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Turning Boring Barbecue Party to an Awesome One

Thursday, May 15th, 2014

barbecues_r2_c1When it comes to outdoor parties in Sydney, barbecue is always the center of attraction. It’s as if no outdoor party can take place without it. But with so many barbecue recipes today, it can be difficult to turn this traditional and simple menu to an awesome one. If you are tired of the same old taste, here are some tips to make your barbecue taste a lot better.

1. If you are setting up a barbecue party, it is best that you come up with an outdoor theme first. For example, you may go Hawaiian or surfing themes. Alternatively, you may choose just a color for a theme.

2. Although you going to hold a barbecue party, always consider the non-meat eaters. Make sure that you have some veggies on the side, cheese, baguettes and some cold drink with cucumber or lemon.

3. Never forget the side dishes. The barbecue may be the star of the party, but you can make it taste a lot better with some fruits or veggies as side dish like tomatoes and some watermelon.


4. Prepare some refreshing drinks like cocktails and make sure you keep them cold. Sangria can be a great option.

5. If you are expecting some guests to bring their kids with them, make sure you make them busy. Prepare some entertainment or some toys. Doing so allows parents to spend time with you and the rest of attendees rather than running after their kids.

Barbecue party with barbecue alone is obviously a very boring event. Don’t underestimate the power of the simple side dishes, dips and sauces as they can turn a real boring barbecue party into an exciting and tasty one.

Don’t have the time to prepare? Call the best Sydney caterers today.

Rejuvenate Your Workforce with Office Catering

Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

Do you live to work or work to live? It’s a question pondered over by modern philosophers for many decades, but one thing is for sure – you will always need good quality food to power your way through the work day. Did you ever think of contacting an external catering company to ensure your office or factory staff are well-fed? Happy workers equal more production – it’s a fact!

Office Caterers provides a stellar service for all catering in the workplace. Whether it’s for an office function, days out, team building exercises, lunches, morning teas or just as a way to thank the workers, this is a company that can do it all.

With a wide range of packed lunches, hot and cold platters, BBQs, spit roasts, gourmet finger foods, party theme boxes, breakfast packs and more, Office Catering is the solution to your office food problems.

Available across Australia’s biggest cities – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra and many more.

It has been reported through a nationwide survey that workers put 30% more energy into their jobs when fed properly, so it’s not just a nice gesture from business owner to worker… you can get more work done with a happier workforce, which in all honesty is a business owners’ dream!

For the BEST quality and value-for-money office catering in Australia, Office Catering are your first choice every time.

Partying with Finger Foods in Sydney

Monday, May 12th, 2014

While thinking of the dishes to serve during a party takes up most of your party-planning time, do not forget to add finger foods too. No party is ever complete without these little eatables. In fact, some parties only serve finger foods, which are more fun anyway, especially for kids!


Finger foods are perfect eatables you can serve in a party or organized event. It is a good option to keep the guests entertained and keep hunger at bay, especially while waiting. Finger foods are the best company when having conversations, if you do not want your guests to be encumbered with using forks, knives and the like while sharing interesting stories with other guests, party finger foods are just perfect.

The finger foods Sydney caterers offer are many. Look for a caterer that is well known for their delicious finger foods that can light up any party. Around Sydney, there are many known for their wide range of catering services, which can cover any significant events such as birthdays, Christmas dinners, anniversaries, business conventions and the like.

Try checking out caterers that offers all types of menus, such as barbecues, spit roasts, buffet cocktails, gourmet menus and then as said, finger foods as well! As long as you have events to be planned in Sydney, a caterer that can offer about everything you need and want, no matter your budget and tastes is recommendable.

party  group

Finger foods can be fun, creative or even sophisticated if you want. Try a caterer that can also offer a good cocktail selection to accompany these foods. Say goodbye to fancy forks and spoons but retain the sophistication with finger foods such as cheesecakes, cheese bites, tasty tarts, mini sandwiches, cheese balls, brownies, and even dimsums if you like. With easy to eat finger foods, your guests will be feeling happy throughout the event. Nothing beats good food and good conversations combined. Kids will be kept interested and preoccupied too, so no irritating whining and wailing from bored kids can be ensured.


