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Easter Feast

Monday, March 17th, 2014

Lent is fast approaching and of course it is the season to be quiet, contemplative and some would do abstain from eating poultry meat or even fast as their way of sacrifice. But let your tummies rejoice for you are going to have a feast when Christ has risen on Easter! Prepare a private Easter lunch for family members and close friends on Easter Sunday with one of the best food caterers in Australia.


How delightful it is to gather all your loved ones after hearing the mass on Easter and eat together surrounded by mouthwatering foods prepared by no other than your trusted Australian food caterer? Nourish up your body after you have fasted during the lent season with all the healthy and delicious dishes your food caterer have prepared. It’s only but proper to feast and celebrate to commemorate the coming to life of the Lord after He has died.

Here is a suggested food menu coming from one of the most trusted and famous food caterers in Aussie. If you have a maximum of 30 guests, then you are good to go with this menu:

• 2 types of vegetable salad
• Curried chicken
• Sweet and sour pork
• Boneless yearling beef with mustard
• Boneless legs of pork with apple sauce
• Fried rice or plain rice or both
• Bread rolls
• Butter squares

If you are in need finding a food catering service provider, feel free to check on for professional assistance.

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Taste Last-Minute Goodness at Melbourne’s Food and Wine Festival

Friday, March 14th, 2014


It’s never too late to come and experience heavenly delights at Melbourne’s Food and Wine Festival. Over the years, the prestigious Melbourne Food and Wine Festival is able to maintain its good reputation. It has brought many great wine makers, sommeliers, restaurant owners and food enthusiasts all over the world for the event.

Australian citizens and tourists would delight themselves with all the best wine and foods every March. The event organizers would usually have master classes where people can learn some culinary skills from the kitchen experts. And of course, there will be food and wine tasting where everyone can taste the best dishes and wines made by internationally acclaimed chefs and wine makers, respectively.

Not only local food and wine experts are invited in this highly-anticipated event but world renowned chefs and wine makers as well. Internationally acclaimed chefs will show their kitchen expertise and give tips on how they wave magic to their dishes. In addition, wine makers also share their indomitable knowledge and experience on wine making.

There will be lunch and gala dinners as part of the Food and Wine Festival, and you may choose from among the many restos having lunch and dinner buffets. And of course, don’t forget to visit the stalls of some fresh market produce and artisan works.


It will also be an opportunity for you to meet and greet with Melbourne’s restaurateurs and gather as much call cards from experts and restaurant owners as you want. You will never know, maybe you will need their food catering service if you have future events. For Australian catering services, feel free to check on MyCaterer and get the best food catering services.

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Food, Fun ad Fairs on St. Paddy’s Day

Thursday, March 13th, 2014

Sport green attire and wave your Irish flags on March 17th to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. After joining in some fun activities sit back and relax in one of the best restaurants offering great Irish meal like the following:

st pats

• Firewater Grille in Perth City (buffet lunch)
• The Irish Times Pub in Melbourne City
• The Daniel O’Connell Pub and Dining in North Adelaide
• The Terrace Restaurant in Sunnybank
• Richmond Hill Café and Larder in Richmond, Victoria

These are the known restaurants in different Australian cities that offer the best Irish cuisine on St. Paddy’s Day. It’s either you go and hit one of these restos or throw a delightful party in your place, featuring great Irish dishes from one of the best Australian food caterers in town.

Take your pick, either way, it will definitely be a good way to be in one with Irish people in celebrating their patron saint, St. Patrick or more adorably called St. Paddy.

If you decided on having a home affair with your closest family members and friends and some Irish acquaintances, it’s a good start to check on MyCaterer for some of the best food caterers in Australia.

St. Patrick’s Day is one of the most anticipated affairs every March for the Irish and non-Irish people alike in Australia. There are parades, family activities, food fairs and fun games that are greatly enjoyed by everyone. And since we are food loving creatures, restaurants all over Aussie would usually have an all-Irish menu every 17th day of March.

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Frozen-Themed Buffet

Wednesday, March 12th, 2014

Riding on with the fame of the award-winning animated movie Frozen, make your upcoming birthday party Frozen-themed not just by adorning the venue with all embellishments related to the flick but the foods too. It doesn’t necessarily follow that the foods that you will be serving on the occasion will be all frozen because it wouldn’t be too nice at all.


