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Hosting a Successful Super Bowl Party

Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

The Super Bowl had already began, and everyone is so excited each time their favorite teams take on the field. Nothing beats being physically in the stadium – the crowd’s yelling and shouting add more to the energy of the game. Unfortunately, not everyone could come. Nevertheless, you can always enjoy the game even in the comfort of your own home, invite the boys over and of course, serve them with some sumptuous food and cold beer.

superbowl party

Here are some pointers for hosting a successful Super Bowl Party:

• Set up the interior with long picnic table and chairs. Make sure you won’t end up spending a lot of time washing the dishes by opting for disposable yet good quality plates, spoons and forks.

• Don’t rely on your fridge to stock your beer. Instead, prepare a lot of crushed ice and buckets for the beverages. The party can never be complete without the cold bottle of beer. So, make sure you keep them cold all the time in the ice chest. Also, don’t forget to add some water and sodas on them. Coolers must be placed in an area that you won’t require you a significant amount of time to take in and out the drinks from it. Otherwise, you’d end up missing some important seconds of the game.

• Only got one TV at home? What about making fun out of it? Ask your guests to bring their own TV. Doing so allows you to set up different TV sets in different areas of the house. So you guys can watch the game while cooking if you like. Cables and splitters can be of great help.

• As for the snacks, don’t serve heavy dishes. Go for some finger food like nachos, tortillas, fried chicken wings and those easy to prepare dishes. If you plan on extending the party even after the game’s over, then prepare some sausages and pasta or something that you guys can cook together like skewers or barbecue.

Too lazy to prepare meals for the big boys? Why not call Hornsby Spit Roast Catering instead? Bring the spirit of the game into your home. Super Bowl parties are fun! So, what’s your favorite team?

9th Annual Australian Beer Festival Coming Up

Tuesday, October 15th, 2013


There is nothing next to drinking a warm cup of coffee during the cold winter afternoon in Australia than beer drinking. Aussies are known to love beer very much! But who would not want to drink beer with some mouthwatering dishes from South Eastern Sydney Spit Roast Catering? Everybody would love it, right? Because of the love for beer, Aussies are having an annual beer festival and this year will be the 9th!

If you happen to visit Australia this year then the 9th Annual Australian Beer Festival is an event that you should not miss! Why? Because beer at this time in Australia will be superfluous if not free flowing!

The 9th Annual Australian Beer Festival will be at the Australian Heritage Hotel on October 18 to 20. What is more exciting than overflowing beer at this time? Well, the event will not be limited at the hotel premises but will be extended at the nearby streets. If you are not the type who would want to formally sit at a dinner table while enjoying your cold beer then you can have your beer with your pal at the streets. Note that the corner of Cumberland Street will be the actual venue of the event while the Gloucester Street will be closed. You will actually have a very big beer feast venue!

There will be almost thirty stalls of brewers, beer enthusiasts, producers all over the area. Several events will also be done like blind tasting games, meet-the-brewers events and numerous awards will be given. You can always enjoy an awesome dinner with South Western Sydney Spit Roast Catering with your cold beer all through the night. The famous beer drinking contest is an event you should join if you want to drink liters of beer for free!

Best Side Dishes for Spit Roast

Monday, October 14th, 2013

An outdoor party without spit roast is so boring, isn’t it? But how about a party with all spit roast and no side dishes? Won’t your taste buds get tired of its taste? So you can make sure that the spit roast you served is fully consumed until the last bite, you need to prepare some side dishes as well that perfectly go along with the juicy, tender and mouthwatering spit roast.

01 - Spit roasted lamb

Here are some suggestions for side dishes that will certainly boost spit roast consumption in any parties in Sydney.

Potato Dishes. You may serve some mashed or roasted potatoes or both. It is a great dish to help fill in the hungry gaps. It is a good alternative for rice. Additionally, you may serve potato salads, scalloped potatoes, baked potatoes and other less oily potato dishes that you think of.

