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Are You Ready for an Exciting Cocktail Party in Sydney?

Tuesday, June 11th, 2013

If you aim to hold a big successful cocktail party in Sydney, you don’t have to sweat out a lot as you have some help who can come up just anytime. All Suburbs Catering serves all cocktail parties in Sydney as well as other areas like Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane.


Guest List and Invitations

Start with your guest list. Make sure that you only include those whom you really want to invite. However, anticipate gatecrashers. This is especially true if you want to hold an informal event. An SMS message may work as an invitation.

On the other hand, a more formal cocktail party in Sydney may need you to come up with real invitation cards with your phone number or with return cards included.

The Drinks

One secret to an exciting party is to hire the best caterer that will provide you all the beverages your guests will love. Drinks will the apple of the eye of every guest, so you must NEVER go wrong with it. Make sure though you don’t miss the non-alcoholic beverages for guests who do not plan to imbibe. Consider hiring bartender who is qualified enough to mix drinks for the choosy guests.

Finger Food

Most importantly, don’t forget to serve some finger food for them to munch on. Light buffet from the cocktail party specialist in Sydney would be great.Little extras such as the bite-sized chicken and chips with dips and sauces for the pica pica are lovely as well.

Emergency Plan

You have to make sure that you get the best cocktail party service provider in Sydney. Otherwise, you might end up messing up your party with too many stuff missed. Great thing though that when you choose All Suburbs Catering, you will be confident you can get all the best food, drinks and services – with or without booking!

Yes, you got it right. All you need to do is to call Jessica today at 1800 354 755 for your cocktail party needs in Sydney. Whether you booked in advance or for emergency needs – from drinks, food, glasses and ice to bar waiters and servers. All these in just one call and free delivery!

Make sure you go through the complete list for your cocktail party in Sydney so you can get the party started!

Sydney Caterers Finger Food: Anytime, Anywhere, All Occasions!

Monday, June 10th, 2013

When you are hosting a party but can’t fit your entire guest into your table, the best way to handle this is to go for Sydney caterers finger food. What is great about finger food is that they are small but delish, colorful and fun!

Whether you are planning to hold a casual party, a regular get-together meal or even an elegant one, finger food is just a perfect fit!

For the chicken lovers, you have the following mouthwatering and flavourful chicken bites:


Gar-licky Breaded Chicken Bites Oozing with Cheese and Crispiness


Baked Chicken Satay Skewers with Delightful Home-Made Sauce

marinated chicken 2

Marinated Chicken Wings and Tender Strips

spicy chicken munchies

Super Tasty and Spicy Chicken Munchies with Dip

You can either order them all or just pick a few of these chicken finger food menus along with some seafood platters that would make your drool with its rich and authentic flavor only from Mr Fingerfood.

Here are some of the seafood options available. Make sure though that none of your guests are allergic to it as they surely can’t resist these amazing seafood bites.

Prawn Spring Roll with Thai Traditional Green Curry Spices


Delectably Crisp Fish Cocktail


Golden Tempura Batter


Not a great fan of chicken and seafood? Then, perhaps, these pastry finger food platters are for you.

mini pizzas

Vegetarian and Supreme Mini Pizzas for the Greens Lovers with Dips


Risotto Bites in Five Irresistible Flavors – Pumpkin and Parmesan, Cheese and Sesame Seeds, Bacon and Basil, Tomato and Oregano, Corn and Chive

Can’t seem to get enough? What about some Asian food served on your dining table, beautifully presented with supreme flavors that won’t let you stop munching on?


Mini Beef Dim Sims Packed with Veggies, Beef and Crispy Casing

beef dimsum

Spicy Meatballs Malaysian Rendang – Perfect Mix of Malaysia’s Traditional Spices and Lean Beef

We apologize to make you drool. You can always have these amazing finger food menus anytime, anytime and anywhere you are. Just give a ring, and you can get them at your doorstep. Haven’t made a booking yet? No worries. Mr Fingerfood is an expert when handling these situations. Simply dial 1300786819.

Trying a Whole New Sydney Caterers Finger Food

Friday, June 7th, 2013

Planning a party is always fun no matter how tiring it can be. But feeding guests of over 50 people can be a bit tricky if you do not hire a good caterer.


Food catering services in Sydney are a dime a dozen. It’s easy to call up just anyone to deliver you food for the party you are planning. But then, not all of them can deliver when it comes to offering wide variety of good tasting food that fits any party planner’s theme and budget.

I had a horrible experience once of using a catering service that “forgot” to bring desserts and beverages while 50 people are waiting. As luck would have it, we just finished all the ice creams and fruits around the house.

I had to resort to buying cakes from the grocery store and while they tasted fine, it certainly did not alleviate my disappointment. While my guests were nice about it, I am sure our party did make a good impression.