One catering service you can check out is It’s easy to contact this catering expert. Since it’s online, it’s easy to get their contact information. No need to browse the yellow pages and dialing a number after another when you are unsure if you are going to get a reliable catering service for your needs. You can even ask My Caterer to provide you with the main dishes and finger foods so you do not need to use different catering services. Less hassle for you, more fun for your guests.

Talk Therapy Party

Friday, May 9th, 2014

Feeling down and blue lately? Gather up your closest friends for a talk therapy party. You are definitely not the only one undergoing some downhill battle, feeling frustrated and sad but for sure, they too have their personal inner struggles. Throwing a ‘talk therapy’ party can be healthy for you and your friends.

talk therapy party

You can talk over a lot of things, share your concerns and feelings and be each other’s comfort. A talk therapy however can be really draining that is why you’ve gotta give it a twist by making it a talk therapy party. Perhaps you can serve them with a variety of finger foods to munch on while doing your sharing and then the main meal will take place after all of you are done with their ‘catharsis’.

In your talk therapy party, get the help of your favorite food catering service provider. Consult from him or her about the types of foods appropriate for the said gathering. Your food caterer definitely knows what to prepare for your upcoming mini party with your best pals. Knowing Australia, it is a haven of many excellent food caterers so you do not have to worry a single thing about the foods you will serve them.

talk therapy catering

Possible dishes to have are pasta, sandwiches, cupcakes, and or scones. It depends on you. Maybe you can ask your party caterer to include the favorite dishes of your friends. They will be doubly delighted to see their favorite food as one of the dishes served during your party. If you still do not have a food caterer and you are having a difficult time looking for a truly good one, let help you out.

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Chic and Glam Kitchen Tea Party

Thursday, May 8th, 2014

Kitchen tea party is a fun and creative way for celebrating the soon-to-be ‘married’ status of the bride and of course for preparing her of the duties and responsibilities of a good and doting other half.

kitchen tea party

The planning of the entire kitchen tea party is the obligation of the maid of honor and the bride’s maids. Kitchen tea party is exclusively for the bride and all the women closest to her heart.But sometimes there is an exception to the ‘females only’ rule because the father of the bride-to-be is invited to join in the fun of the bachelorette party.

tea party
So, this goes to the maid of honor and the bride’s maids: If you are planning for the kitchen tea party, make sure to get the best food caterer. Excellent food is one of the big factors that will determine the success of the party. And of course, you girls want to make sure everybody will have happy taste buds and happy tummies on the day of the bridal shower party, right? Go for the best of the best food catering service providers.

If you are having a difficult time searching for a good party caterer, you may seek help in Make the kitchen tea party classy and worthy to be remembered by adorning the venue with all things bright and beautiful and things that are sentimental to the bride throughout her single years. Above all, do not forget to serve the bride and all the guests with truly scrumptious foods from appetizers to dessert.

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Hilltop Party

Wednesday, May 7th, 2014

Planning for an upcoming party? Give it a twist by looking for a unique venue. How about party on top of a hill? That will be awesome! Find a hilltop venue overlooking a beautiful scenery. The guests will definitely enjoy the view and of course, the party. It will be a little challenging to look for a perfect hilltop venue but once you already found one, everything will follow.


If you finally found a perfect hilltop venue, do not forget to get the best food caterer as well. For what is an immaculate place if the foods do not taste good? Couple a breathtaking party venue with an excellent food catering service provider. If you caught one of the best caterers in town, you are more than lucky. From the food planning to the food presentation, you will not worry a single thing because these are already expert party caterers.

If your party is a hilltop party, a great food caterer knows the dishes that will be perfect for that particular venue. You can give your hundred percent trust to take care of the party. In addition, food caterers these days do not only cook and serve foods to the party, they also decorate the buffet tables and all the tables and chairs according to your theme. They have leveled-up, indeed!

If you still do not have a food caterer, ask your family and friends. Or maybe you can try and search in This website got a list of expert food caterers in Australia and can even give you tips for your upcoming party.

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Tasting Victoria’s High Country Harvest

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014

High Country is one of Victoria’s rich and verdant regions with the majestic views of high mountains and crystal clear rivers. This May, pack your bags and hit Victoria for the annual High Country Harvest Festival where all the fresh produce and artisan products are present. And of course, the spotlight of the fest will be on the foods, wines and beers the region is known for.


