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How to Make the Best Christmas Pudding

Thursday, December 19th, 2013

It is very easy to make pudding. All you have to do is Google and you will have more than enough recipes to choose from.

If you are after for the best tasting Christmas pudding in town, you may not need to alter the classic way of making it like the usual ingredients used but you can, for always, give your pudding a twist to make it special and fitting for the occasion.

coconut pudding

Here is a traditional recipe of pudding and tips on how you can make it extra special for your loved ones this Holiday season.


50 pieces small bread, shredded into not so tiny pieces
1 big can of evaporated milk
2 ½ cups of water
2 ½ cups coconut meat, sliced in small squares
2 tsp. baking powder
2 tsp. vanilla
1/3 cup melted margarine
5 medium sized eggs, beaten well


1. Mix all the wet and dry ingredients.
2. After mixing, let the mixture stand for 20 minutes, and then fold-mix it every now and then
3. Bake in pans lined with wax paper

Baking time is 1 hour more or less

• You will know when it is done if top of the pudding appears to be golden brown
• Pan size: 13 x 9 x 2 plus a smaller square pan


christmas pudding

It Is inappropriate to top your pudding with an icing because it is not a chiffon cake, so you cannot play with the icing and adorn it to make it Christmassy, however, if you have Christmas themed molders like a Christmas tree, snowman, Santa Claus, reindeers, etc., you can always use it instead of using the usual baking pans.

Aside from coconut, you can also stick with the classic pudding with raisins. And make designs with it.

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Big Christmas Events in Sydney

Wednesday, December 18th, 2013

Christmas is a season almost everybody looks forward to simply because it is the season when you are to put behind all heaviness in your heart and be merry for it is the time when Jesus Christ, our Savior is born.

Countries all over the world have their own ways on how to let Christmas be felt by all the people in their place. In Sydney, they prepared Christmas events that will definitely be enjoyed by all individuals, young and old.

christmas in sydney

• Christmas Projections

You may not notice it much in the morning, but the walls of Sydney Town Hall gives life to the entire George Street. Bright lights and musical shows strengthen the Christmas spirit in the place even more. There will be a light and sound show for a full five minutes after every 15-minute break. During breaks, musical performances will take the limelight.

• Infinite Choir

Even though the Christmas lights are excellent, yet you will be more glued and be more in awe to the heavenly voice you will get to hear when you stroll along the walk way. As you are making your way through the track and you will finally reach the thick crowd of people gathering at Pitt Street Mall, brace yourself for the most beautiful voices singing altogether the Christmas songs and you will surely melt away.

• Martin Place Christmas Tree

A Christmas tree is the ultimate sign of Christmas, aside from Santa Claus, who is the favorite Christmas character of all children from around the globe. This Christmas tree at Martin Place is not your ordinary tree embellished with glittering balls, ribbons, bears and etcetera. This Christmas tree has the power to receive your Christmas message and let it be read by all who are there.

Maybe if you are planning to have a unique wedding proposal to your partner during the Holiday season, the Martin Place’s Christmas tree can be a creative channel of your message. Both Sydney citizens and vacationers will enjoy this interactive Pine tree. If you want your message to be published in the gigantic tree, send it to 0427840851. Your message will definitely appear within 24 hours.

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The Very First Christmas Artisan Food Gift Market in Sydney

Tuesday, December 17th, 2013

You can always be creative in terms of what gifts you will give to your loved ones and close friends. Do not stick to the typical gifts given like clothes, accessories, etc. If you are coming from Australia, for instance, you can give foods as gift. But of course they are not just the usual food goodies you will wrap in a Christmas paper bag; these are food stuffs creatively made my skilled food makers.


In Sydney, a lot of people will come rushing to Christmas Artisan Food Market when Christmas day is nearing. There are lots of artisans here sharing their prowess in food making by selling their specialties. Drop one of these featured stores this Holiday season.

• Perfect South

This endearing tea company manned by the owners themselves, Renee and Paul, features different types of teas that are made from Australian plantations in Gosford New South Wales, Tweed Valley Queensland and North East Victoria.

• Alto Olives

The beautiful Westerly who owns the olive oil boutique is very much confident that quality olive oil can also be bought from Australia. This is a good present for your friends who love to cook. You aren’t just giving what they need for free, but you’re choosing the healthiest for them- healthiest oil for this matter.