Vegetable Dishes. Warm picked veggies such as those that are in season are perfect for any spit roast. You may have them pickled for a more exciting taste. Also, you may opt for steamed vegetables such as cauliflower, broccoli and other veggie combos plus some herbs, tomatoes, onions and pepper. You may have them roasted as well with some fresh herbs, heart-healthy olive oil and garlic.

Salads. For the salads, there are countless options. However, among the best partners for spit roast include the Greek Salad, Waldorf salad, beetroot jelly, coleslaw, white bean salad and macaroni salad.

Finger Food. Want to give your spit roast party a little twist? Why not serve some crispy chips and tortillas with some spicy salsa.

With all these sumptuous side dishes on your spit roast party, who still wants to stand away from the table? Definitely, your guests will keep coming back for more of your spit roast and these side dishes. You can prepare all these or you can have it served by your favorite Central Business District Spit Roast Catering.

Avoiding Too Sugary Food… If Possible

Friday, October 11th, 2013

Although it is true that Australia is a place where you can taste delicious delicacies prepared by Sydney caterers but it does not follow that every food serving in Australia tastes as good as kangaroo meat dishes. Well, some food selections may not taste very good while some are not just good for your health.

Do you know some food selections that you must try with caution in Australia? Well you must know this especially if you are interested in attending parties in Sydney. Here is a short list.

chocolate ripple cake

Chocolate Ripple Biscuit Cake. If you have a sweet tooth then you might have a very hard time in fighting the temptation to the chocolate ripple biscuit cake. Normally, the cake tastes good and is very sweet. However, if you have high sugar levels and related complications, this food serving is a no-no for you.

Fairy Bread. Australians love fairy bread. It is part of child’s play. But then, as a parent you must be cautious for fairy breads are made up of pure sugar and food coloring items. Hmmm.. you can let your kids eat them, but make sure it is in moderation.

Red Cordial. As the name suggests, it is a red drink that looks really refreshing and tempting. Unfortunately, it is a drink that can be very sugary. Since it is in vibrant red color, your kids might probably gulp several glasses of red cordial. To your horror, they may end up hyperactive for the entire day! Yes, it is not a very good idea to have some red cordial at the party. This is especially true when you are expecting your guests will mostly take their kids with them. Most importantly, if you know that your blood sugar is high then do not attempt to sip even a small amount of red cordial.

Melbourne Cup Coming Soon, And You Can Be a Winner

Thursday, October 10th, 2013

The pomp and ceremony, flamboyant frocks and silk-laden fillies of the Melbourne racing world must look like a menagerie from afar. A horse race might seem like a beastly excuse to take a day off, while popping champagne and wearing ridiculous hats on a Tuesday afternoon might look over the top to an unenthusiastic crowd.

melbourne cup

But there’s more to life than just hard work, so any excuse to gather and have a laugh should be embraced. And, ideally, your rather serious-sounding team should follow your lead and enjoy themselves! Book a party with Melbourne Cup catering.

You’re going to have to lead the charge to get them involved – but keep it simple. It sounds like you’ve organized a venue which is a winning drawcard. Arrange a sweep where they can pick a horse out of hat, set up the meeting room with a television to watch the race and serve up some champagne, which they’re unlikely to fact pick the winner and Spring Racing Carnival catering will give you 20% off your food bill 10% if you come 2nd and 5%

If you come 3rd and a whopping 25% if your pick comes last.

Fancy dress is far too much hard work – encourage them to wear a hat, fascinator or fun tie, but there’s no need to take it any further.

You could even tie the race into some other sort of networking or ideas generating purpose – perhaps they can invite some key clients to drop in for lunch, or use it as the excuse to vote on Christmas party plans.

Your team might not embrace the idea of socialising, but usually people get in the spirit if fun is there for the taking. Lead the way!

