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Healthy Trick or Treat!

Thursday, October 31st, 2013

Ready for the trick and treat? Of course, kids are a lot more excited than you. They’ve been waiting for this day to come as it would definitely be a day filled with fun and sweets. Unfortunately, this is also the day when you can’t control your kid’s consumption of unhealthy food and candy. Even if you are able to bake your super delish pumpkin cake and was able to perfectly cook your mom’s killer recipe of pumpkin soup, kids would still prefer eating the sugary candies.

trick or treat

By the time dinner is ready, they are already full. It is not an uncommon scenario catching them sleeping with candies and gums on their mouth, isn’t it? They would even intentionally skip toothbrushing.

So, you will no longer be worrying about these things, why not break the practice? Although you can’t entirely eliminate trick or treat with candies, you can do something different and something healthier for the kids. Who knows? Moms in your neighborhood will do the same next year, and everyone will then be having a health trick or treating?
Here are some of the healthy ideas for the trick or treat or some candy alternatives that might be better for your kids than what you usually serve them during this time of the year.


Microwave Popcorn. Who says popcorns are just for watching movies? You can use them for trick and treat, too! Obviously, they are a lot healthier than candies.

Bagged Pretzels. There are lots of pretzel flavors you can choose from for the trick and treat. All it requires is the additional creativity on your packing. Make sure they look interesting and colorful.

Graham Cookies. No, not the boring graham cookies. Mold them into bear-like shape so they appear more exciting. Most importantly, not too sweet!

Sugar-Free Gum. Yeah, sugar-free gums are not all tasteless and unsweetened. You can get them with different flavors minus the sugar.

What about some non-food alternatives? Yeah, it is possible and acceptable for trick or treat as well. If you want to avoid all the junk food, then you might just give the kids something to play and work on. You might like to give them these:


• Temporary Tattoos.
• Halloween Stickers.
• Crayons.
• Halloween-themed Coloring Books.
• Glow in the Dark Accessories.
• Bubbles.

Even without the sweets, you can still make Trick or Treat fun and exciting. Just apply some of your creativity on it, and the kids will surely love them.

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Food Trucks and More

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

Sydney is a place where you can find the grandest food trucks in town. Food trucks or concession trailers of various food businesses and restaurants can be observed all over Australia. We can find these food trucks during fairs, concerts, tournaments, parade and other crowd gathering events.

food trucks

Also, in Sydney, the food concession business is considered a lucrative business. As a tourist capital in Australia, food trucks business is truly a hit as people would love to buy their favorite food stuff and eat along prepared tables at the alley. On this regard, Sydney contemplates of having an event that which highlights the food truck industry.

Last October of this year, Sydney was able to host a successful food truck gathering event. This event gathers various food truck vendors all over Australia. These vendors include the favorite food stations like Eat Art Truck, Tsuru, Urban Pasta, Street Sliders and Cantina Mobil. The event will be at Belmore Park.

Due to the overwhelming support, StreetFest is set to become a regular event and will again be held this November 1 or every first Friday of the month.

Other features of the food trucks event:

Live performances. Aside from tasting various food servings offered by food concession trailers, you will also enjoy the event as there are live performances. Live performances include live band presentations. DJ’s will be there to make the event more energetic and festive. Furthermore, one can also expect hip hop presentations of the most talented dancers and performers in Sydney.

streetfest performance

Live Art Battles. These live art battles will allow your kids as well as artistic adults to have fun and showcase their talent as they enjoy their meal.

Unicyclist performance. Who says unicyclist performance can only be seen at the carnival? Of course not, for you can witness a live performance at the Food Trucks event.

Proceeds for Charity. A good thing about this event is that when you participate, you will have the chance to give to the needy indirectly. Whenever you buy from these food trucks, a part of the purchase price will go to charity. The beneficiary charity is OzWest.

