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The Perfect Chips for Parties in Sydney

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

Do you love to host small parties in Sydney? If you do, then finger foods are the best meals to serve. However, preparing this tiny food can be very tedious. You might rather buy cooked finger foods or order from Sydney caterers. However, if you are a total aficionado of chips, here are the three best spots in Sydney where you can get the best tasting chips that are perfect for dine in or perhaps take out and serve for your cocktail party at home.

fish and chips

• Glebe Point Road Fish on Fire

This is where you get the traditional fish and chip. Every serving of fish on fire shows off the beer battered chip with awesome taste with a delectable crunch. Dip it in its tartare sauce for richer flavor that complements its crispiness and crunchiness.

• Chica Bonita

Want some chili fries with some salsa, guacamole and overflowing cheese? Then, you must come to Chica Bonita where you can get your plate of mouthwatering chips. Want some steak too? You can actually get your chips with steak altogether.

• The Carrington

If you have a big appetite for fries and chips with perfect amount of caramelized onions, grated cheese sprinkled with paprika and thousand island dressing. You can eat all of them there or take it out to share with your friends paired with some nice cold alcoholic drinks. What about that?

Chips might be a great additional for your cocktail parties in Sydney, but they are best eaten in the restaurants where you get them. They’d lose their crunchiness and crispiness if they are eaten a bit late. Alternatively, you can have the fresh cooked chips from Sydney caterers. They can deliver these finger foods hot and crisp straight to your doorstep.

Experience the Brazilian BBQ in Sydney

Monday, July 29th, 2013

The best way to spend the weekends is perhaps going around Sydney looking for the nicest spot to sit, relax and of course, eat!


If you are fed up with the entire week’s carbs and too many sweets, then maybe it’s the right time to try something else –something smoky and indulging like the Brazilian barbecue.
What is so nice about eating Brazilian bbq in Sydney is that there are plenty of restaurants serving you this mouthwatering meat until you can literally not able to eat at flat price. You can eat as much as you want and with almost any meat you want like pork, lamb, beef, chicken, seafood and the specialty of the house – the Brazilian sausage.

These meat delights are served beautifully on your table, perfectly sliced on skewers. You may have each bite with you choice of side dishes like grilled potatoes, beans, rice, salsa and whatever you feel like pairing your bbq with.
Here are some of the best restaurants serving Brazilian bbq in Sydney.


Churrasco. Looking for some ribs, lamb, rump, sirloin and eye fillet? These are the house specialties at Churrasco. Eat them with salads and other choices of side dishes. You may also opt for grilled haloumi to make your meal a lot more exciting.

Brazuca. Summer plus Brazilian bbq in Sydney is certainly undefeated. This is where you get your meat with ten different cuts. Another amazing deal in this restaurant is the vegetarian bbq. Have you ever heard of that? Yes, they do have this veggie bbq on their menu with your choice of side dishes like cheesy potatoes, rice and black beans. To conclude your overly sumptuous meal, take a bit of the cinnamon grilled pineapple.

Braza. What about some chicken heart for a bbq? These special cuts can only be found in this Brazilian bbq in Sydney. This menu is such as perfect combo with its palm heart salad with white balsamic and black olives. Drool with the 20 different meat cuts. Aside from these indulging meals, you can also enjoy the view while eating.

Want some Brazilian twists on your bbq parties in Sydney? Check out how Sydney caterers can help you.

Is there anything we’ve missed? Share to us your favorite Brazilian bbq bar.

Cocktails in Sydney: Where is the Best One?

Friday, July 26th, 2013


A lot of people in Sydney wouldn’t want to end the week without drinking at least a bottle of beer, a glass of wine or cocktails. While others love hold cocktail parties in Sydney in their own homes, others prefer to sneak out late at night and party until early morning in cocktail bars.

Today, cocktails are no longer called as simply drinks. They are more like a gourmet meal now. And bartenders have new title – the alcohol chefs. Let’s take a look at the most popular cocktails in Sydney that serve the best concoctions. You might want to discover to make them as well and apply your own tricks to be served on your future cocktail parties in Sydney.