• Sweetness the Patisserie

Owned and managed by Gena Karpf, this little food store sells mouthwatering marshmallows in different flavors. The owner’s favorite marshmallow flavor is the classic vanilla but she said that raspberry and passion fruit are the two best picks from customers. Aside from this, the sweets boutique also has an open kitchen where clients can freely observe how their delectable desserts are made.

• Young Henry’s

You can give your best male pal an early Christmas pressie on the 18th of December when Young Henry’s will start serving their best brewed beer. Their canned or bottled beers are the best gifts to give your male friends if you can’t bring them personally at Young Henry’s for a one-on-one drink.

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Filipino Restaurants in Sydney

Monday, December 16th, 2013

Traveling doesn’t only enrich our knowledge of the different culture and tradition of some countries and it doesn’t just deepen our love and longing for learning. Traveling also gives us the chance to make unforgettable memories in a foreign land. These are memories that’ll definitely be carved in our minds and hearts. Even if a vacationer has gone to all parts of the world, there’ll always be that one specific memory he’ll have of that place- his shopping, strolling, or eating moments.


Both Australian citizens and vacationers, especially those who are Filipinos or who have Filipino blood would love to sit around the following Filipino restaurants to either to cure their yearning for something Pinoy (for Filipinos in Sydney) or just to have a taste of something new (Australians and other non-Filipino vacationers).

Bahay Kubo Karaoke and Family

To have a karaoke set-up during occasions is a classic Filipino style because Pinoys love to sing, even those who are out of tune take on the challenge of dominating the stage. Filipinos and non-Filipinos in Sydney will certainly not just enjoy the food but the oh-so-Pinoy type of entertainment here as well.

Fiesta Filipino Takeaway

Enjoy classic Filipino dishes commonly served during Philippine fiestas. Take your pick from a variety of equally scrumptious Pinoy foods plus their delectable sweets that’ll take your breath away.

Café Manila

Named after the capital city of Philippines, café Manila, located at Broughton Street, offers broad selection of delightful Filipino morsels that will perfectly please your taste buds.

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Top Things to See, Eat and Do in Bondi Beach this December

Saturday, December 14th, 2013

Bondi is one of Australia’s eye-catching beaches, which can actually be reached approximately 30 minutes via land transport from the heart of Sydney. It is a spectacular place to spend the cool days of December if you happen to be in Australia because you can do so much when you are in Bondi.


You will definitely not be bored because Bondi offers a lot of activities and dazzling sights for its visitors. If you are just there lying at the fine sand of Bondi, take delight in seeing stunning sun-kissed beach bods, the surfers and the different groups of people who are there to enjoy Bondi’s glamorous under the sun living.

At Bondi, you can eat and do anything, anytime. Here are some of the suggested things you may want to enjoy while you are there:

Those who are fitness enthusiasts can jog at the esplanade located at the back of the beach. Runners and those who take pleasure being on their roller blades can also use the trail for their adrenaline rush.

Board riders can take surfing lessons because Bondi is one of the beaches gifted with amazing giant waves appropriate for surfing. A lot of surfing masters are actually there to give the surfing amateurs basic lessons on surf boarding.


Dine and be happy. Bondi Beach offers a wide selection of restaurants tourists can freely choose from just like the famous Icebergs Dining Room and Bar. If you want scrumptious morsels, you can go to Campbell Parade where there is a chain of cafes you may enjoy in the middle of the morning or in the afternoon when your coffee clock ticks.

Burn calories while you enjoy taking a coastal walk from Bondi to Coogee.

Stroll around and enjoy looking for fresh buys and souvenirs at the Bondi Markets.

See? There are a lot of things to do at Bondi, All you have to do is a little time management to cover all the things you wanna do and all the places you wanna see.

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Shopping for Chocolates

Friday, December 13th, 2013

Chocolate lovers will surely take pleasure the moment they lay eyes on the wide selection of chocolates in Sydney’s best choc stores. Those who do not have sweet tooth and therefore are not so much into chocolaty stuff, are not exempted from going into the town’s premier choc shop because you never know. Maybe after you have tasted all their delightful sweets, you will instantly turn into a chocolate aficionado before you leave Sydney.