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What to Look Forward to in Sydney this Christmas

Tuesday, October 29th, 2013

If there is a place where you should be this Christmas, it must be Sydney. Why? Sydney is the place where everything seems to be perfectly relaxed yet amazingly exciting. Your Christmas here will definitely be one of a kind. What are the things that you can expect in Sydney during the holidays?

christmas in sydney

Not the regular Christmas tree. Sydney calls their Christmas tree as the Tree of Brightness. The tree is specially lighted and technically designed where one can send a message through mobile phone and the same message will be displayed for the view of everyone. Tourists can expect this tree to be visible in St Martin’s place starting from the last days of November.

Bright Lights and Festive Environment. It is true that in all parts of the world, during the Christmas season, every place seem to be fully lighted with bright lights and varying colors. But in Sydney, you can have your fair share of the holiday by taking a stroll around the Sydney Town Hall. Start your tour at the St. Mary’s Cathedral to George Street, walk through Hyde Park down to Elizabeth Street and feel Christmas truly in the air.

Sydney christmas

Concerts and Christmas programs. If there is a better time to party then it will be during the Christmas season. Series of concerts, fireworks displays, live performances and family affairs will be in Sydney. It is assured that your Christmas will never be a boring one if you go to Sydney.

Picture Taking. Everybody seems to love to take pictures especially during Christmas. Take beautiful pictures with the Christmas decors and your love ones. Kids will have a good time in taking pictures with Santa Claus! But who says only kids love Santa?


Food. More than anything else, Sydney is the best place to spend Christmas because of the food offerings. Restaurants and caterers like South Western Sydney spit roast catering will make your Christmas extra special.

Another Exciting Event to Watch Out

Monday, October 28th, 2013

Looking for another event to add into your November activities? Don’t forget to include Margaret River Gourmet Escape that will happen on November 22nd until the 24th.margaretlogo
This is a great event to come for the foodies and the famous culinary stars. Yes, you got it right. This year’s event is made even more exciting with the presence of the biggest names in the culinary industry – Heston Blumenthal, Rick Stein and Alex Atala.

So, what’s more to expect at the event? There are more exciting additional to the program than the last year’s event. Of course, your favorite Matt Moran and Neil Perry will still be there. New programs to look forward to include the showcase of killer menus plus the fine wines from Rockpool Bar and Grill Restaurant and will happen at the McHenry Hohnen Winery. There will be live music and the remarkable dinner for everyone.

How about The Gourmet Village?

This whole event can never be completed without dropping by the Leeuwin Estate where the famous The Gourmet Village is. This is where you can get a taste for the finest wines in the country.

margaret seafood

Are you a seafood enthusiast? Then the Catch of the Day with Rick Stein must be on your to-do list. Meet and greet the Rick and find out his secrets in creating the best seafood dish you can ever serve.

An aspiring wine connoisseur? You must not miss the premium wine tasting where you can take a sip of both local and international premium and vintage wines.

margaret chefs

BBQ on the beach? This is not a problem. Due to the overwhelming demand, the Smiths Beach will still hold the Gourmet Beach BBQ’s. Savor every bite of the sumptuous BBQ from the country’s most amazing BBQ chefs who are as well the inspiration of the talented caterers at Southern Sydney Spit Roast Catering. Pair it up with the fine wines and the breathtaking scenery of the settling sun and sparkling waters.

This year’s Margaret River Gourmet Escape is certainly not to be missed.

Halloween is Coming! Ready?

Friday, October 25th, 2013

Halloween is a season where children and adults love the most next to Christmas. Why? Because instead of singing carols in the street, Halloween is a perfect time of the year why children and adult alike would knock to every home in the neighborhood for trick and treat. In addition to that, everyone loves the annual Halloween costume party where everybody would try to dress up in the spookiest outfit or the weirdest one. On top of that, who can resists the following Halloween food ideas?


Mummy Cake. Everybody loves chocolate cake! Well, put a little twist on it by coming up with a chocolate mummy cake. Shape the cake into a coffin like design with a mummy frosted topping. Wouldn’t that be perfect for your Halloween gathering?

Marshmallow Pops. If you are tired of giving our candies and chocolates to trick or treat kinds then be creative enough to have marshmallow pops. Have a large marshmallow in a printed paper straw. You can choose your own design by having fondant and some candies pieces forming Frankenstein, skulls, scarecrows, pumpkins and ghosts.

