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Give your Aussie Tea Party a Twist

Monday, February 17th, 2014

Tea party is one of the small group gatherings Australians love. Women, most especially, are the ones who are good at throwing tea parties to their lady friends in the neighborhood. Although a tea party may just be a small get-together, it can somehow be a little exhausting. Here’s a friendly tip the next time you will invite everyone to your tea party:

tea party

Give it a little twist without subjecting yourself to a lot of stress brought about by preparation of the tasty morsels you will serve your guests, get a food caterer who will do the food planning and preparation and all you have to do is to be the most fresh and beautiful hostess who’s main job is to entertain her guests.

Here’s a suggested list of light finger foods you can tell your caterer to prepare for your tea party:

Tea sandwiches

– Pastrami and lettuce finger sandwich
– Watercress chicken mini sandwich
– Cucumber and egg salad finger sandwich


– Rum cake squares
– Gingerbread cookies
– Caramel and pecan tart


– Cinnamon scone
– Strawberry scone
– Cream scone

And aside from the finger food suggestions that can be the perfect for your party, never forget the main highlight which is of course, the tea. Ask your food caterer to serve different kinds of teas- black, green, the classic one, etc. In addition, never forget the ‘tea accessories’ which are the lemon or lime, sugar, and milk because there are guests who like their tea to be sweet, creamy or sour so they add the optional ingredients.

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Important Event Details you need to tell your Caterer

Friday, February 14th, 2014

The planning and preparation phases of an event are always the busiest parts if you are the host. All things have to be considered here. However, more attention should be given to the foods you are going to serve on the day of the celebration.

margaret chefs

To ensure that quality dishes will be served on the event, it is deemed necessary to sit down and talk with your caterer from the biggest to the tiniest details of your party. You would not want to blow up your party simply because the foods are horrible. Remember that food is one of the keys to a successful party. Thus they should greatly please the eyes and the taste buds of the guests.

To be successful with the ‘food’ aspect of your event, there are only two secrets (1) get the best Aussie caterers in town and (2) lay the following to your caterer:

• The theme of the party. the design of the buffet table and the presentation of the dishes must be anchored to the theme of the party (ex. Hawaiian)

Thanksgiving dinner

• Number of guest. it’s wise to make a guest list so that you can estimate the number of people who will be coming to the party and so that the caterer can prepare more than sufficient quantity of servings for every dish

• How long is the party. let your caterer know how long will the party be because if it will be a little lengthy then maybe they can prepare a dish or two of tasty finger foods in case your guests will get hungry

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Spotting the Best Australian Caterers

Thursday, February 13th, 2014

Events such as debuts, weddings, anniversaries, and engagements need smart and careful planning. Every detail of the occasion should be taken into consideration. Food, being second in importance next to the celebrant/s has to be well thought of.


The best thing to do when hosting an event is to hire food caterers who have a very good record from their previous services. This is one way to ensure the quality of the dishes that will be served to the guests.
Here is a list of things that you should observe to know if you are finally laying eyes on the best Aussie food caterer:

After the ‘talking’ phase with the caterer, they will immediately ask you to schedule a food tasting with them without any hesitation. This is a good sign because if they’re asking their clients for food tasting, it simple means they are confident of the palatability of their foods.

Come the day of the food-tasting, their foods are presented the way it will be presented during the event- extravagantly! This is a double plus point! It takes a lot of time, energy and money to impress the clients and more so to bring honor to their business.

The caterer continues to evolve from the traditional to a modern one. His buffet table decorations and all adornments are unique and chic.

the sydney catering boys with new dishes

The food caterer service crew members have warm and pleasing personalities. And above all, they are equipped with common sense, initiative, good manners and right conduct. This one is extremely important because they will be dealing with your guests.

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Perfect Menu for your Aussie Engagement Dinner

Wednesday, February 12th, 2014

Engagement dinners are one of those most celebrated events. For the engaged couple who will host an engagement party to officially announce their wedding, your planning shall start with food. What are the dishes you wanted your food caterer to serve on your engagement dinner?


If you are still at a loss for what dinner foods to serve your guests, here is a suggested menu on your engagement party- from appetizers to dessert. You may also ask the help of your food caterer regarding the combination of dishes to be served.