Top 3 Reasons Why You Must Try Kangaroo Meat

Wednesday, October 9th, 2013

When we talk about kangaroo meat, we instantly think about Australia. Why? Well, perhaps because we have known Australia since time in memorial as the land of the kangaroos. Not only that, you can find in Australia the finest Sydney caterersand they can come up with various dishes out of kangaroo meat.


But why must you try kangaroo meat especially if you are in Australia?

• It is a one time opportunity. You can travel the world and visit several places but it is only in Australia where you can easily taste the best kangaroo meat dishes. As a matter of fact, in various parties in Sydney, kangaroo meat dishes like Kangaroo Steak, Kangaroo Fillets, Kangaroo sausages and Kangaroo Kakadu BBQ Marinated Steak are favorites! The point is that, if you happen to visit Australia then grab the chance to taste kangaroo meat dishes! You might not have that opportunity again.

• It is healthy. Kangaroo meat is very healthy. You must know that Kangaroo meat is lean and is almost completely free from fat. It is also rich in protein and omega 3. In addition to that, kangaroo meat also contains vitamins and minerals like vitamin 12 and vitamin B6. It is also known to have an anti oxidant component.


• It is tasty. Have you tried any kangaroo meat dish? You must try it because kangaroo meat dishes are super tasty. Kangaroo sausages for instance can be a perfect alternative for packed hotdogs and other canned goods. Also, kangaroo meat can be used as the patty for your burger. The taste can be comparable to lamb or pork. As matter of fact, some people may not be able to distinguish that what they are eating is kangaroo meat for it obviously tastes very good.

Top 3 Australian Favorites

Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

Australia is a place in the world where you can simply have a good time and plenty of things to put into your mouth. Australians are known to be creative chefs and their passion in food preparation has made Sydney caterers to be acknowledged worldwide. What are the delicacies that a local Australian would normally suggest that you must try?


Traditional Australian Barbeque. When it comes to barbeques, Australians are not so fancy about how barbeques are prepared. For Australians, grilling meat, fish, shrimps or hotdogs at the backyard would qualify as the Australian barbeque. In Australia, we must know that barbeque parties in Sydney are always a hit. As a matter of fact, barbeque parties are among the most convenient and preferred way of people to gather. There is no need for any special occasion to have a barbeque party in Australia! You need to hang out with friends? Set up an outdoor grill and some charcoals at the backyard and you are ready for a big bbq party. If you prefer, and if the space allows, you can set up a large bonfire and have large sticks of bbq combinations! Today, bbq can be served along with veggies, coleslaw, fruit mixes and salads.

Vegemite. Yes, it’s that food for the brain (as Aussies call it) that you find in little jars. If you have been in Australia when you were a kid, then probably you had vegemite on white bread for breakfast and snacks. After all, vegemite is called the food of the nation.


Pavlova. Australians love sugary treats! This is obviously evidenced by the presence of several pasty shops all over the country. Wherever you go, you can always find pavlova in pasty shops. It is a traditional Australian dessert. It is made up of all sugary meringue with sweet cream and lots of strawberries for topping! How can you resist that?

What’s Happening in the Good Food Month

Friday, October 4th, 2013

good food month
Australia is a nice place; it is something that no one can rebut. Aside from that, we can also find the grandest parties in Sydney – good food, perfect ambiance and a festive atmosphere. For this reason, the Good Food Month festival in Australia is something that any tourist should not miss. Why?

Good Food Month is a spectacular event. If you love photography as well as good food then the festival is the right one for you. One of the highlight of the event is the Night Noodle Market where one can essentially taste the finest noodle recipes prepared by the most talented Sydney caterers and chefs. World class chefs will be spotted in the event that they will surely prepare their specialty dishes just for you.

Food experts from Australia’s most famous restaurants are expected to grace the event. As a matter of fact, the chefs will be preparing sure hit food servings from their restaurant and bars. Among the participating restaurants and food outlets is Norma Restaurant with world acknowledged chefs Rene Redzepi and Alex Atala.