It took me a lot not to attack someone, even though I am a naturally calm person. I cannot imagine why caterers can FORGET their foods, when it’s the thing they should be the experts of.

Another friend even shared to me her ‘funny’ catering service. Her caterers took it upon themselves to deviate from the plan of beef and chicken and served pork and seafood instead. The thing is, half of her guests were people who do not eat pork or allergic to seafood! Truly, these experiences show you that the catering service you hire can make or break your event.

seafood wedding catering

Now that I am planning another event, I am decided to use All Suburbs Catering Service. I have heard raving reviews about them here in Sydney. They are professional and thorough with their services. The prices of their packages are reasonable too.

There’s a package that would only cost you 12.95 dollars per person and yet you already have roast beefs to serve 50 people or more! At 19.95 dollars per person, you can already have an all-out BBQ party! This is going to be perfect for my next event because most of the guests are my son’s classmates and their families who love BBQs to bits.

I read they also have a package consisting of vegetables and salads. This will be perfect when my mom celebrates her 85th Birthday next month and we’ll have most of her friends over. Who says oldies cannot have fun and gorge in good-tasting food? Can’t wait to experience All Suburbs Catering Service, I am sure they will not disappoint.

Want to know All Suburbs menu list? Click here.

Let Them Go Gaga over Sydney Caterers Finger Food

Thursday, June 6th, 2013

Hosting the perfect event can be quite difficult. While it is exciting to plan an event that people would remember forever, having to conceptualize and articulate a vision into a perfect celebration is no easy feat.


The key of course, is the food. Have as many delicious foods served as possible, it will certainly up the excitement and appreciation in any event!

Buffet catering services can help and work hand-in-hand with anyone planning that perfect event, whether it is a birthday celebration for a kid, a wedding or even a corporate event.

While you can be totally on your element while designing the right theme, locating the unique setting or offering the perfect ambiance anyone would want for their event, leave the food to the food experts.

Buffet catering services offer all sorts of packages. You can have a beef and chicken party, where guests can all have the beef and chicken goodness they would ever want.

Go ahead and plan the props and furniture, table centerpieces and even flower arrangements. Table settings and flower arrangements, little things as they are, can often make or break an event. But food definitely can break it if you don’t have appetizing ones served. Go for the works!

Allow the buffet catering services to serve everything that would satisfy your guests’ palate, from seafood, to chicken, to beef, pork and even lamb! If your guests are health buffs, serve as many types of fresh salads and vegetables as possible.


They’ll go gaga deciding which ones to get. Buffet catering services are also well-known for the amount of choices they have not only on the main meals, but also on the desserts. Have all sorts of flavored pies and cakes in your party and see if people would not keep lining up for these.


Get a chocolate fountain; it’s always a big hit among kids and the kids at heart. Buffet catering services serve food that makes sure guests would enjoy the event and remember it for a long time to come.

Buffet catering services can work wonders on events customers are planning, yet allow their customers to maintain their personal touch by choosing the food they want. They have all sorts of packages that can fit your tastes and budget.

Really, you do not have to worry about a thing when it comes to food except decide which ones you would eat first!

Buffet Catering Service Completes Your Event

Wednesday, June 5th, 2013

If you are planning an event and you want it to stand out, do not just focus on the themes, look or designs. The food you serve can make or break it. Guests will hardly remember the colors of the balloons or flowers if they went home hungrier than when they came to the party or ate something harmful to their stomachs.


However, you do not need to personally worry that much about how to serve the food that most guests would appreciate and remember even after they go back to their homes. Instead, leave the food to the experts, hire a buffet catering service. A buffet is the perfect solution to providing what each of your guests wants to eat.
Because everyone is different in taste and preference, they can just go up to the buffet table and choose for themselves. If you are going to cook the food alone, no amount of preparation will be enough to cover a lot of choices.

Buffet catering services can offer you a hundred food choices if you like, depending on your budget. Buffet catering service can cover all types of foods such as finger foods, spit roasts, hot and cold platters, finger foods, desserts and the like, depending on what your event is all about. You can also be sure that the food will taste good and fresh. You can even schedule food tasting sessions if you want to be that hands-on in preparing the food. An event is not event without good food.

Aside from good food, hiring a buffet catering service can make your event an instant success because you can have wait staff that would provide ample and adequate services to your guests.


Instead of running around your event yourself catering to what your guests need, no matter if the event is classy or informal, having staff that can help you can make the party more efficient, if not pleasing to the eyes of the guests.
A trusted buffet catering Service Company not only provides you with good food, they can also offer good people to help around. You can enjoy the event along with your guests instead of worrying about their needs. Most events can take hours; so instead of wearing yourself out, allow the buffet catering service personnel to assist you with the presentation if you want.

You have your theme, your designs and programs, you can be sure the buffet catering service people will accommodate your preferences by giving you food that will complement the theme of the party and personnel that will complete the ambiance of your event. Ensure your party will be the talk of the town by hiring a great buffet catering service that understands food and understands what your event means to you.

