ‘still single’ in their late 20s? And are you dying to get them acquainted with your male friends who happen to be also single as well? Then you are the perfect host for a meet and greet party for all of your ‘single and ready to mingle’ friends.

Being the only one in your big group of friends who managed to have a stable and ‘nearly-being-married’ relationship, how do you organize a meet and greet and party? Perhaps you can ask the help of your boyfriend to help your single female friends and his single male friends to get acquainted to each other. Together, you shall make a good team as the ‘matchmakers’.

meet and greet party 2

Here are some helpful ideas to organize your meet and greet party. P.S. Hosting the party will be an amazing bonding for you and your boyfriend.

• Look for a private and not so formal venue where you can have the party. If you do not want to spend big on the venue alone, then you can use your house or your boyfriend’s house as the place for the party instead.

• Make your chosen venue simple, cozy and warm, fit for a meet and greet party between perfect strangers. But do not make it too simple; give a touch of romance to the place like putting scented candles all around especially at some quiet nooks and some roses as well.

meet and greet party catering

• Fuel up the attendees of your party by giving them a truly nice and sumptuous dinner from your favorite food caterer of course. You can actually get help from your food catering service provider in making the place a little romantic by having flowers as centerpieces on the tables. Make sure you carefully plan out the menu with your food caterer from

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Marriage Proposal Night Party

Friday, June 6th, 2014

Very seldom does a guy host a party BUT if you are 101% sure that your girlfriend will say ‘yes’ as you get down on one knee and pop the one million dollar question for every girl, then go, by all means and secretly organize a proposal night party for all your family members and close friends to witness. You can get everyone involved, except of course, your girlfriend.

marriage proposal

Men, by nature, are not really gifted when it comes to planning and organizing parties, especially a secret one except, of course, if your occupation is an event planner. So here are a few friendly tips when you ‘secretly’ organize a wedding proposal night party.

Choose a suitable venue. It could be anywhere- your house, a friend’s house, your girlfriend’s house, in a secret place, anywhere you like as long as you can find a good one to ask the question that will change your life forever.

Romantic adornments. You can always hire an event decorator to transform your selected venue into something classy and romantic. Decorations for the party need not be overdone. Stick to the saying ‘Simplicity is beauty.’

engagement party

Food caterer. Oh yes, you should not forget this one. After sweating out in the process of proposing, you and your guests definitely need to fuel up. Get the most excellent food caterer to serve in this occasion. If you do not know of any, check out for recommended food caterers in Aussie.

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Preparing a Simpe Yet Memorable Send-Off Party

Thursday, June 5th, 2014

Is a loved one leaving soon? Let him or her carry great memories before she finally travels to another place. Make the last day special by throwing a send-off party for him or her. You can use your house as a venue for the party. Just be crafty and creative to transform the house into a place that suits well a ‘Have a happy trip’ party. Since your loved one is moving to a new country, the most appropriate theme for the send-off party you will be hosting is ‘travel’.

talk therapy catering

As for the foods and beverages, you can entrust them to the food caterer of your choice. Sit down with the head of the food caterer team and talk about the dishes you want to be served during the party. Your food caterer is also the one who will be in charge of the tables and chairs and that includes the arrangement of the main buffet table as well. You may ask your food caterer to have simple centerpieces that will match the theme of the party.


For a send-off/happy travel party, perhaps you can have mini globes surrounded by lighted candles as the centerpiece.
If you do not know of any food catering service provider, feel free to check out for the list of the most excellent food caterers in Aussie.

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All the Single Ladies’ Date Night

Wednesday, June 4th, 2014

Singleness is not a curse but a blessing. Yes, indeed. If you and your other girlfriends are boyfriend-less, gather up and have a private dinner party in one of your girlfriends’ home you have selected. If all of you are working girls and you do not have time to plan and prepare for the dishes for your agreed date night mini gathering,, you can always ask for the help of one of the best food catering service providers in town. Australia’s definitely got a lot of excellent food caterers it can boast.

Single Ladies' Night Out

You will not have a hard time looking for a great party caterer because for sure each of you knows a superior class food caterer but in case you do not, let help you out. This website’s got a handful of recommended food catering service providers you can hire. Form small gatherings to big events, these caterers are competent enough to give you the most mouthwatering dishes from appetizers to desserts.

As for you “All the Single Ladies’ Date Night”, entrust everything to your caterer including the set-up of the venue. When you girls will arrive for your all-girl date, you will definitely enjoy all the scrumptious foods your caterer prepared.

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Bush and Barbecue Party

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014

Want some out of the ordinary kind of party? Try having a barbecue gathering in the bush with your family members and close friends. You can invite some neighbors close to your heart if you want to. However, instead of preparing your own food-on-sticks to be grilled, enjoy the moment of being with the best people in your life.


If you are the one hosting the party, get the service of your favorite food caterer to the planning and preparation for you. And since it is a barbecue party to be held in the lush bushes near your home, your food caterer will probably not have a hard time orchestrating the menu. It will obviously be all barbecues as the name of the party itself suggests.

bbq catering

To make your party colorful, ask your food caterer to have bright-colored vegetable skewers to go perfectly with the beef, pork, sausage and seafood skewers. Even if you do not tell your food caterer, he or she perfectly knows what to do. If the Bush and Barbecue Party happen to be the first party you will be hosting and you know no food caterer to serve on your gathering, seek help from You will get friendly catering tips for your party too.

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