Manta’s Espresso Ice-Cream Martini. Do you know that even the famous rock star Bon Jovi loved this? Because he liked it too much, he left $600 as tip, Bon Jovi revealed on his interview in a radio station. The secret to this delish cocktail? A shot of Belvedere vodka, a shot of espresso, a shot of Kahlua with a single scoop of coffee-flavored homemade ice cream. Shake it over with ice, double strain and pour it over a martini glass with little coffee beans to complete the presentation.

Miss Marley’s La Bomba. For this cocktail, the name says it all – you’ll experience the real taste explosion with this Tromba tequila-based cocktail concocted with lime juice, passion fruit syrup and fresh passion fruit with Grand Marnier and double strained. Get this smooth drink that you would surely enjoy and will keep you coming back for more.

The Corner House’s Hell Yeah.• This cocktail is a certified bestseller at The Corner House. Its concoction is quite interesting as it comes from a mix of French gin called the Green Chartreuse, Holland gin Genever, fresh lime, ginger beer, raspberry juice, sour cherry and ice. You may not be able to imagine how these ingredients taste like when they are mixed, but it’s actually one of the best cocktails Sydney has ever had.

Thinking about doing your own cocktails? How about trying these mixtures on your own? If you have a cocktail party coming up, you definitely have to serve these. Sydney caterers can help you.

Tastiest Bread in Sydney

Thursday, July 25th, 2013

Bread is one of the best foods to eat no matter what season of the year. Even parties in Sydney often include bread on its menu in order to fill in the hungry gaps. Sydney caterers also don’t take out bread from its menu lists, and customers make sure they have at least one type of bread included in on their party table.


With too many bread options, do you know where to actually get the best tasting ones? Or do you have any idea what Sydney bakeries bloggers often recommend? If you want to simply eat bread at home, at work or while on the go, here’s a cool list of bakeries to choose from.

Brasserie Bread. Love coffee with bread? Then, this bakery is the place to you. This is where you often see bloggers eating and making reviews on every bite of bread. This Sydney bakery also serves pies and some delightful pastries.

Black Star Pastry. This is where you should take your kids after an afternoon or early morning stroll. For sure, they would love to munch on those tiny little gingerbread ninjas.

Luneburger. If you have donuts, this is the perfect place for you. This bakery serves mouthwatering donuts oozing with flavorful jam. It’s too delicious that you’d definitely take out some more even after dining in. Not fond of it? You also have an option to eat ham sandwiches and pretzels instead.


Bourke St. Sausage rolls and tarts are their bestsellers – no question. You can see the line getting longer and longer that people seem not to stop buying and eating their goodies.

Have you tried these Sydney bakeries already? Which one should you rank number one?

The Festival for the Pizzaholics

Wednesday, July 24th, 2013


Do you know who makes the best pizza in Sydney? If you want to find out the magical hands that make the tastiest pizza in Sydney and Melbourne, then you must not miss the Sydney Pizza Festival that is currently ongoing. It kicked off last July 8, 2013, and it will be up and running until the 28th. There’s still a few days left so you better hurry up.
What Happens during the Sydney Pizza Festival?

This is one of the biggest pizza events for the pizza makers and the pizzaholics. It is a month-long celebration of tasty pizza making. Foodies will be able to get a taste of different pizza styles and flavors, and how they are made. 13 of the award winning pizza makers will showcase their best creations.

If you think that pizzas are all the same, then come to the festival before it ends. This is where you will discover that there are different styles and ingredients used in making pizzas, and no matter how small they are, they can turn the flour and cheese into superbly succulent pizza that you can only get in Sydney.

Who are the Pizzerias?

Well, since the closing event is yet to come. There are only a few pizzerias left to show off their specialties. This includes the Rozo Pomodoro and Pompei’s who will be presenting their Italiana pizza.

When it the Closing Event?

Closing event will be on the 29th of July. Make sure you come to Salt Meats Cheese and take advantage of the all-you-can-eat-pizza at $25! Master pizzoalis will gather on this day from topnotch pizza venues like Via Napoli, Aperitivo, Vanto, Ventuno, Porcorosso, Cavallino and many others.

So, never let this month end without trying these mouthwatering pizzas from Sydney’s famous pizzerias. Anyone’s got a ticket already?

Where should You Go when You Crave for Some Meat Pies?

Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013

If you found yourself in Sydney, alone and craving for meatpies, don’t fret. Here are just some of the best meat pie places you can visit. Their meat pies will erase all traces of loneliness in you.

1. Steak and Mushroom from Infinity Sourdough’s

Infinity’s meat pieces are considered out of this world. Located at Darlo, their meat pies, especially their mushroom pie bring back strong memories of childhood, when your mom serves you with toasts covered in butter sauce plus Edgells cans of mushrooms. A huge bite of this meat pie will make you believe your mom is just right behind you. The pastry is perfect in brown and firm. This is just the packaging. Imagine what’s inside. Imagine beef in a thick braise filled with mushrooms. Stop imagining, head there now.

2. Black Star Pastry’s Beef Brisket and Young Henry’s

Another meat pie you have to try is the one from Black Star Pastry. The Beef Briskey and Young Henry pie here is to die for. The pie is soft and savory, what you would love in your meat pies. It can be quite messy to eat, but the flavor would stop you from fussing. Seriously, if you are in Sydney and you need your meat pie fix, a little mess would not hurt. Not trying the beef brisket and young Henry pie would.

3. Beef Brisket at Bourke Street Bakery’s

If you already tried the first two and you found yourself in another meat pie craving mode, because you love your meat pies, then try Bourke Street Bakery. Each serving of beef brisket pie is another winner. Your craving would be satiated in an instant. Their beef is so tender and their pastry so soft you would honestly think Christmas came early. A bite is enough for you to love the fact that you are in Sydney.


Meat pie shops are many in Sydney, explore more if you want. But these three are a must-try for all meat pie lovers. Want some tiny versions of meat pie for your finger food party in Sydney? You can have it included in your finger food menu. Check out Mr. Fingerfood for some exciting mini meat pie options.

Dine Out: Spit Roasts in Sydney

Monday, July 22nd, 2013

Sydney Australia is not just the home of the sweetest desserts and the yummiest fish and chips but ultimately hosts the best restaurants that offer the tastiest spit roasts. Where do you find the best restaurants that serve this favorite dish? Are there catering services firm in Sydney that incorporates the dish in their menu? Read on and get hold of the information.


These days, a lot of us would claim that we should minimize our meat consumption and settle for healthier food selection instead. However, there are just times where we would want to give ourselves a treat and have sumptuous spit roasts for lunch or dinner. Also, it cannot be denied that spit roasts will be perfect during occasions of family rejoicing and gatherings. We all know that without this dish, a gathering will not be as great, right? The same would be ideal for feasts, birthdays or a simply get-together with some friends at the backyard.

Among the most famous restaurants in Sydney when it comes to spit roasts is the Four in Hand. They offer for the best of its kind spit roast that is said to be roasted to perfection. You may opt for whole roasted pigs if you want at $800. You may order a piece at $22 when you visit the resto on Sundays. Isn’t this a perfect eat out for the family day?

01 - Spit roasted lamb

Another spot worth checking is the Bistrode. Again, this is a great place for Sunday treat. Have two courses served at $50. Of course, it comes with spit roast already. Other restaurants serving spit roasts that you must not miss as well include the Local Taphouse, Bar Martino and Rock Pool Bar and Grill. These restos serve chicken and pig roasts that you won’t surely get enough of it!

Want spit roasts for your event and parties in Sydney? Then, there is only one catering service you can call – All Suburbs Catering.

Get to Know Some of the Best Dessert Shops in Sydney

Friday, July 19th, 2013

If you have a craving for sweets and pastries then you can always satisfy your sweet tooth at Sydney, Australia. Sydney does not only host for the best restaurants but also offers the yummiest desserts in their shops. Find out more about some of the best dessert shops in Sydney, Australia.


If we talk about famous dessert shops in Sydney, Australia then our list can go almost forever. But let us just deal with the most popular and favorite dessert shops in the city. Several reviews will reveal that among the most famous dessert shops in Sydney, Australia are the following.

First in our list are Tetsuya’s and Guillaume @ Bennelong. These restaurants are famous for offering the best Sonoma sourdough at the most reasonable price. But who cares about the price anyway when it comes to mouth watering treats?

Another famous pasty shop is the Bourke Street Bakery for its all time favorite passionfruit meringue tart. It is common to observe a large crowd outside the bakery each day for the sweet dessert.