Check this out!

Appetizers. Make sure your appetizers are light and will not overshadow the main course

• Roasted Oysters with Pancetta and Breadcrumbs
• Potato Tartlets
• Spring Rolls

Vegetable Salad. When choosing a vegetable salad for a party, have a mental note that you must select 2 types of salad, one having a vinaigrette dressing and the other one with a cream dressing.

• Fresh Garden Salad with mango vinaigrette (romaine lettuce, iceberg lettuce, cherry tomatoes, mangoes, walnut)

• Cucumber and Lettuce Salad with Grilled Chicken in Garlic Ranch Dressing
Pasta- Always have two kinds of pasta, vegetable and meat because you should consider your guests who are vegetarian too

• Rigatoni with Grilled Onions and Peppers
• Manicotti Alla Romana

Beef. It is always wise to have at least 2 beef dishes during a party.
• Pot Roast with Marble Potatoes
• Beef Stroganoff

• Roasted Rosemary Chicken with Baby Potatoes
• Chicken Cordon Bleu with Mango-Mayo Sauce


• Baby Back Ribs with Mashed Potato and Celery
• Grilled Pork with Herbs

Sea foods. Seafood dishes must be simple and uncomplicated, and with complicated we mean sea foods with thick sauces and a lot of other ingredients

• Grilled Scallops with Garlic
• Crunchy Herbed Fish Fillet

Dessert. Being the last one after servings of heavy main course, desserts must be light

• Berry Yoghurt Popsicles
• Black Sambo
• Fresh fruits platter

01 - Spit roasted lamb

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Wedding Parties and Caterers

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014

Big life celebrations such as a wedding in Australia require a lot of planning. And because the world has become so rigid about a wedding being so perfect, every single detail must really be taken care of. From the tiniest parts up like hair accessories to the big ones like the food preparation, all of these have to be faultless because the harsh reality in preparing for celebrations like this is that, there is no room for flaws.


Food is a very important component of every event, especially a grand celebration like an Aussie wedding. With this, the menu should consist of dishes that do not just have a very pleasing presentation but more so, a truly palatable taste. This is where the importance of getting a reliable and experienced food catering service to take care of delighting the guests through the foods prepared with all grandiose and splendor both in appearance and in taste.
Remember that food is a great determinant whether or not an event is successful. As the bride and groom-to-be, it will be your responsibility to sit down and talk with your food caterer in Australia regarding your food preferences.


Let them help and guide you as you choose the appropriate combination of dishes during your special day. From the appetizers down to the dessert, all of them have to be selected and paired carefully.
In addition, inform your food caterer how long the wedding reception will last so that they can also prepare some tasty finger foods whenever your guests will feel hungry in the middle of the dancing and playing part of the wedding party.

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Top Shopping Centres in Sydney

Monday, February 10th, 2014

When you travel to another place, be it within the country or to another country, shopping is always included in your ‘To Do’ list aside from eating, sight-seeing and picture-taking.

queen victoria

Sydney, Australia is one the places that attract a lot of foreign visitors. Every year, millions of vacationers coming from all parts of the world would come and visit Sydney. Here is a quick shopping centre guide for you, the future Sydney traveler, to use when you set foot in Sydney and you decide to shop til you drop and eat your hearts out.

Queen Victoria Building. This is very far from the modern-day structure and architecture of the malls. Resembling the classic Rome buildings, the dome which was built way back in 1800s (imagine that!) has been the shopping centre to go to ever since it was re-opened in 1926. The beautifully aged building houses the well-known fashion stores, jewelers and other signature boutiques. And if you became tired of strolling and shopping, you can pause for a break and enjoy tasty Australian foods in their restaurants.

The Rocks. If you are an antique collector or if you love shopping for souvenirs, this is the perfect place for you. The Rocks Market has offers a wide variety of antique items, souvenirs, locally made arts and crafts and other things you may usually find in a shopping centre. The Rocks is also a friendly place for those who are head-over-heels in love with books. Read and buy all you want at The Rocks.

The Strand Arcade. Strand Arcade remains to be a lovely archaic sight in the middle of the modern and busy streets of Sydney. The structure which was built in 1800s still retains its original form, making it the only aged structure in Sydney’s business district. The Strand’s a great place if you’re looking for designer boutiques and luxury shopping.