Need a buffet caterer? Click here!

Mom: Kid’s Party (Pooper) Planner

Tuesday, June 4th, 2013

Here’s an interesting confession from a mom who learned her lesson after messing up her kid’s birthday party.

Last year I was in a thrifty mode. I saved everything. I used coupons for almost everything. I even decided to save on my own son, Luke’s birthday party. Instead of calling in buffet catering services like I used to for my older daughter’s parties, or what my mom used to when throwing parties for me, I decided I want to cook. I know buffet catering services are a dime a dozen and everyone use them for parties and other important events so I really do not understand what came over me.


Cooked for the 80 guests made up of little kids around the neighbourhood and Luke’s schoolmates as well as their chaperones sounded like no biggie at that time. I thought I’ll whip up some spaghetti, fried chicken, meatballs, ice cream and cake (homemade! How brave…) like magic. I thought, how hard can it be? I cooked spaghetti and chicken all the time for my kids. I overestimated myself. I am no cook, especially for such number of guests and on such a tight schedule. The only reason everything got prepared was because my adrenaline was so high I really thought I became superwoman for a day.

Unfortunately, most of the food was wasted. My spaghetti was bland, my chicken was overcooked, and my cake was mushy. Homemade ice cream has got to be the worst decision I made in my life. I never done something like that before, and I relied on some recipe I found online. The result was some salty goop that no one in my family liked to look at, let alone eat. Good thing though, my husband saw the result even before the guests arrived and bought tubs of ice cream at the grocery. At least the kids enjoyed some ice cream.

The kids were too busy playing they barely noticed the taste of the spaghetti and chicken, but the adults certainly did. I got so many snide comments I literally wanted to vanish into thin air. That would have helped if I can, it would have add some magic to my kid’s party. How I wished I just dialled that number and called in the buffet catering services, they are always more than prepared to cater to parties and events, and they always have good choices of foods too! If I called in the buffet catering services, I am sure they would have not thought of serving boring foods on spaghetti and meatballs, too. Quite the original, I am.

wedding caterer

This year though, I do not plan on making the same mistake on Luke’s 7th party. It does not mean I plan to spend all out and splurge. Maybe I’ll hire some clowns or magicians though. Definitely, however, I plan to revert back to my buffet catering days. There are many catering services out there that are affordable and yet offer delectable foods both kids and adults will enjoy. This year, there will be no showing off of my cooking skills. Let’s have the experts take over the food!

Moms, avoid this embarassing situation by calling us at 1 300 786849. Or, visit our site by clicking here for a FREE QUOTE!

Some Helpful Tips to Find the Best Caterers

Monday, June 3rd, 2013

Finding the best caterer is not easy as it is not something we normally do unless you are a professional event planner. Most people don’t really know where to start – how to find them? what to look for? Here are some tips that might help you. Remember, it can cost you an arm and leg when you end up working with just ANY caterers out there.


  • Avoid the last minute search.
  • Although good caterers don’t have any troubles accepting last minute bookings, it is always best that you start your search early or preferably two months before your party. You need ample of time to polish the menu and other party details.

  • Estimate guests.
  • You have to come up with an estimate as to the number of guest such as 150 people or less. This is will help get quote fast and find a caterer who can accommodate this size based on your budget.

  • Eliminate the unfit.
  • Caterers have their specialties like serving only events like lunch meetings, corporate parties or business events. Get rid of caterers who focus on these areas if you are planning to hold a wedding party. Always ask the caterer what their area of specialty is, number of guests they can handle, how the food is served and menu. See if it matches your plan.

    the sydney catering boys with new dishes

  • Understand the venue site’s rules.
  • Venues have their own set of rules when it comes to holding an event. This may include no cooking, no barbecues, no flames and with limited number of guests. You have to know all these things before you make the final deal with a caterer. Some venues don’t even allow outside caterers.

  • Background check.
  • Check the caterers’ references and experience. You event must not be a disaster because you hired a wrong caterer. Narrow down your choices by eliminating those with bad track records. Ask friends or relatives who have tried their services. Check out their portfolio as well.

  • Decide.
  • It is important that you have a clear picture in mind on how your party must turn out. Do you want uniformed staff serving your guests or the casual buffet? How about a bartender? Or other unique ideas you think of?


  • Request for estimate.
  • Since you already have the complete list of your party plan, it’s time to get a quote. Make sure though that you have set a realistic budget for the catering service. Don’t expect to get your dream menu at fast food price.

    Finally, close the deal with the caterer. Don’t forget to get all the details in writing. The best caterers would provide this to you without having to ask for it. It must contain what services they deliver and what services are not.

    Still can’t find them? Check out Your Caterer to find out the best catering service today for all occasions.