Chocolate shops

Take your pick from Sydney’s top chocolate boutiques.

Lindt Chocolat Café. The fine texture and authentic chocolate taste are what make Lindt’s one of the famous brands of chocolate in the world. Wait until you set foot at Lindt Chocolat Café where your eyes will feast on the many chocolate selections you will see. Don’t forget to bring with you their hand-crafted slabs of dark chocolate which are filled with macadamia nuts. It’s heaven of all heavens!

Belle Fleur. Belle Fleur’s raspberry cream and peach-filled chocolate cups are to die for! Also try their tea chocolates and bring home their Cointreau and Melba chocolates to pay your respects to Dame Nellie Melba who inspired the making of the Melba chocs.

Kakawa. One of the finest chocolate shops in Sydney, Kakawa is where chocolates are also made. In short, it doesn’t only serve as a choc boutique but a chocolate factory as well. Everywhere you look at, there are edible chocolates you can grab and eat. But of course you will have to pay for them. They’ve got CD covers with eatable choco discs inside. Open up their freezers and you will take delight seeing their ice cream sandwiches. Don’t forget to eat their flavored caramel housed in giant jars too.

chocolate shop 2

Boon. Every chocolate shop in Sydney has its own specialty. Well, Boon has a unique one. Here you can find handbags made of chocolate and of course, you may eat them. Their choco handbag is actually named after a Filipino type of singing usually made by men to court girls by playing their guitar while singing. It’s called Harana, and so the edible choco handbag is called the Harana bag.

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Where are the Best Fruit and Vegetable Shops in Australia?

Thursday, December 12th, 2013

Vacationers in Australia shall take a break from their fatty, calorie-filled food intake and start to detoxify through buying verdant greens and colorful citrus fruits from Australia’s fruit and vegetable shops which offer true freshness and variety.

fruits and veggies

Yes, vacation is meant to have fun and indulge in sumptuous foods the place can offer but you wouldn’t want your cholesterol to shoot up while in the middle of your vacation right? Here are the top five fruit and vegetable boutiques you can go to if you are in great Australia.

Norton St Grocer. You will not only find quality fresh buys like fruits and vegetables at Norton, you will also enjoy selecting classic Italian pastas, meats and cheeses and throw them into your cart.

Harris Farm. This store will never fail you if you are truly looking for fresh produce. They’ve got all kinds of fruits and vegetables and not only that. Because Harris is one of the biggest markets and has many branches already, you can also choose from among their wide selection of cured meat and dairies like cheese. In addition, you may also buy from here the famous Callebaut chocolate and Dauphinoise cheese.

fruits and veggies2

Fourth Village Providore. If you wanna see tall stacks of spices, herbs and condiments aside from innumerable containers of fruits and vegetables laid out before you at the middle of the store, this is the place to be.

Galluzzo. Thinking of buying unique kinds of fruits and vegetables? Head right away to Galluzzo and enjoy roaming around pushing your cart for some bizarre fresh produce.

Fratelli Fresh. All the cute stuffs are here. If you’re planning to pickle onions, Fratelli’s got you minute onions perfect for pickling. Plus if you have never seen super tiny watermelons that be compared to your first, you can see it here for the first time.


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Pasta and Pizza Everywhere

Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

Most (if not all) of us like pizza and pasta, and from time to time we all have a hankering for these two Italian favorites, don’t we? Yes of course we do. There have been a lot of Italian chains all over the world that would boast their pizza and pasta, but the public is the one who will decide if they really have authentic-tasting Italian food such as these two.

pizza and pasta

Sydney is one good example of a place whose people have extreme liking over pasta and pizza. Because of this, Australia’s capital city already has a number of flourishing Italian cafes and restaurants to satisfy the pizza-pasta craving of the citizens. The following are the top three recently-opened Italian restos in Sydney:

• A Tavola: Bondi – If you are looking for great-tasting Italian wine and pasta, this is the place to be. Their amazing marble-made tables for the customers are also used by their chef to make their pasta. So if you’re there waiting for your order, you can lock your eyes on the marvelous chefs rolling out their pasta dough. In addition, their wines are truly Italian-made and go well together with their equally delicious pasta dishes.

