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Master Chefs Make Great Finger Food

Monday, July 20th, 2009

Finger Food Caterers Brisbane & Adelaide

after 15 years of wowing sydney & Melbourne finally comes to adelaide and brisbane

Mr Finger Food can service any small or large catering requirements you may have and is ideal for almost any function. The variety of menus offered allows customers to choose the appropriate mix of cuisine for each occasion. Choose from one of these specially designed packages or create your very own selection.

Our website runs you through the overall selection of menus available. With each set menu you can add further items from our overall Fingerfood selection, or simply design your entire unique combination from scratch. Once you are ready to order the hassle free process begins. Either contacts us manually via fax or phone, or order online using our new online ordering system and we will contact you to confirm your menu and function details.

Mr Finger Food offers a variety of value based packages including Finger Food Menu’s priced from $6.75 to $10.75 per person, Working Lunch Options from $9.50 to $13.50 and Boxed Lunches from $11.00 to $15 per person plus GST. Or you may create your own menu from our Finger Food Selection at a price that suits you.

To compliment our excellent food we also offer three service and delivery options:

  • Pick Up – Available from our Sydney or Melbourne Showrooms with food served on quality platters, which are to be returned the next day for a 5% discount on the total account.
  • Delivery – We will deliver to your venue and where necessary return to pick up any presentation platters. This option has a flat charge of $40.00. for delivery in the greater metropolitan. Extra Delivery Charges may apply if outside the metropolitan regions.
  • Serviced – Fully serviced by uniformed professional staff, this option is available at $40.00 plus GST. for delivery and $30.00 plus GST. per hour-per staff member for a minimum of 4 hours.

Business functions, elegant weddings, large gourmet corporate functions, a 21st or maybe a small wedding anniversary celebration… whatever your occasion, large or small, Mr Finger Food can eliminate stress and compliment your successful function.

Master chef losers can work here

Monday, July 20th, 2009

Jobs Available now

For details call David or Rhonda at head office on 1800-251-440. We’re passionate about Catering and we’re always looking for enthusiastic, fun-loving staff to provide passionate Australian party goers with great finger food sizzling spit roasts and great bbqs Australia’s leading caterer offers many career opportunities to employees hr manager David Caruso David Caruso started as a Kitchen hand while studying to be a Lawyer and is now the Hr manager at Australia’s no 1 spit roast and finger food company My caterers hr manager David Caruso said: “if high quality ingredients are the lifeblood of our business, great people are at its heart. We are committed to providing the best working environment possible so that we can attract and retain the best people. This is a really exciting time to join as there are so many fantastic opportunities to develop a strong career as our company continues its rapid growth.”

No formal qualifications are required – just a passionate outlook on life. provides all the necessary training. Our manager training program helps to transform today’s kitchen hands and drivers into tomorrow’s management team with an internationally-recognised qualification.

Job opportunities are available to suit all lifestyles, career aspirations and financial needs, ranging from store management, delivery driver, customer service representative to numerous roles in the corporate head office.

For details call David or Rhonda at head office on 1800-251-440

Spit Roast Caterers Sydney

Monday, July 20th, 2009


1. Succulent roast pork served with apple sauce
2. Roast chicken served with garlic paste
3. Succulent roast beef served with mango chutney
4. Fresh garden salad
5. Hot potato salad with bacon and cream
6. Mixed cabbage coleslaw
7. Freshlybaked bread rolls & butter


1. Succulent glazed roast lamb with mint sauce
2. Roast pork with apricotstuffing served with apple sauce
3. Roast chicken served with pesto
4. Roast beef served with fruit chutney
5. Mixed cabbage Coleslaw
6. Creamy potato salad with bacon, celery, capsicum & chives
7. Fresh Garden Salad
8. Seafood Pasta salad
9. Freshly baked bread rolls & butter


1. Assorted home style dips, cheeses, pate with corn chipsand crackers
2. Roast scotch fillets served with sweet mangochutney
3. Roast pork loin served with apple& cranberry sauce
4. Roast chicken served with garlic & pesto paste
5. Whole baked Atlanticsalmon marinaded in ginger or smoked salmon
6. Greek salad with fetacheese and kalamata olives
7. Chicken caesar salad
8. Seafood pastasalad with king prawns
9. Potato salad with pesto, egg, sundried tomato and shiitake mushroom
10. Waldorf salad with walnuts, sultanas and parmesan
11. Freshly baked bread rolls & mini croissants served with
12. Variety of cakes including rich mud cake, carrot and banana

Price is based on 40 persons or more. Prices are GST exclusive. Above price includes all your good quality disposable plates, forks, knives, napkins. Meat is carved & delivered hot.