Elizabeth and Castlereagh. Designer bags, shoes, perfume and clothes? What brand? Hermes, Bvlgari, Chanel, Cartiers. Gucci, etc? This is the place for you. If you know you can afford all these big names in fashion, then go, shop and enjoy!

The Galeries Victoria. One of the pretty new additions to the shopping centres in Sydney, The Galeries Victoria includes stores like Mango, Polo, Mecca Cosmetica and a lot more you can choose from.

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Cool Night Bars in NSW

Friday, February 7th, 2014

cool night bars
Once in a while, we need to hangout somewhere and unwind. Feel the night breeze and all the glory of not having to think about anything that has to do with work and some life issues we have. Here is a good list of the 5 night bars you should hit in New South Wales if you just wanna chill out and have a good night. This goes to all locals of NSW and of course, the vacationers as well.

• Fringe Bar. Before you drink the night away, you’ve gotta make sure you’ve eaten something. Fringe Bar’s menu includes a list of equally awesome dishes you can choose from. And of course, their bar offers a wide selection of wines, spirits and all drinks alcoholic. Their cocktails are originally made by the men and women in-charge of the bar and they’re something you should really try.

• Home Nightclub. This is especially for the younger generations where modern and futuristic style of music is always featured. From the way the entire club is built to its adornments, sound and lighting systems, everything else here is of the modern era. If you’re young or young at heart, go and hit the club with all that energy at its peak. Enjoy the famous DJs as they play on Friday and Saturday nights.

The GreenLight Lounge. If you’re in the mood to just sit down the cozy seats and enjoy the soft music, then this is the place for you. Take delight in the pleasure of being in such a lovely place while having a sip of the great-tasting liquor in your hand.


The Hideout. Aside from vast and truly great selection of wines coming from other places of the world, you may also enjoy their coffee and some delicious morsels to make a ‘little’ deviance from the usual description of ‘night out’. If you wanna be wholesome, try it. Perhaps you can say at the end of the night that you can still enjoy without even being slightly alcohol intoxicated.

• The Porterhouse. Do you want your night to be something ‘Irish’? The Porterhouse is the answer to that. The Porterhouse has always been known for their very Irish style of foods and drinks and for the very nice and inviting ambiance of the place. Not to mention the friendly staff who will make your night cozier.

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Australian Music Festivals Worth Attending

Thursday, February 6th, 2014

music festivals

Music is everywhere. It’s a part in all people’s life wherever they go or whatever they’re doing. Music is life. With this, it is important that we try to enjoy and support music festivals and shows in our country. Even if you are just a vacationer in a particular place, you too shall get into one of these music fests and enjoy. It’ll be a rewarding experience as a tourist, and now introducing the five music festivals in Australia that are worth attending this 2014:

Music for the Earth: The NbCz Headlining. You can still catch the last session on February 15. Music for the Earth is a great musical show by local artists. You can sing and dance your way all through the night if you want to, but the most beautiful thing about this festival is that all proceeds of the concert will go to the organization responsible for the tree planting missions in South West WA.

Future Music Festival 2014. One of the much-awaited music fests in Australia will take place on March 2nd in Adelaide with a powerhouse lineup consisting of Empire of the Sun, The Prodigy, New Order just to name a few of the many famous bands who will hit the stage on that day.

West Coast Blues ‘n’ Roots Festival. This major musical event has brought the greatest music artists of the world. This year, brace yourselves for another star-studded concert by famous singers like John Mayer, Russell Morris, Gary Clark Jr and a lot of equally popular bands and artists in the music industry. Catch this music festival on April 13th.

Music 2

The Big Pineapple Music Festival. This truly exciting music event that people of all ages look forward to is now ready to bring on the noise at the Big Pineapple Complex this May 17th. With a multi-genre theme which includes Indie, roots, blues, hip hop and etcetera, this will be another sure hit just like last year.

Groovin’ the Moo. Get ready to groove your bodies and enjoy dancing and singing the night away with friends and loved ones on the 25th if April for the annual musical event, Groovin’ the Moo.

