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Why Desserts are Usually Served Last during Parties in Sydney?

Tuesday, July 16th, 2013

Do you ever wonder why desserts are often served last in most parties in Sydney and even in other countries? This practice has been followed for centuries now. Dessert is defined as the last course of a meal. It can be fruits, cakes, cookies, ice cream and anything sweet. Basically, it comes from the word dessevir, a French word that means to clear the table.


There are two reasons why desserts are always served last in a meal. Scientifically speaking, eating sweet food at the last part slows down sugar breakdown and absorption, which is one of the main components of desserts. With this, the body is able to regulate the sugar level in the blood preventing the sudden rise. Another reason is that eating dessert last gives you tummy the chance to digest the essential components and nutritional content of the food consumed.

How about eating desserts with the main course?

There are a few people who like to eat desserts with the main course. According to them, doing so allows them to balance the taste of bitter, salty, sour and sweet. Also, this helps them avoid eating more and more sweets that would make them eventually get tired of its taste. Alternating sweets with other flavors and tastes make eating a lot more exciting and engaging.


The Bottom Line

However you like your desserts to be served, it does not really matter. The most important thing is that you love what you are eating and you enjoy every bite of it. Can you ever imagine parties in Sydney without desserts? That would definitely be very depressing.

Drooling for some desserts? Make sure you don’t forget it on your coming party. Let My Caterer help you find the best caterers in Sydney who can serve mouthwatering desserts that are perfect as last meal or with the main course.

Getting a Good Deal from Sydney Caterers

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013

Sydney is such as big place that everything seems to be very expensive. Fortunately, if you are a good bargain hunter, you will surely find stuff that fits your taste and your budget. This applies too when you are looking for Sydney caterers for your upcoming party or event.

the sydney catering boys with new dishes

There are many ways that you could save a lot from catering services. Of course, this does not include DIY, which is very tiresome and tedious. Here are some tips you might want to take into account in order to save significant amount of money without having to compromise the quality of food being served on your party.

• Go Online

There are two ways you can find the best Sydney caterers online. It is either you go directly to the caterer’s site if you already know them, or check out site like that can provide you free quotes from different affiliate caterers in Sydney.

What is great about making use of sites like My Caterer is that you can get as many as 6 quotes from different caterers at a time. This means you can freely choose which among them offers services that suit your budget. Another thing is that all Sydney caterers working with My Caterer are all reliable and serve high quality food.

Visit the caterer’s social media site, like and share!


Obviously, encouraging you to hit like and share buttons on the caterer’s Facebook account is one of their marketing tactics. But, do you know it could actually mean huge discounts for you? Sydney caterers such as All Suburbs Catering offer such promo. Like them on Facebook, mention that you liked the page on your booking and you will be surprised with the perks you can get. Doing so will certainly help you cut down at least a bit of your catering expenses.

Proper estimates.

Additionally, make sure that you come up with near perfect estimate of the number of guests you are expecting. The more guests you include in the list, the more food you need and the higher budget it requires. Also, without a good estimate, you may end up in food shortage or too much leftovers.


Another reminder is that you must talk to your Sydney caterers politely when making a deal. Ask things that concern you most, and be honest. Don’t pretend that you have so much in your pocket. Good Sydney caterers will always help you find a way to meet your budget.

Meal Boxes Delivery in Sydney: Your Lunch Savior

Tuesday, July 9th, 2013

DIY CateringAre you too busy in the morning that you can’t find the time to prepare your lunch meal box? Are you too tired to go out of the office and find some place to eat food that suit your taste and appetite? Do you want your lunch delivered on time but hate fast food? Then, it is lunch catering in meal boxes that you need.

However, you main dilemma would be finding the right caterers in Sydney that can offer you this meal option. Worry no more – there is lots of catering service companies in the area willing to bring your lunch straight to your office table.

The best way to do the searching fast is to visit sites like au. The website will help you find the best caterers in Sydney who are near your workplace.

My Caterer works with different catering companies who are well-known in the field. Each caterer has their own specialties that would surely leave you wanting for more. They are great options too when you get too lazy to prepare meals at home and guests are coming.

Whether you want it delivered at home or in the office, Sydney caterers from My Caterer can handle it all. This is the perfect idea to spend lunch at home or in the office without too much effort.

There are countless options of food menu that you might want to include in the meal box. Spend a great lunch date with your co-workers in the office over sumptuous food menus. Check out My Caterer for the available meal box combos. Lunch boxes for group? Get a free quote today in one quick click.

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Healthy Desserts for 60th Birthday Parties in Sydney

Friday, July 5th, 2013

buffet catering

Some of the most challenging events to organize include birthday parties in Sydney for our dear relatives who are 60 years old. You want to surprise them and make them happy but at the same time consider their dietary requirements and limitations. Birthdays are almost always synonymous to sweets but you have to be extra careful in serving any type of sweets. You would not want to offer sugar-filled desserts to people who are suffering from diabetes, zesty gastronomic delights to individuals with tummy gastric issues, or chicken to people who are allergic to them. Here are a few tips on some healthy desserts that you can serve for 60th birthday parties in Sydney.


