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A Taste of Asia in Perth

Friday, September 13th, 2013

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It is a normal attribute to human nature that we consume food. But if you want to eat good Asian food, then go to Perth because there you can find the finest. Perth caterers are experts when it comes to food servings that will be ideal for all parties in Perth. Here is a quick overview.

Where the best Asian cuisines are served in Perth:

Kitchen Inn Café. The café is a Malaysian restaurant and they offer simply the best of Malaysia’s best foodies. You must try the “Kolo Mee”. It is a authentic noodle dish spiced with pork stripes, BBQ and pinches of varying seasoning to excite your taste bud.

Tak Chee. If you are a rice lover then Tak Chee is the place where you should go. They would not serve you with plain rice there! But they will offer you their bestselling Hainanese Chicken Rice.

Good Fortune. A Chinese restaurant that serves roasted ducks best. The place is very near Tak Chee and it remains to be one of the most favored eating places in town.

To To. If you want to get of Vietnamese cuisine then go to To To. It will be perfect idea to drop by in there especially during cold winter days and have a serving of rice noodles and beef broth.

Hawkers Cuisine. They serve Japanese egg tofu, favorite Malaysian sugary treats like ice kachang and a variety of Chinese delicacies.

Kai. It is a Japanese restaurant where you can have a flavorsome bowl of ramen.

Yuki. Another Japanese restaurant that is known chicken katso and bento desserts.

Ha-Lu. Japanese food is finely served here. The place is also nice and offers good sashimi and wangyu beef.

Atrium. Here you can find generously flavored roasted duck, sushi and dimsum!

Melbourne Celebrates Asian Food Festival

Thursday, September 12th, 2013

asian food festival

Do you know why Melbourne is known as the Land of in Between? Well, one reason can be is that it is the part of the world where you can find almost everything else. Do you agree? A lot of us would adhere to the fact that Melbourne is just a fantastic place. It is a premier tourist spot for varying people from different parts of the world. Melbourne never fails to owe tourists as well as locals. It is also a perfect place to settle and build a family. It is a place where everybody can have the best times of his life.

What has Melbourne have to offer? We can say that there can be so much. One of the most common is its primacy when it comes to food selection. You can have the best food in Melbourne and such will be prepared by the finest Melbourne caterers.

In addition to that, parties in Melbourne are always first class and on the top of its kind. However, if you wish to witness what really has Melbourne has to offer when it comes to food then do not miss the annual Asian Food Festival. Come to Melbourne’s Chinatown and realize that you can find the classiest food caterers all over the place.

The Asian Food Festival only happens once in a year. In the mentioned event, about 50 restaurants and caterers will showcase their food offerings. There will be cooking demonstrations, buffets, competitions and other activities. On this end, this can serve as your perfect chance to have comprehensive overview why Chinatown in Melbourne is popular hailed as Australia’s Food Capital. The event is free of charge and no bookings will be necessary. Thus, you all need to bring is yourself or perhaps a few friends who would be willing to join you on this special event.

Canape and Bowl Food Party Ideas

Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

Everyone loves to party, right? But only a very few of us would admit that we enjoy to play the role of the host. Of course, it would be nice to become a guest instead of a host. It is true that preparing for a party is never an easy thing. The preparations that a large corporate gathering demands can truly be exhausting. But the thing is that even a small gathering at home like a garden party can also be tiring. Do you know that is our main problem? Yes, it is the food.


It is a fact that party hosts usually get into a lot of trouble in the food selection as well as in the food preparation. This is the reason why we hire Sydney caterers so as to make things a little bit easier. Some canapé and bowl party ideas for parties in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Adelaide and anywhere in Australia are presented below as your guide.

Be Creative. Remember, you are the host. Thus, you have all the right to be creative in almost everything about the party especially with the food. Miniature food selections lately are becoming a hit. With this, we can easily find in canapé parties little platters filled with healthy selections like tiny doughnuts with organic strawberry jams prepared in the most creative way.

Be Tasty. Yes, creativity is very important but you must also consider the quality of the food. Be sure that the food creatively prepared is also tasty. Nicely cupped fries in a cone shaped paper inside a glass can be perfect example that you can be tasty and artsy at the same time. With the right caterer at hand, you can always make this possible.

Be Healthy. Finally, canapé and bowl foods must be healthy servings too. Hot and cold bowls can be available with healthy servings like fresh tomatoes and yummy onion rings.

Worst Things Caterers can Do

Monday, September 9th, 2013

If you are a frequent host of parties in Sydney and you never miss to hire Sydney caterers for those events then you must have had good working experience with them. However, some folks are not as lucky as you. The sad truth is that, there are some food caterers around the globe that are not as efficient as we expect them to be.

