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Cool Summers at Sydney’s Top Gelato’s Shops

Saturday, December 7th, 2013

Summer is the season when the sun gets to shine brightly and the entire place becomes fiercely warm. When the weather is too hot, you will always feel very uncomfortable especially in the absence of air conditioners. So what does one do? Simple. Of course you must do something that will keep the balmy feeling at bay.

ice creamvsgelato2

Whatever is the season in Sydney, it is always a place to go. Yes, even if the temperature is quite high you shall not miss its splendor and magnificence. Summer travelers in Sydney will find relief the moment they step inside one of the following gelato shops. They will not only be relieved from the hotness of the weather but their taste buds will take delight with their exquisite gelatos.

• Cremeria de Luca

Formerly known as Gelateria De Luca which closed in 2009, the once-again-famous gelato station has been revived by its owners and is now known to be Cremeria de Luca. The rebirth of the ice cream and gelato boutique makes it even more promising and one of the most sought-after gelato stores to go to. Get to taste their unique flavors such as lime ginger coconut, chilli chocolate and rose petal.

• Cow and the Moon Gelato Bar

From morning to late night delights, Cow and the Moon Gelato Bar can keep you seated and satisfied. From their excellently made coffee in the morning to all sorts of sweets they serve until the evening, they can definitely keep your taste buds happy and keep you from feeling warm.

• Bar Italia

Enjoy the traditional Italian desserts like panna cotta, zabaglione and tiramisu. And oh, don’t forget to order and get to taste each of their gelato flavors like coffee, lime and chocolate, among others. You will never regret you did!

icecream vs gelato

• Pompei’s

Pompei is not only known for their scrumptious pizza, their gelatos are a sure win too. After you have ordered all their richly flavored pizza, your dessert should be no other than gelato.
As you take delight in lowering the heat by eating gelatos, enjoy the sugar rush as well. Happy gelato feast in Sydney!

Gelato for the dessert, and what’s for the main course? How about some spitroast? Too late to cook? You can have it done by the experts at South Western Sydney Spit Roast Catering.

Award-Winning Summer Restaurants in Australia

Friday, December 6th, 2013

summer in Sydney

There are many different kinds of travelers. Some people travel to be acquainted with the culture and tradition of a particular place, while others travel to shop ‘til they drop. There are also those who go places to do restaurant and bar hopping. The last kind of traveler is obviously drawn to food or whatever can satisfy their taste buds, that’s why they take a trip to places and get the taste of the dishes they’they’ve got.

Whatever kind of traveler you are, if you happen to be in Sydney on a summer, you shouldn’t dare miss the following restaurants or your vacation will never be complete.

• Izakaya Fujiyama

As the name itself suggests, the restaurant is owned by a Japanese national, but Japanese dishes do not dominate here. Actually their famous plate is KFC or Kenji’s Fried Chicken which is best paired with the Japanese rice wine or sake. Other best sellers are the glazed beef ribs and the tuna jaw. All of which are the perfect match of Fujiyama’s liquors.

• Sean’s Panorama

Indeed, this restaurant is a sure win. It offers a breath-taking view of the sea where surfers play with the waves. Not only will you enjoy looking at dolphins and surfers but the food of course. From the entrees to desserts, all are excellently and deliciously prepared by Sean’s Panorama’s chef.

• 10 William Street

One of the key factors why a restaurant is famous is because of the chef manning the kitchen and waving magic into your dishes. The person behind the mouth-watering foods at 10 William Street is no other than Chef Daniel Pepperell. The restaurant’s sardine fillet and pickled celery and radish are something you ought to try and experience the cocktail of flavors bursting in your mouth.

• Marque

When you get to hear of Marque, perhaps Aussies would immediately say “crab custard!” Yes, crab custard is one of the best sellers in this restaurant. The moment a slice of the crab touches your tongue, there will be twists of flavors and it’s simply amazing you’ll definitely dance in delight.

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Summer Chillin’ at Sydney’s Best Cafes

Thursday, December 5th, 2013

Cafes saturate the world. Wherever you go, you can always find a café somewhere in the road serving light meals and coffee. Why have cafes become so famous? Perhaps it is because cafes are comfort places. Students love to do their project-making and studying here; professionals would come here to do some of their paperwork and relax a bit; and old people do much of their readings in a café.


Coffee bars are places that can calm you down despite the stress building up in you; hence it is the place everybody rushes to. Or even in your non-stressful days, you still go to a café to chill out especially in seasons where there is no so much strain, like summer.

What are the best cafes to hang out and be idle even just for a couple of hours during summer in Sydney? Here are the top 3 best cafes in Australia’s capital:

Paramount Coffee Project

The filter bar that adorns the café is an area you can be gladly seated. While you read your papers or open your laptops and other gadgets, someone is making your coffee in front of you. Feels just like home, right? And oh, their waffles are a must-try!

West Juliett

Even if you have to wait for a little while when the tables are all occupied, it’s all worth it. West Juliett gets their eggs and other mainstay ingredients from a farmer in Wyong. They too make their own yoghurt which makes their blends unique and tasteful. Make sure you will never leave West Juliett without eating their heavenly chocolate-chip cookies.


