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Fruits This Season in Sydney

Friday, August 30th, 2013


Sydney is a place where you can find almost everything – bright lights at night, opera houses, theaters, architectural creations, theme parks, animal farms, the finest restaurants, patisseries, bakeries, amusement centers and fresh fruits and vegetable farms. For this reason, Sydney never fails to be a favourite destination among tourists all year round.

Fresh fruits and farms for instance are always visited by tourists as well as of local consumers. What can we find in farms and fruit stalls this season?

Apples. It appears that apples can be found in all places of the world today. Apples can be perfect eaten raw or be whipped with some cream. Apples are known to be good anti-oxidants plus they facilitate good metabolism. Toothsome apple pies prepared by Sydney caterers never miss to entice us.

Lemons and Oranges. They are always good especially during the summer season. You can always find fresh ones in fruit stalls. With the use of a fruit juicer, come up with refreshing icy lemonade. Add up some carrots, tomatoes and plums and you have a healthy juice drink.

Papayas and Pineapples. Papayas and pineapples can be juiced too if you want to have a healthy summer drink. Slice the fruits together with some melons and chill. An fruit mix is always ideal for parties in Sydney.

Berries. You can find all types of berries in Sydney! They are all organically grown and sweet. You can find lovely raspberries, grapes, blueberries and strawberries.

Apricots, peach and plums. These stone fruit varieties can easily be purchased in farmer’s market.

Other Tropical Fruits. Name all the tropical fruits that you know and you can find it all in Sydney. Sweet mangoes, bananas, guavas and pomelos!

Exotic fruits. You can always buy the kiwifruit from fruit stalls. Another fruit that has an exotic look but is very popular is the dragonfruit. They can be whipped with cream and some sweetened milk and you instantly have a fruit dessert.

Any Plan for the Father’s Day?

Thursday, August 29th, 2013

It’s the time of the year again when we are given the chance to show to our dads how thankful we are to have them. This first Sunday of September is Father’s Day! So, what do you have in mind?


Aussies have different styles of showing dads their appreciation. Here are just some of it:

Adventure. Biking, mountain climbing, and other sports are among dad’s favorite. Why don’t you go out with him? Anyway, it’s a weekend. Although it is not a non-working holiday, it only happens once a year. Go and grab this chance.

Church. Since it is Sunday, it is best to start the day in the church with the whole family.

Father’s Day Events. There will be a lot of parties in Sydney this day specially prepared for all dads. You may also take him to charity events such as those that support men suffering from illness like prostate cancer.

Gifts. If you don’t have that much time to take him for at least a stroll in the park or watch movies and other place he likes to go, why not give them gifts instead? Some dads would not want it, but if you really have no time for this day, then hope that your gift will suffice. After all, it is the thought that counts. Don’t forget the father’s day card with your personalized message.

Eat Out. Restaurants, bars and cafes will surely be flooded with customers – father and sons, dad and daughters or one whole family. You may also take your dad to his favorite restaurant and let him eat his heart out, but make sure it won’t compromise his health.

01 - Spit roasted lamb

Dine at home. What about mom cooking dinner for him? This is perhaps the best way to spend father’s day with the whole family. Dinner at home is more intimate and allows family to rekindle the bond. No time to cook at home? What about hiring Sydney caterers instead? Surely, you can get the best deals for their father’s day promotions. How about some spit roast? Hmm… sounds like a good idea, huh?

The Gluten-Free Expo 2013

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

Are you a health conscious individual who simply wants to live a gluten-free life? Or do you or a family member have a medical condition that requires avoidance of food containing gluten? If so, then you are lucky to have a wide variety of gluten-free food available in the grocery stores and supermarket these days. In fact, even Sydney caterers offer gluten-free menu for your parties.

party  group

If you want to know more about this special diet, then you must attend the Gluten-Free Expo 2013 this coming Friday and Saturday, August 30 to 31. This event is hosted by ACT and Coeliac NSW.

So, what to expect in this event?

The expo presents products that are guaranteed gluten-free. You can try some food samples, buy them and take them home. These products are manufactured by different companies. There are also programs to entertain and educate you. A number of traditional and new exhibitors will give you the opportunity to try their health food options.

The event is already on its 9th year. Individuals with coeliac disease will benefit greatly in this one of a kind expo. The expo is successfully held every year, thanks to the unending support of participants and visitors alike.