Here are the worst things that food caterers can do:

Bad Food. Yes, you have paid a large sum of money to the caterers! Either you have paid for a package or for individual and per person rate, the fact remains that you paid. Because you have paid, you expect that you will get the value for you money. But instead of serving good food, what was served was food that is either uncooked or overcooked and unsavory. You have not only wasted a lot of cash on this end! But you have also created a bad impression on your guests. Double jeopardy, as they say.

Bad Service. Okay, the food is good. But how about the service? Are there enough utensils for everybody? Is everyone treated well? Is the bartender attentive to the requests of the guests? Are the service crews courteous enough to guide the guests to their table?

Unprepared. You wanted a beautiful garden wedding. Everyone was wearing pastel suites and dresses. Flowers were properly arranged and the table drapes lovely positioned. The food is good. The only problem is that, your caterer does not have an alternative plan in case the weather will change. It rained. So, what happened? Everyone was soaked. No canopies were set up for shelter. And your caterer claims that they were not informed that it will rain!

Did not come at all. Perhaps the worst thing that a caterer can do is being missing in action on the date of the event. Reason? Because their schedule was mixed up! They thought your event would be the day after tomorrow and not today!

Surprising and Unique Things that Food Caterers can Do

Friday, September 6th, 2013

What is the main reason that you have hired for Sydney caterers for parties in Sydney? Normally, we would want caterers to take care of the food preparation, the venue, flow of the entire program as well as the accommodation of the guests.


However, there are some caterers who would provide for addition services on top of the ordinary tasks of a caterer such as food preparation and arrangement of the venue. Here are a few interesting things that we must know.

Kick start. Every party must be energetic and full of life, right? But normally, even before the party starts, some boring moments can transpire. This usually happens when most of the guests would come in late or would refuse to settle on their respective tables. With this, it can hard to pursue the original plan for the program. But exemplary caterers would help you get over this normal party dilemma. On the alternative, caterers would provide for an entertainment number (e. g song or dance number) to catch the attention of those who came on time. Caterers have their own master of the ceremony to see to it that the program will properly flow as planned.

the sydney catering boys with new dishes

Photo booths. Yes, partying is not all about the food and the music! It is also about taking pictures. If you can observe, photo booths are now offered by caterers. The photo booth can be situated at the entrance of the venue or anywhere within the area. The booths are fully equipped with accessories and other funny materials like wigs, hats and colorful costumes.

Provide free space. By free space we mean a coach on the adjacent room where the party is held where guests who are not so fond of loud music and the crowd can stay. Cups of coffee or wine can be offered to the guests.

Play pen. It is inevitable to have little ones in your party. Caterers can set up a play pen for them so that their parents can have a good time partying.

Yummy Desserts in Five Minutes!

Thursday, September 5th, 2013

We all understand the fact that being a homeowner is never easy. Aside from the fact that we need to clean the entire house, we also need to do the laundry and the dishes. In addition to that, we need to prepare the meal three times a day. Sometimes, we are even required to prepare two additional meals especially if you have kids at home who would demand for in between meal snacks. Yes, you must be thinking that you are now a superhero. Imagine that?


There are also instances wherein you have to come up with a quick food serving because you have unexpected guests. Your husband invited his officemates to your home for an afternoon coffee without any notification, your in-laws showed up unexpectedly or your child’s teacher came for a visit. You would not have enough time to call for Sydney caterers, right? In this case, you have to act like a gracious host and prepare some decent food.

Here is an easy five-minute dessert guide for small gatherings and parties in Sydney.

Sliced Fruits and Dips. For unexpected visits, there is nothing else you can do but to make out of something palatable out of the things that you can find in your fridge and kitchen cabinets. Definitely, you can find some pieces of fruits in there or a can of fruit mix for that matter. Slice up the apples into bit size pieces and mix up the berries, papayas or pineapples. You can add some cream or prepare a nice dip.

Smoothies. They are very easy to prepare since all you need to do is to turn on the blender and your fresh fruit smoothie or milk shake will be ready in two minutes!

Easy to bake cakes. There are cake recipe packages that are available in the market today. You can simply pour the ingredients in a microwaveable container and the cake will be ready to serve in less than five minutes.