Also, the Brasserie Bread remains to be a choice of many. The shop is famous because of its best selling Brasserie’s organic sourdough.

Who wants an almond croissant along with your brewed coffee? You can get it from La Renaissance Patisserie.

Baroque’s macarons are toothsome too. The Baroque Bistro Patisserie offers the best tart at an affordable rate.

Brownies are irresistible treats, right? Get some of the finest from Sweet Infinity.

If you want something new and sweet, then try out some of Black Star Bakery’s creation. They will be perfect for your delicate summer taste buds!

In the event that you are up to carbohydrate loading then Iggy’s Down Under will be the best selection for you. You can find the most tasty bread choices here.

Moreover, shops like Croissant D’Or and St Honore are also famous scrumptious bread, cakes and pastries.

How about you sweet tooth? Where are you heading to get some mouthwatering desserts today?

What’s Your Best Fish and Chip Shop in Australia?

Thursday, July 18th, 2013

It is a well known secret to everybody that Australia has the best fish and chips food selection. As a matter of fact, Aussies take pride with this food selection. Actually, fish and chips food selection is originally from Great Britain but as we all know today, it is offered best in Australia than in any other part of the world. Do you know where to find the best fish and chips bar in Australia?

fish and chips

The summer season for the Aussies is perhaps the most loved time of the year. Not just because it is the time for merry making and to roam around the country with friends or family but also because it is best time of the year whereyou can enjoy the best fish and chips bar in Australia. Nevertheless, if you are too fond of fish and chips, you can get it anytime of the year.

Fishes and chips as Aussies would call it and such food selection appears to be an all year favorite. This can even be proved by the fact that one can regularly find a fish and fish bar in all over the place. With this, you will never miss to have fish and chips while you are in Australia and that is a guarantee.

What is considered the best fish and chips bar in Australia? Several reviews will reveal that there are numerous bars and shops in Australia that are known to offer the best fish and chips. Among these are following:

• Peter’s Fish Market
• Morgan’s Seafood
• Reef Ferry Road Markets
• Wahoo Seafood Café
• Fishmonger’s Wife
• Marsay Brothers
• Chumley Warners
• Moololaba Fish Markets
• Swampdog Fish and Chips
• The Boat Shed by the Sea
• Australian Fish and Chips
• Whitsunday Sea Food Bar.

These are just among the countless fish and chips bars in Australia. There are definitely a lot more to choose from. It can also be common for you to find mobile food carts of fish and chip. Even the food caterers offer such menu on its list that is perfect for finger food parties.

How about you? What’s your favorite fish and chip shop?

Food Hedonists Unite at the Good Food and Wine Show in Perth

Wednesday, July 17th, 2013

Food and wine hedonists rejoice! The pursuit of pleasure and gratification when it comes to food and wine stops now. The search is over, at least for now. Good Food and Wine Show is back again this year to tingle your senses, especially your taste buds!


Trudge to Perth on July 19, 20 or the 21st for the greatest collection of wines and foods. You can sample food and wine produced mostly by South Australia’s leading brands. If you’re not much of an eater, but loves to cook, you can also watch cooking demonstrations and learn the differences between cheese and chocolates (who cares? they’re both yummy and guilt-inducing). You and your husband can taste the myriad of wines being offered, or if you’re a fan of any celebrity chef, chances are you’ll get to meet him or her there!

Snap a picture or two and jazz up your own cooking or foodie blog. Maybe the event will also convince you that your kitchen needs a renovation, at least when it comes to your utensils. You can buy kitchen essentials at special prices here.

Learn about new products of your favorite food and wine brands. Snag them at special promo prices and impress your friends at your next cooking party. Show off with your new kitchen utensils and of course, refreshing and delicious new tastes! Have first dibs on new offerings of your favorite restaurants. Before they get offered to the public, you would already have a taste. This will certainly satisfy you and your hedonistic desires. Of course, you can also check out new brands and new restaurants you have not heard of.

Well now you know them before they become household names. The fact that they are part of the Good Food and Wine Show will certainly make them household names in no time. Tired from all that eating and drinking? (Is that even possible?) Go sit and recharge at their beer garden.

It’s like a convocation of thousands of food connoisseurs and enthusiasts. The energy is going to be great.