Jack-O-Lantern cheese balls. Who says cheese balls are only for the holidays? They can be perfect for Halloween too! Use your imagination and carve a large cheese ball into a Jack-O-Lantern. Attach some nachos in it to give it an overall pumpkin look. Candy Sprinkles or chocolates can be used to make eyes, the nose and the hallow mouth.


Vampire Cocktail. Instead of having juices or coffee for your Halloween party, come up with something extraordinary like a vampire cocktail. Mix up some red wine or cheery flavored juice with some fruits and you have your vampire cocktail, presto!

Wicked Cupcakes. Turn an ordinary cupcake into a Halloween cupcake! How? That can be simple. You can use fondant and make witches hat like designs. You can also have ghosts by having plain while fondant on top of the cupcakes.

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Must Try: Melbourne’s Best Seafood Platters

Thursday, October 24th, 2013

After a long week of fast food and oily meat dishes, why not give your taste buds something different? The best option are seafood dishes that would surely make you stay on the table for a long time, hoping there’s more you can take out from the shell.

seafood platter

When you are in Melbourne, there are countless choices you have if you are a seafood lover. Just make sure though you don’t have the seafood allergy before you decide on indulging to these finger-lickin’ seafood platters.

Sails on the Bay. Craving for some sumptuous seafood platter good for two with the natural amazing backdrop? Then, this is a must-dine place for you. This is where you get to enjoy the fresh oysters on a platter with some prawns, mussels and crab.

Claypots Seafood and Wine. Dining in with a group of friends? If so, the giant seafood platter is the perfect fit. There is certainly no room for diet in this restaurant because you’d surely leave with a full stomach yet still crave for more. Red snapper, calamari, anyone?

Richmond Seafood Tavern. What if you are given the chance to make your own platter? That would truly be heaven, isn’t it? You can make it possible at this seafood restaurant where you can pick your own combos from fish to prawns, oysters, scallops and anything edible from the ocean.

Want more options? You may also check out the Anchorage Restaurant and the Lobster Cave. Whichever you pick, for sure, you won’t get enough of their heavenly seafood platters.


In Melbourne, you can always ensure that you are eating the freshest and the highest quality of seafood on every platter served. Make sure you have enough space on your tummy before stepping into these restaurants so you can taste everything they have to offer.

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Drinks at the Rooftop in Sydney

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013


You must have been very busy every week that you need some time to unwind, perhaps over the weekend. If you are looking for some place to chill over some bottle of beer or a glass of wine and a shot of brandy or tequila while witnessing the sun set or wait until the next sun rise, then there are some amazing spots in Sydney to enjoy all these.

Here are some of the amazing rooftop bars you might want to check out this weekend.

Ivy Pool. Aside from the stunning skies to watch out for, you may also enjoy a drink or two while staring at some sexy guys and gals swimming. The Ivy Pool is the best spot to go if you want some cocktails and get wet right after.

Darlo Bar. If you are into some smoking session with the guys over some cold shots, then the Darlo Bar is the best destination to go. Although there is a cloud of smoke from the cigarettes, you will get to enjoy the pretty decorations and the garden party feel while in this rooftop bar.

Corridor. A cozy place to spend to go for a drink is the Corridor. A home-like rooftop bar in the neighborhood that serves one of the best tasting craft beers. Enjoy the view of the luxury real estate in the surrounding areas while taking a sip of your favorite cocktail and local wine.

Zeta Bar. Are you a cocktail fanatic? Then, then the Zeta Bar is definitely for you. This is where all best cocktails are served along with the awesome view of the QVB.

rooftop 2

Still no time to chill out in these rooftop bars? Then, perhaps you can have your own rooftop drinking spree. Invite friends to come along, and don’t forget to call your favorite Northern Beaches Spit Roast Catering to add more excitement to the party.

Crave for More at Taste of Melbourne 2013

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

Melbourne is a place in Australia where famous restaurants are located. You can expect to find every food shop at every stop in Melbourne and each food shop have its own unique authentic Australian cuisine to offer as well as other international dishes like Asian inspired food stuffs. If you are a food fan or you just have an enormous craving for food, Melbourne will never disappoint you. Come to Melbourne and prove this for yourself!