Excelsior Jones

One word for Excelsior Jones: MILKSHAKE. Yes, from the common milkshake flavor like choco or vanilla to the ‘a little weird’ one like lime, you can get them all here. And they all taste excellent! You shall not miss their mini pan cakes as well topped with decadent strawberries.

It’s really very refreshing to take a sip of your favorite cold coffee in the hot summer day. Also, it is a great season to hold a fun party outdoor with mouthwatering barbecues and spitroast. Don’t want to sweat out? You can order these sumptuous spitroasts from Southern Sydney Spit Roast Catering

Some Things to Watch Out For at the Sydney Fish Market

Wednesday, December 4th, 2013

Christmas is fast approaching and by now, perhaps you already have the menu for the much-awaited day when family and loved ones gather and celebrate the birth of the Lord. For variety in your main dishes, your menu should include beef, pork, chicken and seafood. With these four, you have to be more cautious with sea foods. Freshness is the key in making excellent seafood dishes. It’s either you serve sea foods in a platter or you make them as the main ingredient in your cookery, you have to make sure you got the freshest.

sydney fish market

In Sydney, their fish market opens from December 23 at 5am up to 5pm of December 24th. This is to sell and give the best raw sea products to the consumers a day before Christmas. These are the times when Sydney Fish Market is jam-packed. They even place more than four hundred personnel within the 36 hours that they are open. This is what they refer to as the 36 Hours of Power.

Fish, crabs, oysters, and prawns- you name it! Sydney Fish Market has got all kinds of sea foods you need for Christmas day. All you have to bring with you when you shop here are your money, energy and patience. Anywhere in the world, sea foods are a bit costly compared to land-based animals’ meat. So if you plan to buy kilos and kilos of different kinds of sea foods, bring more than enough money for it.

Furthermore, you might as well extend your patience a little bit longer when you arrive at the parking area because you will have a hard time looking for a parking space. With this, perhaps you can take the railway transit to prevent unwanted stress.

fish market

You have six sea food vendors to choose from. Before going to SFM, you have to make sure you already have an idea which stall you will go directly to so that you won’t waste your time dizzying up yourself trying to decide who among the vendors you will go to. In addition, ready your list of sea foods you want to purchase also to make your life easier.

No matter how crazy the crowd is inside, you will still enjoy the pre-Christmas day buying of the people you’ll meet along the way inside Sydney Fish Market. And after completing all that needs to be done there, you will be more than pleased that you dared the crowd for the best sea food buys.

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Another Happy Client

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013

the sydney catering boys with new dishes

Our ultimate goal at All Suburbs Catering is to serve our clients to the best of our abilities. We want to make sure that we leave them with a happy face each time we deliver our services. This is why we are really happy and proud to receive the sweet thank you’s from our valued clients. Here is one from Eileen:

Dear Jessica.

I would like to thank your company for your part in the wonderful night we had last Saturday in Wollongong for my 60th birthday and retirement. I had a memorable night with lots of great food and fun.

I would especially like to thank you for sending Lana, the chef, with Julianna and Kate, the waiters.

Lana’s attention to detail was noticeable and very much appreciated. The food was beautifully prepared and presented. She also organised the desserts and coffee prior to leaving which was a great help, and left the kitchen spotless.

Julianna and Kate were very obliging and friendly and performed their duties with great skill and efficiency.

Thank you once again.

Gelato VS Ice Cream: What’s Really the Difference?

Monday, December 2nd, 2013

As you enjoy eating every teaspoonful of your gelato and your friend is also taking pleasure in gobbling her ice cream, does it ever cross your mind what is the difference of the two? Although gelato is just the Italian term for ice cream, there is really a difference between the two of them.

Because there are a lot of people in this world who are so inquisitive about a lot of things in his world, just in case thinking about their difference is bugging you, here are the three main factors that make gelato, gelato and ice cream as ice cream.

icecream vs gelato

• Temperature

Wonder how gelato keeps its supple texture? The secret is in its serving temperature. A gelato is always served approximately 15 degrees warmer than the ice cream to preserve its pliant texture. Ice cream, on the other hand, is always served at -12.2 degrees Celsius to prevent it from being runny and to keep speedy melting at bay.

• Churning

Gelato is way thicker than ice cream it is because its swirling process is at a much slower rate compared to the latter. Ice cream is churned at a speedy tempo making it fleecier and soupier than gelato.

• Fat content

Good news to those who are watching their weight: Gelato contains less fat than ice cream. It uses less of the egg yolks and it uses milk instead of cream. This is what makes gelato milky and ice cream creamy. So if you are in a strict low fat diet to maintain your good figure, you can indulge in gelato if your ice cream craving starts to kick in.

ice creamvsgelato2

These are the three main things that make the two different. But whatever their dissimilarities are, nothing and no one can deny the fact that both of them are such a delight to everyone’s taste buds.

Perhaps, you need some spitroast first before having a gelato or ice cream. If so, call the experts at Southern Sydney Spit Roast Catering.