There is actually an Aussie food caterer who happens to have a special cold buffet and this will fit well with your theme. The tasty cold meats will be placed on silver platters. It does look so ‘Frozen’ inspired, doesn’t it?
Here’s a sneak peak of the cold buffet menu from one of the most sought-after food caterers in Aussie:

Continental Meat Platters
– Pastrami, Mortadella, Prosciutto with garnish, Olives, Kransky, Danish salami

Antiplasto Platter
– A platter of marinated vegetables like eggplant, tomato, capsicum, antichoke hearts and fresh meat that go with crackers and dip

Shaved Meat Platters
– roast beef, salami, double-smoked ham, pastrami, roasted turkey
– Kalamata with stuffed green olives and garnish

Roasted Chicken Pieces
– Roasted chicken with leg ham adorned with cherry, parsley and tomatoes

Aussie Meat Platters
– Leg ham, roasted beef, double-smoked ham and turkey

• Fresh fruit platter to top off the equally taste-gratifying cold main dishes

This party’s gonna be a hit because commonly, only the venue is transformed to mirror the selected theme. Not to mention the costumes of the guests if they are expected to wear something in relation to the theme as well. This one, everything is Frozen-inspired including the food. And the best caterer to call? It would definitely be MyCaterer!

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Taste of Sydney: The Ultimate Food Fest

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014

Grab your loved ones and hit the majestic grounds of Centennial Park on March 13 to 16 for the annual Taste of Sydney, where you’ll get to enjoy all the good foods by the best restaurants and caterers all over Sydney.

The world famous annual restaurant festival is something locals and international personas look forward to every March. This year, you’ll have the best and most recent restos all over the venue.

taste of sydney

Here’s a complete list of participating restos so that you’ll never miss to each of them: Chow Bar and Eating House, Rojo Rocket, Popolo, Porteno, 4Fourteen, Biota Dining, Bloodwood, Chur Burger, Effendy, Four in Hand, Icon Park, Aki’s Indian Restaurant, Jonah’s, Longrain, Muse Restaurant, and the last but not the least, The Cut Bar and Grill.
Not only will you enjoy the special food menu of the said restaurants. Be ready for the truly amusing and amazing attractions too like the following:

• Tasmanian Pavilion
• Plumm Wine Theatre by the Gourmet Traveler Wine
• Beer and Cider Hall
• Dilmah Chef’s Skillery
• Taste Kitchen
• Country Kitchen
• Rekorderlig Cider Bar
• VIP Lounge
• Sensology Presents “The Art of Cocktail Making”

This isn’t the complete list of the attractions because they’ve got new ones like the Lurpak Cookery School, Food and Beverage Matching Masterclass, and Bundaberg Distillatorium just to name a few. In addition, catch some of the chefs gracing the event and perhaps have a little chit-chat with them. If ever you decide to get one of them as your caterer, check MyCaterer for more info.

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Easy and Tasty Eating for Your Sports Friends

Monday, March 10th, 2014

Do not add up to the long list of your wife’s ‘To do’ list by having her cook for you and your friends on a weekend while you enjoy watching your favorite sports together. You will definitely make your wife happy and proud of you if you call up your favorite Australian food caterer and place an order of a buffet good for the entire team of sports enthusiast instead of bugging her to go cook meals for you.


See? The wonders of having food caterers around greatly extend from formal occasions to just being at some place and watching a sports event with your circle of friends. How fast and easy life is with the food cateringservice providers always on the go.

For a half-day, relaxing sports watching with you and your best male buds, here is a closer look at one of the best menus you can have while you enjoy watching your sports event:

• Fresh veggie salads
• A variety of bread rolls
• Delicious roasts of three different poultry meat- beef, pork, and lamb
• Hot and spicy gravy
• Butter or lemon squares

And oops! Do not ever forget to tell your food caterer to include some wines and spirits to top off the menu made for such masculine creatures. Isn’t it such a stress-free way to make your sports event watching a great one? Plus you wouldn’t be exhausted clearing up the mess after, the service provider will do that as part of their responsibility- after care. Who to call? Definitely, the best pick is MyCaterer.

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Banquet Bliss

Saturday, March 8th, 2014

When we say banquets, we usually picture out a scene wherein there is a big and long table graced by the heads of state in their most elegant wear. Yes, correct. Needless to say, banquets are truly lavish affairs that are usually hosted by the person of the highest echelon in a country.


But, clear out your mind from your common belief that only royals and presidents can host a banquet. Anybody can throw a banquet lunch or dinner if he has something life-changing to announce to his family members and closest friends and he just wants it to be done in a private and relaxed way where all his loved ones are seated all together.

If you want to host a banquet, all you need are 2 things:

• A not-so-big or not-so-small and quiet venue
• The best Aussie food caterer in town

If you can secure the two things mentioned above, then you are go to go. After you have closed the deal with the venue owner, you can start sitting down with your chosen food caterer to plan out the menu and the system of serving.

The beauty of having food caterers these days is that you can entrust everything to them from the foods to the venue arrangement.

And you? You can just be a passive, hands-off banquet host. All you have to do is sit comfortably, lay down everything to them and you will be the happiest and most relaxed client. Prepare yourself to be astonished to see how well they have transformed the venue into an enchanting place, conducive to be a room for a blissful banquet.

And the highlight of the evening aside from your very important announcement, the FOODS! Of course! Since when did foods become second in a party?