On this end, tourists are expected to visit Melbourne not just for tourist sports but also to get a taste of what Melbourne based chefs and cooks has to offer. The finest restaurants are here and famous chefs will prepare your meal for you personally.

Isn’t that simply the thing that you wanted all restaurants in the world would do?

Attend the annual Taste of Melbourne 2013 and get the best of everything that Melbourne chefs have to offer. It is an event that a local Aussie should not miss to attend. Also, tourists and other residents of Australia are expected to attend this annual food event. Melbourne is without doubt a good place when it comes to food servings and concoctions.

In the Taste of Melbourne 2013, you might spend every single penny in your pocket for varying food stuffs. There can be a lot there so be ready! Large and tasty platters will be readily available for your satisfaction from Bomba, Modiv and Saint Crispin! Cooking demonstrations by Victor Liong and other famous chefs will be for everybody’s view.

Beers, cocktails drinks and wine will be overflowing so prepare yourself for the largest food event in your life! You must mark your calendar red for the month of November is fast approaching! Free your calendar at the 14th until the 17th of November if you want to have some participation.


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The Best of Asian Food in the Little Hay Street

Monday, October 21st, 2013

October has not yet ended, so obviously it is still the Good Food Month. This means the fun and the good food never stop. Before we conclude this month, let us get the taste of Asia On Your Doorstep first. This is your chance to enjoy the unique taste of Asia from various restaurants in Sydney specifically in the Chinatown.


The best part of this event is the fact that you will be consuming all these sumptuous Asian cuisine from unbelievable $10 to $20. This is going to take place in October 25, 2013 at the Little Hay Street. Indulge in the $3 popular Asian finger foods like pho, Szechuan, sushi, takoyako, teppanyaki and yun cha and many other signature menus from the best Chinatown eateries.

Another interesting part of this event? Well, you will get to watch the young and super talented chefs who will impress you with their unique menus that you would surely die to taste.

This event is sponsored by the City of Sydney. To boost the vitality of this event, the City has made several improvements to the Little Hay Street including the new lighting, street furniture, public art and paving. You will see Chinatown in a whole new look when you visit over the weekend.

This is the best time to set your foot to the Haymarket if you haven’t seen it yet in its new look. Bring your family and friends and enjoy the food, the ambiance and the taste of Asia.

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Visiting Sydney Living Museum

Thursday, October 17th, 2013

If you visit Sydney, you will immediately understand why the city is hailed as the food capital of Australia. This is evidenced by numerous restaurants and food shops sprawling all over the city. It appears that in Sydney, you can never find any corner where there isn’t any food stall available.

sydney living museum

On this end, Sydney Living Museums spearheads a food bandwagon that will feature series of food events for the entire year. The Sydney Living Museums is the former Historic Houses Trust. The whole year program includes food feasts, presentation of historic food houses, food selections and most loved food dishes over the years.

The featured event is the Museum of Sydney exhibition. The event is called the Eat Your History: A Shared Table. All throughout the event, everything about Australia’s food history will be presented. This can include various discoveries of food exhibitions of historic Australian food date way back the 1950’s. A food tour will also be conducted with help of leading historic Australian food shops like Parramatta Homestead, Vaucluse House, Elizabeth Farm and Elizabeth Bay House.

Aside from tours at ancient Australian food houses, there will also be celebrity interviews on world renowned chefs like Alessandro Pavoni. Pavoni is a famous Australian restaurant owner and chef. There will also be cooking classes to be lead by skilled Australian chefs. Cooking demonstrations will also be done. This can be of great interest to culinary enthusiasts and food preparation experts. Kids as well as adults might also be interested to participate in cooking workshops and other food preparation activities.

Tourists and locals will also have the chance to meet up with local chefs, restaurant owners and have a taste of the finest food servings. Several food shops and Sydney caterers are expected to participate in the year long event. Lower North Shore Spit Roast Catering is one of the names you can trust if you want to serve all the delish dishes that Australia has on your next party.