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All Suburbs Catering Expands Its Menu

Friday, March 30th, 2007

Sydney Caterer All Suburbs Catering is diversifying its menu to give clients more choice.

All Suburbs has released a great selection of hot vegetables to their menu. Clients can now choose from ten fresh salads, or ten hot vegetables with their All You Can Eat buffet meals.

CEO Jessica Veale said All Suburbs sales were expected to increase with the release of hot vegetables.

“In trials, over 41% of buffet meals contained some hot vegetables. To keep up with the demand, we have installed two new Healtey ovens”.

Ms Veale said the decision to branch out into fresh vegetables was prompted by client’s hunger for a variety of flavours and menu options.

“At All Suburbs, we recognize there is a growing demand for more than just Cold buffets. Our clients are diverse and so are their tastes, so we are looking at continuing to expand our menu.”

Supplied by Simplot Australia, our vegetable selection resulted from six months of research by our dedicated kitchen team.

We sincerely thank them for their commitment to our company.

More Gourmet Food Added To Finger food Range

Thursday, March 29th, 2007

Prestigious duck finger foods that are innovative, and ready to heat and serve.

Chinese Pancakes, Duck and Plum Dumplings, Duck Cocktail Sausage, Duck Siu Mai Lime Duck Balls, Peking Duck Cocktail Pies. Our celebrity chef Ray Myers has already added 36 new products to our range of finger food , and assures us in the coming months our finger food will be at all the biggest and best cocktail parties in Sydney. See our menus online at

Free Tickets to the Battle of The Birds – Roosters v Seagulls

Wednesday, March 28th, 2007

As a proud Roosters sponsor, All Suburbs Catering have tickets to all the Roosters home games and to all their games played at Telstra Stadium. Each week we will be giving away TEN Free tickets to some lucky fans.

So if you would like two FREE tickets to see your team play, send an email to Tell us your team and which game you would like to see (that’s right, it’s that easy!!!).

Include your phone number and if you are one of the lucky ones then we will call you.

If you choose to stay home and watch the game with friends why not visit the All Suburbs Catering web site (during a commercial break, of course!!) for some great menu ideas. For sure you will use us one day!!!

Fund Raising With All Suburbs Catering

Sunday, March 25th, 2007


When people go out they don’t always eat before leaving or can work an appetite while there so it is a good ideas to have some cheap and easy way of feeding them. A sausage sizzle is such an option. It is very easy and appealing for any group to put on a sausage sizzle. A sausage is basically the Australian version of the American hot dog stand. All you need is some bread, or buns, some sausages and sauce either bar-b-que or tomato. Cook up them sausages , place them on a slice of bread, a splash of sauce and WHAM BAM all done.

Sell the meal for a dollar or two and you will find that you have a popular and profitable way of fund raising. The only hardware you need is a portable bar-b-que, although most times a member will be able to provide this or know a friend who will. Another great benefit is the you only need two people to work it, one to cook and one to cater to hungry customers..

You can aim your sausage sizzle at breakfast, lunch or dinner crowds. Of course get as creative as you want, by adding extras such as cheese and beetroot for a little extra say twenty cents extra. It is up to you and your volunteers how fancy or simple they do a sizzle. They can go with a set amount of food and close when it is all sold or they can try to keep going as long as possible. Leftover food should not go to waste as the workers will usually buy whatever is left over to take home.

So there you have a popular cheap, easy, no waste way of fund-raising. This can also be adapted to have a hot dog stand or other yummy masterpiece you can think of. Bon appetite!! All Suburbs Catering can help with your next fund raiser we also do spit roasts and finger food call Jeff Veale on 02-9896-6006 to see how we can help raise money. 

Gourmet Finger Food For Sydney Parties

Saturday, March 24th, 2007

You asked for it and we made it. Finally, a filo collection that was worth the wait. Fabulously light and flaky, this elegant filo collection features some of our best NEW chef created appetizers. Contains our delicious poached pear and brie bundle made with creamy brie and a splash of zinfandel, our new decadent Parmesan and artichoke purses, mission fig, stilton and prosciutto bundles and our classic spanokopita. The perfect choice for any special occasion including weddings, holiday parties, anniversary parties, bridal and baby showers and graduation celebrations.Ray Myers our Celebrity chef has told us to look out for a new range of vegetarian Finger Food to be released in time for Easter

All Suburbs Catering Caters for Roosters Fans

Saturday, March 24th, 2007
Freddy rewards Tricolour Members
Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Every supporter would love to meet their favourite Roosters’ hero and they don’t come much bigger than Brad Fittler.