The region will be filled with Australia’s renowned restaurateurs, wine and beer makers, and connoisseurs of foods on the days of the harvest festival. Aside from their acclaimed food and wine experts who will be gracing the event, High Country itself is a place where most of Australia’s premier food restaurant owners and culinary specialists are found. It is a good opportunity to visit High Country and meet the famous and internationally acclaimed restaurateurs.

Wouldn’t it be more fitting to go if you have an upcoming event and you need a very good food caterer? Most of the restaurateurs present in High Country Harvest Festival are definitely offering food catering services. And mind you, these are excellent restaurants who are experts in food catering.

If you want the best dishes for your party, it will be your chance to approach and establish rapport with some of the restaurateurs and other kitchen masters. Perhaps most of them appear in where great food caterers aplenty are listed.

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Best Wedding Caterers

Monday, May 5th, 2014

Wedding reception, although not as extremely important as the first part which is the matrimonial ceremony, is the most exciting- the couple’s first dance as husband and wife, groom and bride games for their single friends, and of course, the foods, drinks and party are in this part!

wedding reception 2

Thus, if you are preparing for your wedding, pay close attention as well to every single detail of your reception just like how meticulous you are for the wedding ceremony.

Aside from the newly wedded couple, the foods and drinks are the highlight of the reception. With this, all the dishes- from the appetizers down to the desserts shall all taste exquisite. One of the greatest disappointments of the guests is low quality tasting foods. Have a thorough research on the best food caterers in town. The guests deserve to be served with scrumptious dishes.

If you are having hard time looking for an excellent food catering service provider, you may look into They surely have lots of food caterers to choose from, and the good things is that the food caterer listed specialize on weddings and other events related to it.
wedding reception

A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, it is special and hence you should do your end of the bargain, make it the best and worth remembering for you and your guests by making everything perfect especially with the foods- get the best wedding caterer.

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Of Bridal Shower, Wedding, and Catering

Friday, May 2nd, 2014

Weddings……yes, these are the most demanding of all the occasions. Since the olden times, weddings are supposed to be with pomp and grandeur. And these days, weddings are expected to be more classy and elegant.


But oops, before the day of the wedding, the members of the wedding entourage are tasked to do the future groom and bride some favors before they finally tie the knot—the stag party and the bridal shower.

Stag party is a lot easier, let’s just focus with the little complicated one, the bachelorette party. The female members of the wedding entourage are, of course, the ones in charge with the bridal shower. Your obligation is to make sure the entire party will run smoothly.

Get a venue suitable for the bridal shower. After you girls have secured the location, it’s about time to send out invitations to the closest women to the bride. And the last but not the least, get the food caterer to make sure you will have the most mouthwatering foods for the party.


If you girls are having a hard time looking for the best party caterer, go to They definitely have the best list of food caterers for weddings and bridal showers. You are guaranteed that the food catering service providers enlisted are the best ones especially when it comes to weddings and all the parties related to it.

Wedding Catering at its Best

Thursday, May 1st, 2014

Weddings, just like any other momentous life events, need lengthy and meticulous preparations. To make the planning truly successful, the couple to be married needs the help and support of the members of the wedding entourage. Weddings entail a lot of work- from the biggest to the tiniest details. But of course, much attention shall be given to the highlights such as the marriage ceremony and he wedding reception.


When it comes to wedding reception, the most vital part is to have a list of all the excellent food catering service providers in Australia and to choose the best among the best. Yes, it may be hard that is why at this part, you need the help food enthusiasts in your entourage for the food tasting.


You and the other food tasters shall have a criteria prepared to evaluate all the food caterers before starting with the food tasting activities. Remember that the best caterer not only excels when it comes to quality taste of the foods but how they prepare and present the dishes.

To better help you find the most sought-after wedding party caterers, you may visit All food caterers enlisted are certainly included in the queue of the most credible and trustworthy party caterers for weddings all over Australia.

Do not settle for mediocre food caterers because you and your guests deserve all the mouthwatering foods (from appetizers to desserts) on one of the most special and truly unforgettable days of your life.