• Sagra – Situated in an appealing, engaging spot, perhaps the best adjective to describe the Italian food bar is ‘thrilling’ since they make it a point to have a little variation in their menu every day, but do not fret because they will always serve the classic Italian dishes like your pizza and pasta.

• Da Mario – Take your pick from their wide-selection of pasta dishes you will certainly take pleasure from and of course also take delight with their pizzas which are richly topped with classic Italian goodies. In addition, let their spicy and oh-so-cheesy salamino take your breath away. ; And oops hold your horses for their themed days especially their out-of-this-world, exotic Tuesday.

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Today’s Craving: South American Food

Tuesday, December 10th, 2013

Whether you are a native of Australia or a vacationer enjoying the wonders of Sydney, these South American restaurants should be visited for a taste of pleasurable Latin treats. You may get the feel of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia or Peru. All you have to do is to choose which among the South American countries you wanna experience, and these restos can certainly give you what you’re looking for.

empanada de pino

Cafe Bariloce. Their Argentinean empanadas are really to die for! Never get out of Café Bariloce without getting one. Because their empanadas are so famous and in-demand, they will all be sold out very early. But never ever give up. All you have to do is be extra patient to wait for the next batch baking in the oven.

Boteco. You will get the feel of Brazil the moment you set foot in this resto-bar. If you happen to be so tired from work, reserve a table at Boteco for the evening and enjoy the never-ending list of cocktails which are deliciously mixed and are a perfect pair for their equally flavorsome tidbits.

La Paula. La Paula will never fail to make you feel you are in Chile with its nationalistic theme. Their empanada de pino which is richly stuffed with juicy minced beef, boiled egg, olive and onion is a sure win especially if it will be coupled with their mote con huesillo, which is a concoction of sugar and cinnamon. For variety in their empanada, you can choose your main stuffing like chicken, seafood tuna or ham. They also have their famed empanada de queso which is a combination of all kinds of cheese and fried to perfection.

colombian coffee beans

Café con Leche. Feast thine eyes on stunning Colombian women who are manning the bar, but never forget your primary purpose of why you are at Café con Leche and that is to feast on Colombian-style scrambled eggs, arepas and a cup of their native, organic Colombian coffee.

La Cocina Peruana. This place puts you at ease because of its cozy, home-like theme. It’s like you are in a Peruvian home plus you get to taste the most genuine South American dishes in the menu.

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Where are the Best Butchers in Australia

Monday, December 9th, 2013

Traveling does not only include going to the famous spots, shopping, or dining in the most recognized restaurants of the country you are at. There are also those travelers who would prefer to go to the grocery store, buy all the ingredients of a dish they want to prepare and they are the ones who will cook in their place.


If you happen to be in Australia and you’re the kind of traveler who will do things on his own (even cooking), then you don’t have to worry. If you plan on preparing meat dishes while you stay there, Australia’s got the best butchers.

Here is a list of them:

• Gordon and Luxton Gourmet Butcher

Thus butcher shop owned by Chris Luxton (hence the name of the store) just opened way back in 2010 at Graceville. They are known to supply some of the equally famous restaurants in town. Gordon and Luxton Gourmet Butcher has their own way of curing their steak, sausage and burger meat that makes them already flavorful. Their steak can be bought without bones if you choose not to do much cooking designs with it. In addition, their burger is a lot tastier because they incorporate lamb fat and they spice it up with garlic, pepper, paprika, salt, parsley and onion. Lastly, their sausage is made up purely of beef and seasoned with bits of carrots, parsley and onion.

• Vermy’s Quality Meats

As the name itself suggests, Vermy’s ‘QUALITY’ Meats. Indeed they have all kinds of pristine cut meats. One of their best sellers is their sausages which are a combo of pork, fennel and veal. Also their burger meats which are made of chuck and gravy beef are best for barbecues.


• Peter G Bouchier

Bouchier is considered to be the best in Melbourne. Its uniquely made sausage consists of spices which are taken from Britain, also bread and mace. These are what make it succulent and rich in taste. Furthermore, the secret of the mouth-watering taste of their steak meat are the ingredients of the marinade which is comprised of simple stuffs like oregano, lemon and the healthiest oil, olive oil.

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