Different Ways to Serve Finger Foods on Your Party

Wednesday, September 4th, 2013

DIY Catering

There is no doubt that partying in Sydney is whole year round! Why? People here are energetic enough to host and attend gatherings from time to time. In addition to that, they have all the resources there can be to host a decent party. Yes, you can find parties in Sydney for the whole year, regardless of the season. It appears that people in Sydney never run out of reason to party! Definitely, Sydney is a good place to stay if you want to have good times with good people.

If you are not the type of person who would spend half day at the grocery to buy the things that you need as well as the other half to prepare for finger food parties then you can call up Sydney caterers to save you from the hassle. What are the best ways to serve finger foods?

In big plates. Nothing is more exciting than to find BBQ’s, grilled hotdogs, smoked beef and spiced meat cuts in large plates! This only means that there can be endless supplies of your favorite finger food selection. The truth is that serving finger foods in big plates never fails to empress your guests. Who would not be impressed with a very generous and accommodating host? You can serve cold beers and wine and your party simply rocks!

In little trays. You can also serve finger food like burgers, bread buns, sandwiches and cookies in little trays. Of course, it would seem inappropriate to put sweet cookies in big plates. However, you can do so if you wish to. After all, it is your party! You can serve those filled little trays with delish sandwiches or toothsome cookies with tea, hot chocolate drinks or coffee. It would make a perfect afternoon snack.


In bowls. A little bowl filled with cashew nuts and chocolate chips will always be great. Most finger foods does not need to be contained in gigantic platters especially if you will only be serving four guests per table. You can have a single bowl per table.

In boxes. Well, if you want everything to be disposable then serve finger food in boxes or plastic plates. French fries and toasted cheese sticks will still taste the same even in disposable containers.

Secrets to Mouth-Watering Bite-Sized Fried Chicken

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013

It seems that friend chicken is among the oldest chicken recipe that we know. Yes, we love chicken when it is deep fried. Children and adults favour fried chicken. Why? Perhaps not just because we love chicken or that we love anything that is fried. It can be because that we have developed several ways on how to enhance our classic fried chicken.

spicy chicken munchies

In various finger food partiesin Sydney, bite-sized fried chicken servings are never missed. Our Sydney caterers provide us with some tips on how to come up with mouth-watering fried chicken for our parties in Sydney.

Fry or Oven It. As the name implies, fried chicken needs to be fried. That means you will need a large pan, plenty of oil and a good amount of fire. But we also know that dip fry cooking can be a little bit unhealthy because the oil will soak into the chicken meat and will be absorbed. Lately, chefs suggest that it can be possible to oven the chicken subject to a considerable amount of heat and the same mouthwatering bite-sized friend chicken will be the result. The second option can be a healthier way to do it.

The Chicken Itself. The taste of the fried chicken will be dependent on how you marinade it. Some buttermilk marinade with the finest spices can make the tastiest fried chicken.

marinated chicken

Sauce. It depends whether you want to have sweet and rich gravy or you prefer the hot and tangy red chili sauce. You can even invent your own sauce like mixing some soy sauce and apple cider. You can have mayonnaise if you love to.

Delish It. There is no absolute rule in food preparation and that holds true even with fried chicken. You can have onions, tomatoes, parmesan cheese or vegetables servings like broccoli, carrots, mushrooms and lettuce.

Fine Food Australia Coming Up

Monday, September 2nd, 2013

the sydney catering boys with new dishes

Fine Food Australia is the most waited event of the year Sydney caterers. Why? The event features the premier food business owners and caterers in Sydney and can be the perfect opportunity for you to introduce your business in the industry.

If you are a budding food business entrepreneur then obtaining a good business lead is here for you.
What pluses are for you in Fine Food Australia? For one, you are gaining unparalleled advertisement. Must you spend for promotional marketing methods?

There is no necessity for in the event, you are not required to pay for anything. Secondly, you will have the chance to meet up with fellow business owners. You can share ideas with other experts like chefs, business strategies with the finest business investors as well as the possibility of developing partnerships. Partnerships with other business investors can help you expand your business and obtain larger markets.

Lastly, you will develop good consumer relations with the aid of the event. You can meet with your clients face to face and have the opportunity to discuss some mattes with them. In a nutshell, you are as if getting closer to the masses. You are actually opening your business to the people, inviting them to come to you and to love your products.

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The event draws exhibitors – various business owners, food caterers, restaurant owners, bakers, patisseries chef’s and other experts in food preparation. Visitors, clients and other prospective investors may also join the event. Now, if you are someone who is trying to find a good business to invest with then come to Fine Food Australia. In addition to that, if you are trying to find good ideas and sources of finger foods for your finger foods parties in Sydney then the event will be a perfect spot. You can find the best caterers in Sydney at the event.