If you can’t find your favorite gluten-free food from your local grocery stores, you can definitely find it here. The best part of it all is that you will discover that there are many other gluten-free food selections out there that you thought don’t exist. Discover new gluten-free menus and take them home.

Again, it is going to happen this Friday and Saturday. If you plan on spending a healthy weekend, this event should be included in your itinerary.

Enjoy the free food samples and a vast selection of gluten-free products to buy.

If you want to hold gluten-free parties in Sydney yet don’t want to do the food preparations on your own, you may ask help from the best caterers in town.

Are There Any Paleo Restaurants in Sydney?

Monday, August 26th, 2013

If you want to go to place where you can have the best times of your life, then go to Sydney. It remains to be a perfect spot for recreation as well as for fine dining. We have the finest restaurants in Sydney, as they say, good food means good life. But if you are trying to live healthy then Sydney is still good for you. Why? Because you can find good food here, paleo food selections are served in fine dining tables.


What are the benefits of the Paleo Diet?

Primarily, the Paleo Deit revitalizes and makes your cells healthier. In addition, the diet also enables your brain to be in good shape. Ideally, protein and good fats like those from fish are essential for a healthy brain. Further, the diet helps the body attain muscles rather than superfluous fats. More body mass and lesser amount of fat is always wanted by most of us, correct? Another benefit is lesser chances of having gut troubles. The Paleo diet deals away with processed food and other unhealthy food servings that can trigger gut problems and pains.

Moreover, the Paleo diet enables the body to hasten the process of metabolism. With this, you excrete unused fats and toxins while absorbing necessary vitamins and minerals. On this end, weight loss is more likely to happen and such is achieved in a healthy and subtle way. No side effects can be expected.

Now, the question is that are there restaurants that offer Paleo food serving in Sydney? Yes there are. Below are two of the most famous paleo restaurants in Sydney.

El Capo. It is a Paleo restaurant in Sydney that even Masterchef experts like George and Matt would love to eat out their lunch. Their specialty is the most loved sweet pork neck.
Grill’d Healthy Burgers. Offers the classic burger but prepared with healthy ingredients and organic spices.

Planning for paleo parties in Sydney? You may cook the food to serve on your own. There are a lot of DIY tutorials for paleo diet that you can find online. However, if you don’t want to sweat out, you can always get help from Sydney caterers. Call them today and ask if they can serve these healthy menus for your party.

Going Bollywood

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

Yes it’s Bollywood! You might think it’s not Bollywood but Hollywood. Well, it is not. Bollywood happens to be India’s version of the famous and well-loved Hollywood of the west.

DIY Catering

If you are planning for parties in Sydney then a Bollywood-themed party will be a great idea! What are the things that you need for your Bollywood party? You will need to ask your guest to put on some Bollywood costumes, rent a large hall and arrange some black and white decorations. Throw some colorful pillows on the couches and play rhythmic Indian music.

But above all, to be able to have a nice Bollywood-theme party you will need to prepare for the best Indian dishes and drinks. You can always ask some Sydney caterers to prepare the following:

Finger Foods. In any Bollywood party, finger foods are most favored. Included in the most popular menus are Mumbai Sandwiches made of assorted vegetable servings of cucumbers, potatoes, tomatoes, bets and cheese. Other great add-ons to the list are the Tikki Chaat, Bhelpuri, Paani Puri, and Papdi Chaat.

Exotic Indian Cuisine. Buffets of Buttered Chicken, Palak Paneer, Naan are always bestsellers in Sydney as well as in other parts of the world.

Salads and Sidedishes. A Bollywood-themed party will never be complete without vegetable salads like Kachumbar, as well as spicy side dishes Green Onion Raita.

Snacks and Bites. Whether you are hosting a luncheon or an afternoon party, a Bollywood party menu will always be available for you. Heavy snack options include Samosa and Vada Pav.

Drinks. After we have talked so much about food selections, we must not forget about the drinks to complete the Bollywood menu. During summer days, cold Indian drinks like Lasi and Badam Milk can be great. During winter days, Spiced Apple Cider and Masala Chai can be favorable.

Must-Ask Questions to Your Wedding Caterer

Tuesday, August 20th, 2013

If you want the wedding to be very extra special, then you should not hold back in your budget. Basically, you will be spending a lot on the party food than anything else. With this, you should perform due diligence when looking for Sydney caterers. Here are some questions you need to ask before you finally decide on hiring a wedding caterer:


Is there any food or service you specialize? If so, then they must be able to provide you with the list of menus or services that they are good at.