Funeral Caterers All Suburbs 7days

Saturday, July 11th, 2009
  1. if you dont want any stress call 1800-251-440
  2. Find out about how many people will be attending the funeral reception. You want to prepare enough for everyone without many leftovers. Ask a funeral director how many people attend an average funeral.
  3. Step 2

    Choose comfort food. Sandwiches make great reception food. You can gather family members together the day before and make various sandwiches. Popular sandwiches are tuna, salmon, roast beef, ham and cheese. Cut the sandwiches into four pieces and place in airtight containers. Refrigerate.

  4. Step 3

    Cut up bite sized pieces of cheese to serve with crackers for another light snack. Keep the cheese in sealed baggies and refrigerate.

  5. Step 4

    Prepare simple desserts like squares, tarts and cookies. People find sweet desserts comforting. Chocolate always goes over well.

  6. Step 5

    Bring large plates or platters to the reception room. Add a variety of sandwiches to the platters. Cover with saran wrap and refrigerate.

  7. Step 6

    Decide who is bringing the food and when it will be taken to the reception room. You may be able to bring it in the evening before if a kitchen is available. If not, ask a trusted friend to bring the food in as soon as the funeral service is over.

  8. Step 7

    Have someone make a pot of coffee right before the reception. Have some juice on hand as well.

or leave the whole thing to catering experts like

Finger Food Caterers Sydney

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009
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Great parties don’t just happen do they? Even the simplest occasion requires some forethought by the host and hostess. Today many of the more formal occasions and celebrations have moved away from the traditional sit down meal to a cocktail party.

The cocktail party can of course vary between an elegant formal function, requiring the little black cocktail dress and black tie for the boys, to a bright and breezy informal affair with lively music and brightly coloured drinks in the safety of your own backyard! Whatever the occasion the cocktail party is a popular and modern way to entertain.

The first step is to decide what type of party it will be. Is it a special occasion to celebrate a milestone, or a get together to celebrate the springtime or festive season? Consider what sort of decorations will suit the occasion and what sort of music and lighting will be appropriate as well to provide just the right ambiance. Next of course you must decide the when and where. Will it be outside on a balmy night or inside with the fire ablaze! Be practical when you look at the space and consider the number of people the space provided will hold.

The trick to conquering the cocktail party and hosting a successful event is being organised. Start planning early as well as ordering and shopping early for any non perishable items including alcohol. Working in advance means there is less left to the last minute…….reducing stress levels for the host/hostess. You should be able to enjoy the evening yourself and not be a slave to the kitchen or bar!

Now for the food!
The number and types of finger food you serve all depend on the event you are hosting. For a cocktail party, finger food will be the focus, so be sure you have plenty to go around!

Type of Event Number of Appetizers
Cocktail Party:
4 hours
10-12 pieces per person
*You may like to include an extra 1 or 2 sweet offerings if serving coffee.
Dinner Party:
Pre dinner
4 to 5 pieces per person for an early meal
6 per person for a later meal
Variety: 8 different varieties if 50+ people
4 to 5 different varieties for 20+ people
3 different varieties for small gatherings

Some Tips and Shortcuts

Hot or Cold

In my opinion, people prefer hot over cold food at the best of times. I suggest 60/40 in favour of hot food. In the cooler months you may need to add some extra hot food too, a warming soup in little china cups can really hit the spot!.

Don’t attempt to make all the food from scratch. Be kind to yourself and take advantage of some of the good quality finger food, fresh and frozen available in supermarkets and specialty stores. There are some great dips and antipasto items available, these can be included as part of the cold items. Don’t be afraid to have a combination of simple favourites like little pies or pizzas intermingled with the more exotic like rice paper rolls. Remember in a larger crowd tastes can be varied. Don’t forget how important it is to keep tummies full, especially where alcohol is served for obvious reasons!

Cook ahead
Being organised and ahead of yourself means cooking and freezing where you can. Remember though to allow foods to thaw in the refrigerator and not on the kitchen bench.

Get some help!
Don’t attempt to do it all yourself on the night, otherwise you will miss out on all the fun. In fact enlist a mate to help you, or pay someone to take charge of the kitchen on the night. Make a detailed list of all food to be served and accompaniments, the serving platters and the time the food is required. You may also need to consider staff for serving the food as well as someone to man the bar.

Keep Cool
When catering, refrigerator space can be at a premium. The week of the party remove all non essential items from the fridge to allow for an influx of party food. For a larger function consider borrowing a friend’s beer fridge as a back up or maybe even hire a small portable cool room.

Never forget the Food Safety Principles:
For food that is to be served hot, heat the cold food as quickly as possible to 75°C then hold above 60°C. For food to be served cold, ensure the food remains under 5°C.