Tricolor Members were given that unique opportunity yesterday afternoon when they met Freddy and several other high profile Roosters’ stars at Wentworth Park as reward for answering the call to ‘Freddy’s Challenge’.

‘All Suburbs Catering’ provided a BBQ for the lucky fans who signed up during the ‘Challenge’ period between February 5-19.

Freddy with the help of Braith Anasta, Josh Lewis, Adam Schubert and Danny Nutley were on hand to show the fans what life is all about down at Roosters’ training headquarters. The lucky group were also given the chance to watch the Newtown Jets Premier League side be run through their paces.

With big names like Shillington, Plum, Shackleton, Pearce and Soward running around for the Jets, it’s safe to say there were plenty of interested Tricolor Members watching their form.

Nutley was more than happy to show the Members through the gym as Freddy spoke about how hard the squad had worked during the off-season, how close the competition was for positions in the top grade and much more.

Fittler is the firmest believer in Tricolour Membership and was ecstatic that his two-week challenge succeeded in recruiting over 300 Members to the club.

Corporate partners All Suburbs Catering Gave all fans A $100 gift certificate & Gatorade complimented the day by offering each Tricolour Members a free coupon to head into Sydney Game day store to collect their very own Gatorade Sport’s Pack.

Thank you to everyone in attendance and we look forward to having you on board for the rest of this groundbreaking season.

To become a Roosters’ Tricolour Member and experience the thrill and excitement of the club’s 100th season click here.

Sydney Catering Saves the Music

Saturday, March 24th, 2007

Hey there.. 🙂 I was hoping to leave a message for Buzz.. I’m not sure if that is possible or not but figured it is worth a try!

I was at a All Suburbs Spit roast party Last weekend at Greenwood Downs Riding Club at Cobbity. Buzz was the caterer there..I was hoping to pass on a BIG thank you to him from myself and the band i play in. we were having a few problems with our P’A and he helped us out..which was great as we were nervous to start with as this was our first ‘gig’… it was such a great help..we couldn’t believe our luck of having our first performance at an Birthday party where the caterer also was a sound engineer!..we were very lucky..and we didn’t see him before he left..just thank you for the help…..and the food was great too!!



Sydney Catering DIY Party

Friday, March 23rd, 2007

Spit-Roast BBQ Beef Roast

boneless beef roast, approximately 5–6 serve six or eight;
this can be a single cut or a rolled roast
2 cloves garlic
1/4 cup peanut, sesame seed or safflower oil
1 tsp. gourmet steak sauce

If you are cooking a single cut roast, use the point of a narrow, thin knife to make incisions about 1″ deep at intervals. While holding the incisions open, work salt and pepper and small slivers of garlic into the flesh.

If a rolled roast is being prepared, open it by untying the butcher’s cord and put the seasonings on the inside, then re-roll and re-tie.

Combine the oil and steak sauce, and rub the outside of the roast with mixture. Reserve remaining liquid for basting.

Balance the roast on the spit rod. If you have a long, shallow metal baking-pan, place this under the roast to catch its drippings. A pan can be improvised by folding and bending heavy-duty foil. Use the rotis burner for cooking.

Begin with high heat and, after the surface has browned, reduce to medium-high. Baste often with the oil-steak sauce mixture. Place the drip pan to catch the fat and juices and, when the oil sauce mixture has been used, baste with juices from the drip pan.

Approximate cooking times will be 1-1/2 hours for rare, 2 hours for medium, 2-1/2 to 3 hours for well done. You can judge the speed of cooking by running a skewer into the meat along the spit and lifting it slightly to observe the color of the juice that will flow.

Thanks to

Sydney Catering To Help Worthy Causes

Friday, March 23rd, 2007

Each month All Suburbs Catering will be on the lookout for worthy causes to assist or help with fund raising activities.We can organize finger food .spit roasts buffet’s or sausage sizzles So if you know of any schools ,charities or groups that need a hand please give Jeff a call 02-9896-6006and ask about our $10,000 monthly pledge

Roosters Fans Enjoy Fan Day With Sausage Sizzle

Thursday, March 22nd, 2007

Brad Fitler has been approached By All Suburbs Catering ,To join their team after doing such an outstanding job at the fan day barbecue. Fans came from near and far to meet their favourite players and be shown around the roosters training camp.

With lots of family’s lining for autographs,Ray Myers our celebrity chef & Marilyn our function coordinator helped Freddy and the boys prepare the all you can eat Barbecue. It was a great day with All Suburbs Catering giving away $5000 worth of catering vouchers to the loyal fans