Will there be a free taste test? A caterer who offers such means they are confident about their services and the food they serve. You have to grab this opportunity and set a schedule before you hire them. Offering the free taste test alone is not enough to be impressed. It is a must that you taste the food yourself before they are being served on the party.

What’s the price range? It is important that you make it clear with the caterer the cost of the food and the service. Are they inclusive of taxes? Will I pay for the linens? Always ask for the prices in written form.

How do you get involved in the reception? You need to know if one can play like a wedding coordinator that will help you arrange the seats or when the food is served. If not, you may consider getting a separate wedding coordinator.

Are you going to provide the tableware? Chairs? Tables? And many others? You have to make sure if they offer such things so you don’t have to rent all these from another company. It is always best to hire an all-in-one service provider so you can be confident that everything compliments with each other.

Who should I contact? While you deal with the catering staff on your reservation and planning, a different staff may be working with you on the event day. It is always best to see the same person whom you made transaction with on the wedding day just in case troubles arise, you have someone to blame or ask for emergency assistance.


There are many other questions that you need to ask your wedding caterer to make sure that your wedding party is a breeze. However, the above mentioned are the most important ones. Don’t miss them when you seek potential caterers for your wedding party in Sydney.

What to Do with Your Young Guests

Monday, August 19th, 2013

Sometimes, it is inevitable that you set a party for your friends and later realize that most of them surely can’t come without having their kids with them. What should you do? You can’t just tell them not to take their kids to the party. However, you can prepare something to entertain them while their parents enjoy the party. Doing so would not only allow you to have a smooth party but also give the chance to your friends to enjoy the event without having to worry about their kids.


You know for a fact that kids find it boring to just sit on the table beside the adults. When they are not interested, they tend to become restless. With this, their parents would do their best to keep them entertained; hence, they often miss the fun and the exciting conversations.

Preparing an entertainment for the kids is the only way that you can help them. How will you do it? Here are some suggestions that you might find useful.

Kid’s Station. You may set some table and chairs in one area where kids can play on some non-messy art crafts, board games of some coloring books. You may give each one an activity bag filled with art materials like note pads, crayons, stickers and anything that you believe kids would find interesting.

Hula Hoops and Bubbles. Both kids and adults would definitely love playing on these stuffs. What is great about these things is that parents don’t have to supervise them. They can play around without having to worry about their kids getting injured. However, for indoor parties, this may not be a good idea. Activities like these are great with garden events.

Role Play. Some kids love it when older people ask them to play roles like a waiter on the party. You may assign them some task like serving finger foods or anything that you know they can handle. You may have them serve these foods to the oldies or simply let them serve their fellow kids.


Kid’s Menu. Of course, do not forget to serve something to nibble for the kids while they play around. Do not serve meals that only the old ones would appreciate. Make the presentation more colorful with some interesting cuts. Sydney caterers are good at it. Also, make them feel like they really are a part of the party by giving them some beverages to raise for a toast when adults do theirs.

Most Popular Corporate Catering Menus

Friday, August 16th, 2013

Admittedly, hosting for any corporate event can be very tricky. This is because a corporate event can be a very formal gathering. Unlike having a grill party at your garden, you must make sure everybody is well accommodated and the food is satisfying. If you are a host or the personnel tasked for the corporate gathering, what should you include in your menu? Below is a helpful list of the most popular corporate catering menus.

In almost all places in the world, the following food selections are favorites among the most popular corporate catering menus.


Beef Brisket. If you are hosting a corporate event and expected to serve lunch or dinner then beef brisket menus can be very well appreciated. As a matter of fact, beef brisket dishes are normally requested by guests. Beef brisket with BBQ sauces are best with vegetable salads, beans, spring rolls, potato salad or just mere sliced onions. This can be perfect for any luncheon function.

Italian Food Taste. Pasta dishes, chicken servings, Parmesan pizza and more! Italian food servings are well loved in any corporate gathering. Bread rolls and wraps can be added too. Some dinner salads will be splendid too.