Furthermore, Shoot the Chef contest is photo event that everyone will always be thrilled about. Well known photographers and even amateurs will participate in the project with various chefs in action as the subject. On this end, the chefs will be caught candidly as they prepare the meals and graciously present it to the public.
Now, if there is anything that you would want to know about Australia’s best food and where to get it then Good Food Month is an event that you should visit. The event will also inspire you on how to come up with a good party. In addition to that, you will have a one time opportunity to meet world class chefs and taste their specialty dishes.

Where to Eat Out with Your Kiddos in Sydney

Thursday, October 3rd, 2013

As parents, one of the most challenging things of having kids is to decide where to eat. Why? Normally, kids would not pay attention to food and would rather move around to find something more interesting. It can also happen that they would only prefer a specific food serving – sweet desserts, candies, chocolate muffins, hamburger, ice cream cookies and hotdogs. What else would kids want to eat other than those enumerated?

kid's restaurants

However, this does not mean that you cannot go anywhere to have a decent meal while keeping the kids preoccupied especially in Sydney. Below are some recommendations on where to eat out or have children parties in Sydney.

Sahra Restaurant. The place is magnificently designed with some Lebanese touch. It is situated right in front of Birghton-Le-Sands. They also have playpens where you can allow your kids to play as you enjoy your meal. They offer good food too!

Phoenix Garden Chinese Cuisine. This place is simply ideal for family gatherings. It is situated right next to the Allowah Train Station and if you stay Allowah Hotel then might as well catch up a good luncheon here.

Kokoroya. Do you favor sashimi and other exotic Japanese food? In that case visit Kokoroya. It does not matter if you tag along the Kiddos with you because they got a play area for the little ones.

Heritage Court Restaurant. You can have a sumptuous dinner her with your partner – steaks and seafood are excellently prepared here. While the kids? They will have a good time at the play area.

Gourmet Pizza Kitchen. They have menus that your kids will definitely love!

Pompei’s. Your kids will ask you to come to Pompei’s for the famous gelatos!

Sydney Fish Market. It is a place where your kids will surely enjoy. How about having a meal while the seagulls flew near you?

Thinking about hosting a children’s party at home? Contact the best Sydney caterers to find out what kiddie-friendly options they have in store.

Where the Best Cup of Coffee in Sydney is Served

Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013

Sydney is an almost magical place. It is a place where you can enjoy the city lights while having the finest steak dinner prepared by Sydney caterers and some cold wine. It can also be a place where you can spend balmy afternoons with sweet pastries or a slice of cake with good coffee.

cup of coffee

Speaking of coffee, where can you find the best cup of coffee in Sydney?

Coffee Alchemy at Marrickville. Black gold coffee is best served here! If you are meeting up with an important client then the place can provide for a perfect ambiance while good coffee is served. However, if you are planning to host some parties in Sydney with a big luncheon feast then Coffee Alchemy might not be a good place since what they can offer are only coffee servings and some sweet delights.

Mecca at Ultimo. They serve various types of coffees here. You can short blacks, macchiatos, filter coffee or ristrettos. It is a great place to have a nice afternoon coffee party in Sydney!

Single Origin at Surry Hills. You can come to Single Origin and enjoy your coffee in a large table while the servers would go around asking if you wanted more caffeine. Free flowing coffee, that is! Delight yourself with Sydney Espresso at Single O!

Wedge Expresso at Glebe. There is without doubt that Wedge Expresso is a coffee destination in Sydney. The place is owned and personally managed by Toby Wilson. They brew their coffee here to perfection! Indeed, a must try.

Corduroy at Surry Hills. Pull yourself back in time as you sit at Corduroy with good old 70’s inspired playlist and a hot cup of coffee.

The Source Espresso Bar at Mosman. Now, if you want to eat a tasty lunch and a cup of coffee after that then come to The Source Espresso Bar. They serve good food here as well as excellent cups of coffee.