Whether you like it or not, sometimes, the event itself is just secondary to the reason why your guests come- it is always the food they are looking forward to.

With this, plan a really good menu and that means you have a perfect combination of dishes that will go well with each other. Remember to have a light starter so guests would not feel full immediately.

For a successful banquet dinner, make the environment a relaxing one. Be comfortable and natural while your guests are enjoying the mouthwatering meal courses served by the dashing waiters and gorgeous waitresses you can request from MyCaterer.

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For a Cheaper and Chipper Cocktail Party

Thursday, March 6th, 2014

Cocktail parties are the most relaxing events where you can just simply roam around from one cocktail table to another and enjoy the company of your friends. It is a chance for you to meet new acquaintances as well or probably meet a potential love or business partner.


A cocktail party has a lighter mood compared to formal ones, with the guests having full autonomy where they want to go and who they want to talk to. This is the primary reason why young adults would usually prefer to throw cocktail parties rather formal, sit-down ones.

To have your cocktail party cheaper and chipper, all you need to have is a really good food caterer- a professional one of course. Aside from the preparation, cooking and presentation of cocktail foods, they will also be responsible to put up, arrange the cocktail tables and beautify the entire venue with eclectic adornments to give the place a cooler ambiance and chic look.


Plan-out a great menu with your Aussie food caterer. You can probably suggest the following cocktail foodies to the team if you wish to:

Mini slices of pizza with an assortment of toppings
• Cocktail sausage rolls
• Meat and vegetable skewers
• Cheese and spinach triangles
• California Maki
• Cheese and dip platter
• Gourmet finger sandwiches
• Tiny lemon squares
• Dried fruits and nuts


Don’t forget that you need to have a menu which can also be enjoyed by your vegetarian friends. If you do so, they’ll always grace your party event. Try out MyCaterer for your catering needs.

Have the Best Taste of Sydney

Wednesday, March 5th, 2014

It is such a great delight for food lovers all over Australia to hit the capital city for the much awaited Taste of Sydney every year, where all the first-rate restaurants in town gather together to showcase some of their mouthwatering menus. Taste of Sydney 2014 has more than 15 participating restaurants.

Taste of Sydney

These are: Aki’s Indian, Biota Dining, Bloodwood, Chow Bar and Eating House, Chur Burger, Efendy, Four in Hand, Jonah’s, Popolo, Porteno, Rojo Rocket and 4Fourteen among others.

Aside from all the food and wine samples that will be enjoyed by the attendees for four days, there will also be cooking lessons and demonstrations from the world-famous kitchen masters and some cooking schools as well. Isn’t it fun to combine eating and learning all at the same time? So what are you waiting for?

Drag your family members and friends and hit Sydney on March 13th to 16th to make your taste buds and tummies happy.

There will also be stalls that would display both local and international products. So for those who will be at the event, feel free to check out these shops. You might find something and want to take it home.

Enjoy the four-day Taste of Sydney event and just eat, drink and be happy. Maybe one day you will need the catering service of one of the participating Australian caterers, just check out You will definitely have a successful party filled with scrumptious foods prepared, cooked and presented by a leading restaurant in Australia.

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Save on your Food Caterer

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014

Parties are costly. This is an undeniable fact. But still, no matter how expensive throwing a party can be, we would always shake off the ‘Oh gad it’s so expensive’ thought and push through with it anyway because parties are fun, aren’t they?

the sydney catering boys with new dishes

They can give you the time to pull yourself away from all the stresses your school, work or family life is giving you and focus on something different like the party details- theme, food, etc.

Since food is, let’s say, the heart and soul of a party, you can expect that you will spend much more on this than other party details.

However, there are always effective ways to save on your food caterer. All you have to do is to be a little wiser and practical. But of course, you shall never ever take the idea of not hiring a food caterer because it will be more costly and stressful on your part.

Here are sure ways to save on your Aussie food caterer without compromising the quantity and quality of your dishes. Read on!

Weigh the pros and cons of every choice. Before you decide whether it will be a sit-down, station or buffet style, you have to write down the pros and cons of each. After you have written all, then and there you will know which style can make you save a lot without disappointing your guests.

Find the Best Aussie Caterer– There are lot of great food caterers and you must not only rely to word of mouth that “oh this caterer is really good etc etc etc.”

You should see and taste it for you to know that indeed this caterer is excellent! And one more thing, you and your caterer shall have a good working relationship to make things flow smoothly…and perhaps you may get a discount for being such a sweet client.


Ask for Cheaper but still Yummy Substitutes. If your food caterer finally laid down the menu for your party, ask him or her if there are possible substitutes to these dishes but are still delicious. For example, chicken galantina is expensive. Ask about roasted rosemary chicken instead. It’s still yummy, isn’t it?

As an expert suggestion, why not try MyCaterer?