You can healthy deserts by starting with fresh fruits that they can chomp. You can also place sliced fruits topped with honey dip on small cups. You can boost the nutritional value of your desserts which is best for matured people by using low fat dairy and wheat flour instead of the white kind. Use natural sugars and replace the refined kind. With that, you can make healthier strawberry parfaits, baked apples, and lots of healthy fruit tarts.

You can also serve healthy refreshing drinks like strawberry and raspberry yogurt, watermelon smoothies, and even lemonade.

With reduced fat and sugar coming from the new ingredients readily available in the store, you can now enjoy traditional favorites with nothing to fear on the possibility of increasing blood sugar levels. Some of these healthy versions of our favorites that can be served in birthdays of 60 year olds include oat cookies, vegetable brownies, whole wheat carrot cake, pumpkin pie topped with chocolate, and pudding sweetened with maple syrup or honey.

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Naming Some of the Best Party Caterers in Sydney

Thursday, July 4th, 2013


While it is exciting to plan an event that people would remember forever, having to conceptualize and articulate a vision into a perfect celebration is no easy feat, especially when it comes to deciding on the food to serve.Buffet caterers in Sydney could be considered as best in the world for providing top class mouth-watering foods such a spit roasts, finger foods, and barbeques! But where do we start to start? Who do we call or contact? How much does throwing a party cost you? How do we know if the food serve is of quality?


In today’s modern world, many people can start their business with ease, but most of them don’t have expertise to handle events like wedding, birthdays, and gigantic celebration. is where you can find the best catering companies across Australia, especially if you are in Sydney.

My Caterer also has a call service provider that offers free advice and guidance on how to make your functions and parties a great success. They have extensive know how of entertaining mini events to big events, Moreover, they have years of experience hosting different kinds of events. They have mastered the very small details to big important details of hosting a party; therefore, it comes as no surprise that MyCaterer quickly became a top company offering catering services. Their phone service providers are top notch, and the best reason why the company is incomparable in its services. My Caterer accommodates huge party with 2000 guest with the style of your choosing from barbeque parties, spit roasts, buffet cocktail parties – finger food and gourmet menus.


My Caterer can also provide for small function with 20 people. Catering Companies like All suburbs Catering, Budget Catering, Dial a Spit Roast, Fabulous Finger Foods, Office Caterers and Mr.Fingerfood labeled as Australia’s most popular Finger Food Caterers are some catering companies that MyCaterer have partnership with. Company boss will not have budget dilemma when December comes because Company like Christmas Party Catering provide reasonable and affordable prices to its clients especially when it is Christmas and Holiday season.

The catering companies that we have chosen on this site are waiting to serve you with menus from $7.95 to $29.95 per guest. That’s why anybody who wishes to host an event can contact mycaterer from mini party, birthdays, weddings to big corporate events thus making My Caterer one of the top buffet caterers in Sydney.

Setting a Trend on Your 21st Birthday Party in Sydney

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013

Fed up of the traditional birthday parties in Sydney? Why not set your own trend on your 21st birthday? After all, it is a very special day because you will be stepping in the world of adulthood. This means it’s legal to party harder. However, you must not forget that aside from the beverages, you need to allocate budget for the food catering as well.

Here are some unique ideas you might want to try on your 21st birthday.

• Role Playing: Guests as Bartenders


Of course you can always hire bartenders. Many caterers in Sydney offer their services from food to waiters and bartenders. However, isn’t it more fun if you allow your friends to mix their own drinks? Try setting up a bar where there are different kinds of beverages displayed. Add up some fruit juices like pineapple and cranberry so they can come up with a bubbly drink.

You may also serve some fresh fruit cuts. Doing so allows your guests to concoct their own cocktails that soothe their taste buds. Although this idea can be costly, you can ensure that everyone will enjoy it.

• Cuisines from Around the World

Another perfect, exciting and definitely unique idea on your 21st birthday party in Sydney is to have your guests taste food from around the world in just one sitting. Each serving doesn’t have to come in large portions. Small yet assorted options can suffice. With this, your guests will have plenty of food to choose from and taste each of them in small portions.

Talk to your caterers on what menus they have that comes from around the world. With this, you can guarantee that your guests will have an everlasting impression of your party.

• Go Organic


If you are a health conscious person, going organic on your 21st birthday is also a good idea. This means you serve all-organic and healthy food such as vegetables, chicken and other lean mean. Great thing that there are lots of organic wines available today which you can serve at the party. Be sure though that your guests are as health conscious as you. Also, hire caterers in Sydney who can turn veggies and organic alternatives into delightful dish that even the meat-eaters would love.


Need help on your 21st birthday party? All Suburbs Catering would like to help you. Whether you want to go for the traditional party or you want to set a trend, you can entrust them to our catering experts. Like us on Facebook to take advantage of our discounts on your birthday party catering service.