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Pocket-Friendly Melbourne Cafes

Wednesday, February 5th, 2014

There are two types of vacationers: the luxury-loving and the frugalista, the one who loves to get the best without spending a big amount of money. If you are the frugalista type of traveler and you happen to travel to Melbourne, Australia. Here is a list of top 5 pocket-friendly cafes to support your being economical:

cafe beatrix

Beatrix. This café is famous for its really tasty sandwiches and cakes at a low price. If you are on a gluten-free diet, bingo! You can ask the waiter or waitress to use their gluten-free bread for your sandwich. Their cakes are very heavenly. Don’t forget to try The Elvis, which is a giant cupcake, the red velvet cake, pink grapefruit éclairs and the Moroccan Snickers tarts. Aside from these, there are a lot of sweet treats to choose from.

la torritella
La Tortilleria. You probably might be in Australia but it doesn’t mean that your taste buds won’t crave for something Mexican. If this will happen, don’t hesitate to go to La Tortilleria for a dose of Mexican goodness from the quesadillas, tortillas and tacos loaded richly with meat and all things Mexican at a very affordable rate any frugalista would love!

Moroccan Soup Bar. This one’s funny because the name says ‘soup’ but soup isn’t actually famous in their list of foods and ‘bar’ but they do not serve any alcoholic beverages. But one thing is for sure, the Moroccan Bar Soup is well-loved by both locals and foreigners. Their foods are extremely flavorful that come in bid servings but cheap.

Middle Fish. Middle Fish is one of the budget-friendly daytime cafes in Melbourne with a uniquely beautiful interior adorned with Thai crafts. The café serves authentic Thai dishes from the morsels to the main dishes; all are scrumptious and done the Thai way.
the moors head

The Moor’s Head. If you want to have a dose of great tasting pizza, head straight to the Moor’s Head and you will definitely get what you are craving for. Their thin-crusted, crispy pizzas have captured the hearts of many. Their most famous pizza here is the Golden Terrace which is topped with fresh tomatoes, almonds, chilli, lemon and beef. And Oh, don’t forget to try their banana-filled pizzetta for your dessert.

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5 Aussie Foods to Try before you Die

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

Here is a peek of the top 5 Australian foods you should not miss to taste when you hit good old Aussie. Remember, you may taste these foods in some of the restaurants and cafes in your country but you can say it is really different when you get to try them in the country where they originated or popularized. The place which is responsible for its fame will always have a unique way of preparing it thus making it taste very authentic.


• Pavlova. A sweet treat made up of meringue and crunchy crust topped with fruits and covered with whipped cream that will make you feel like you are floating. Yes, the taste is heavenly. It has a soft layer inside that makes it even more delightful. Australians use strawberries or kiwis most of the time to adorn the Pavlova but ay fruits like mango or peach or anything will do. Its perfect pair is always a hot tea or black coffee.

• Chiko Roll. The tasty, deep-fried dough whose main ingredients are flour and egg houses the rich mixture of finely chopped meat, cabbage, carrots, celery, beans, onions, spices and other interesting components that make up this scrumptious, hard-to-resist finger-food morsel.

• Grilled/Barbecued Kangaroo. It is always a fun experience to eat dishes whose main ingredients are not commonly present in your country. And of course when you come and visit Australia, the famous national animal, kangaroo, is the highlight of some of the famous restaurants there. Kangaroo meat tastes as exquisite as your cow’s meat. It is always best eaten when it is grilled or barbecued where its true awesome flavor will be enhanced more. Perhaps you might feel guilty eating a kangaroo for dinner but don’t worry, kangaroos in Australia will never be extinct. Definitely, kangaroos are aplenty there.

potato cake

• Potato Cakes. Oh forget about the French fries or hash browns. This is the ultimate substitute for the world-famous potato fries. Potato cakes are big and thick mashed potatoes deep-fried to perfection. This is the perfect side dish for fish and burgers.

• Lamington. Finally, taste all foods Australian but never ever forget to sit in an Aussie café and order either a tea or coffee with LAMINGTON, Australia’s National Cake. Lamington is a sponge cake which is richly covered with chocolate and topped with desiccated coconut. Marvelous! Don’t miss this.

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