Sandwiches. It is not just one of the best food selections in every corporate catering menu but it is also the most convenient. There can be several variations these days on sandwich patters. There can be roasted sandwiches stuffed with meat leftovers, veggies, cheese and more. Such can also be offered in mini buns which can be ideal for afternoon snack. The good thing about sandwiches is that it can be easily fit to any group. In addition to that, it can be served along with coffee, juice or wine.

Asian Food stuff. These days, Asian flavors and dishes are becoming famous. Chicken teriyaki as well as its beef counterpart can be popular items in office functions.

Pastries. Desserts should never be missed. Ideally, a lot of people love to have some sugary treats.


If you want to serve different varieties of food on your corporate parties in Sydney, make sure that you have the perfect combos. It does not always mean that popular menus must all come together. The right combination is also important. Ask the best Sydney caterers today to find out which among these menus are perfect together.

Where is Sydney’s Most Popular Asian Restaurants

Thursday, August 15th, 2013

Sydney Australia- it’s one of the most famous food avenues in the world. Here we can find the best Australian pastries, American cuisines as well as finest Asian food selections. If you have been to Sydney, then you must have known that its one of the best places where you can have a taste of premium picks from Asia. Now, let us get to know some of Sydney’s most popular Asian restaurants.


Some of Sydney’s most popular Asian restaurants that would be worthy to mention are the following:

Chinese Food. If there is a restaurant in Sydney where you can spot famous chefs then it is in Golden Century. Situated in the heart of Chinatown, Golden Century will offer you the tastiest Chinese cuisines. Traditional Chinese dishes are served here like lobsters, fresh seafood platters, and other signature food stuff.
Another famous Chinese food house in Sydney is Billy Kwong at Surry Hills. Here you can find not just traditional Chinese meals but also distinctive menus and special dishes.

Japanese Food. What else do we want from Japan expect yummy dumplings, ramen and sushi? Yes, we can find it all in Sydney! Ippudo Japanese Ramen Bar should never be missed if you are a Japanese food lover. Another is the Yoshi Japense Restaurant which offers for flavorsome and artsy Sushi and Sashimi.

Vietnamese Food. The Thanh Binh Vietnamese Restaurant can be a very good eating place if you crave for toothsome and authentic Vietnamese food. Try out the best rice noodles and pancakes in their menu!

Malaysian Meals. If you are looking for authentic Malaysian meals then come to Mamak Malaysian Restaurant for they offer incredible Roti and Satay. The nasi lamak and murtabak are bestsellers!

All about Asia. Well, if you just want to generally take a bite of Asian dishes and do not have any particular favorite then come to Chef’s Gallery Pan Asia. They offer good food and good service too that is why it is always included in the list of Sydney’s most popular Asian restaurants.

Want some Asian cuisine on your future parties in Sydney? Check out the best caterers in Sydney today. For sure, they have a lot to offer. What are you waiting for? Inquire now.

What to Expect from Funeral Catering Services

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

They say death is as inevitable as aging. However, none of us could really tell when or how we should die. Thus, we are often caught off guard whenever a family member or a dear friend passes away. True, dealing with the loss of a loved one is never easy. However, life does not stop there, does it?


Perhaps, the least we can do for the deceased person is to let him have a decent funeral. Thus, hiring for funeral catering services is recommended. Although it is true that attendees of the funeral is not there to principally enjoy the food serve but it would be gracious enough to prepare a decent meal.

What are the most common menus of funeral catering services providers and teams?

Morning menu. Regularly, morning menu would include a savory and healthy breakfast. Bread selections with eggs, bacon, sausages and other favorite enhancements are incorporated in the morning menus. Coffees, teas and other selection of hot beverages are regular.

Morning snacks. Often, sandwiches and finger foods are served during this time. Coffee and tea still be preferred in addition cold drink variants like juices or soda.

Lunch. Funeral catering teams make it to a point that luncheons are fully packed with carbo-loaded food selection. Roast meat, flavored chicken dishes, vegetable salads and fruits are common in the menu. Wine can also be served.

Afternoon snack. Muffins, sandwiches, mini burgers, rolls and wraps will be a sure hit. Cakes and pastries can also be preferred along with coffee or cold juices.

Dinner Menu. The dinner menu can be almost similar to the food selection for lunch. However, you can always decide for an alteration.

The good thing about working a with good funeral caterers in Sydney is that you can be assured that the attendees will be properly accommodated. In addition to that, catering teams will do the serving as well as the cleaning up of the venue. Thus, you really do not need to worry about anything at your time of grief.